Answer Save. Keep reading to find out more! Mark Zuckerberg 6. Did bill gates make it to Harvard? So, he writes with his left hand, but plays guitar with his right hand! Barack Obama – 44thPresident of the United States. 1 decade ago. Greta Garbo was Left Handed. © 2020 Black Sands Media - All Rights Reserved. Notable left-handers include President Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. Talking to CBS News about his thoughts on left-handedness, Gates said: “There’s a little bit of higher variance of talent, high and low, for … is bill gates right handed or left handed ? 6 Answers. Did Bill Gates Invent The Computer & Internet. The results from the study showed that extreme right-handers underperformed in all experiments. Being just about 10% of the total population, there is something exceptional about them — awesome people like Leonardo da Vinci, Bill Gates, Aristotle, and Marie Curie have all been left-handed. Mark Zuckerberg – CEO and founder of Facebook. For this reason, it’s fair to say that right-handers have more straightforward lives. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama are lefties. Read on for more information about the life and works of famous left-handed people. Extreme right-handers are people who use their right hand for everything, no exceptions. Marie Curie – scientist responsible for discovering radium and polonium. The new year is just a moment in time invented by humans The correct year is around 13,800,000,000 and has no connection to January 1st  ? lol. But why is this? Mahatma Gandhi was Left Handed. Lefties across the globe celebrate the annual event, which was launched in 1992 by the UK-based Left-Handers Club to increase awareness about the left-handed lifestyle. Everyday tasks such as using scissors or a can-opener are designed with right-handed people in mind, which forces left-handed people to learn to adapt. But there is one thing that scientists are certain about: left-handers are overrepresented amongst high achievers. 4. Tom Cruise, Aristotle, Brad pitt, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Leanardo da Vinci are some of the famous lefties. There Is A Day Dedicated To The Left Handed People, Rejoice! 22. Bill Gates Sr., father of Microsoft’s co-founder, dies at 94. One of the most seminal studies in this area comes from the psychologist, Stanley Coren. Image: Via Getty Images Vincent Van Gogh. Talking about Steve Jobs’ belief in connecting the dots by looking backward, it can be said that Bill Gates left Harvard University for the sake of building the software empire- Microsoft. This pattern of results was particularly strong in left-handed male adolescents. Whether you see it as a sign of intelligence or a marker of evil, left-handedness is still relatively misunderstood in modern society. In this sense, left-handers have a natural talent for language and creativity. Paynır. As indicated in Entry #10, by the fact Bill Gates is one of them, lefties are higher earners on average. ... Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and cartoon character Bart Simpson are all left-handed" 1 1. One of the richest men in the world is a lefty. But it’s never been explained”. Bush – 41stPresident of the United States and father of 43rdpresident, George W. Bush. Moderate right-handers, whereas, are people who primarily use their right hand, but their left hand isn’t completely useless. He is right handed. Gates has a net worth of over $106 billion and is possibly one of the most famous left-handers in the world. Left-handed guitar phenom Jimi Hendrix, on the other hand, played a right-handed Fender Strat, slung upside-down across his shoulders. So were Mark Twain, Mozart, Marie Curie, Nicola Tesla and Aristotle. College-educated left-handed people earn 10% to 15% more than their right-handed counterparts, according to a 2006 study conducted by researchers from Lafayette College and Johns Hopkins University. Since this group of 64 musicians is all male, one expects, based on population percentages, 8 (13%) of them to be left-handed. Are Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg Friends? abelysha. This hypothesis has been fortified by more recent studies. Below is a list of renowned world leaders both in politics, business and in the entertainment industry. 6. Bill Gates is left handed, although Steve considered himself to be ambidextrous. is it weird that I fear death less at age 41 than I did at age 23? Steve Jobs – co-founder of Apple and often seen as Bill Gates’ biggest competitor. Bill Clinton – 42ndPresident of the United States and husband of Hillary Clinton. 0 0. In 2017 QZ found that left-handers outperformed right-handers in mathematical tasks related to problem-solving, such as associating mathematical functions of a given set of data.

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