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"When there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character;
When there is beauty in character, there is harmony in the home;
When there is harmony in the home there is order in the nation;
When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world."

A Secure Foundation for Peace
The problem of peace is much more complicated than the problem of war, as it involves political economic, social, cultural and religious problems of the diverse races and nations of the world. Vedanta points out the original cause of the disruption of world peace and proposes as the only secure foundation for peace, the cure of the root trouble.
Pre-Conditions for World Peace
When the dominant nations will abandon all ideas of aggression and self-aggrandizement, when all fear, mistrust and bitterness will leave the hearts of the subjugated peoples; and when the various races and nations of the world will live united by the bond of love, sympathy and co-operation in one human family or society, then and only then will peace reign upon the earth. When the diverse religious faiths of the world will shake off bigotry, intolerance and fanaticism, and live in complete harmony, as so many phases of the one Universal Religion, then alone will the world have peace.
A Heinous Crime
No nation has the right to feed itself fat on another nation. Holding a country in subjugation to enjoy economic benefit it yields is a heinous crime. To defend a country from one aggressor must not be made an excuse for its enslavement by another.
The Cementing Force of Moral Goodness
Unity of all nations and races would ensure world peace. No world unity is possible without the cementing force of moral goodness.
Material Values Vs Moral Values
Though the leading nations often declare equity, truth and humanity to be their guiding principles, their moral life, as a rule is subordinated to their material interest resulting in their inability to sacrifice their privileged positions even though the exigency of the world situation demands it. They rate material values above moral values. They scramble for power while avowedly striving for peace. Moral life cannot be stabilized until moral values are loved for their own sake. Moral ineptitude naturally follows from the materialistic outlook on life.
A Solid Foundation for World Peace
If a solid foundation for world peace is to be laid, a change of outlook on life is imperative. To make moral life secure, the worldly attitude must be replaced by a spiritual attitude. Worldly attitude impairs the moral stamina of nations as well as individuals and thereby undermines the foundation of world peace. Education will not help much in this respect as long as basic attitude to life remains materialistic. There cannot be a sound system of education without a sound philosophy of life.
Eradicating the Root-Cause
Attempting to secure permanent peace simply by military, political and economic readjustments is like treating symptoms without caring to eradicate the cause of a disease, and cannot therefore produce the desired effects.
The Ultimate Goal of Life
It is with the deepening of faith of spiritual realities that moral life develops. We have forgotten our spiritual self and think of ourselves wholly or primarily as physical beings. When we cannot take impersonal views of things, our reason fails, our will breaks down and we loose control of ourselves, fear and worries harass us, and pride, greed, anger, hatred and jealousy rule within us. Selfishness makes moral cripples of us.
Moral Principles Indispensable
Our true self is neither the body nor the mind but it is the knower of both. The true self is our shining, pure, blissful, birthless, deathless, changeless, free. Realization of the self is the ultimate goal of life.

Worldly riches, pleasures and powers no longer seem the chief objects of life but merely subsidiary means to the spiritual end. Morality though indispensable to spiritual attainment, is not so to worldly gain. That is why seeker of worldly success may deliberately ignore moral principals, but a seeker of the spiritual ideal cannot.

Attitude of sympathy and co-operation with our fellow beings, if properly cultivated, will conduce to world peace to a certain extent.

At this hour when man's power of destruction tremendously outbalances his power of defense, the world needs moral and spiritual guidance more than anything else.
The Chief Source of Trouble in Life
Man's real problem is not in the physical world but in his psychological world. Peace is a state of mind. The lack of inner goodness and understanding is the chief source of trouble in both private and public life. Wealth, position, practical efficiency, beauty, power, learning - singly or jointly - cannot ensure peace if human nature is debased.
True Mark of Progress
There cannot be better world unless there are at the same time better individuals, better societies and better nations. The world must progress as a whole. All developments, however glamorous, should not be construed as even a mark of progress unless human relationship improves correspondingly.

The seekers of peace and progress must, therefore, above all, direct their efforts to establishment of a cordial relationship between men. This will be possible only by means of moral goodness supported by spiritual outlook on life.
The Most Important Peace Program
To awaken the moral and spiritual consciousness of men is obviously the only sure way to lay the foundation of world peace. Whoever of you is convinced of this should start to work at once. First try to improve your own character, and then in the spirit of serving the highest and best in others, help them to do the same. Do not force your ideas on any one. Do not give attention to who joins or leaves you. Before long you will find yourself surrounded by some who will share your views and co-operate with you.

The most important of the peace program is clearly to develop man's moral and spiritual consciousness. That being done the rest will be easy.

(Excerpted from "World Peace - How?" by Swami Satprakashananda, courtesy The Vedanta Society of St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A)