Brown trout dominate, with many well-conditioned fish in the two to three pound bracket. Scent probably is a significant factor, but my theory is that even the coldest trout have difficulty passing up natural food if it hits them on the nose. Striking hard is important. However, contrary to popular belief overwintered fish don’t often get preoccupied with one food source – they are not programmed that way. Fish do not want to expend energy moving up and down in the water column if they don’t have to (the only exception is when fishing a Floating Fry, which they will move some distance to the surface to take). Target weedbeds, pontoons, anchored sailing boats, towers, inlets, streams, marker buoys and drop-offs. Our award-winning flies can be found at various fly fishing shops, or ordered at the click of a mouse through various online fly stockists. Fish are cold-blooded, so cooler water temperatures make them lethargic. Unlike many areas of the U.S., air and water temperatures remain ideal for trout fishing. That most eagerly anticipated time of the stillwater fly fishing season is already upon us. Have the right apparel Wool socks are a must have when trout fishing in the winter. Late Season Bass Fishing Tips, with Chris Ogborne, Grayling on the Fly: Patterns and Tactics for Autumn Fishing, September Specials: Autumn Fly Fishing Tips & Favourite Fall Flies, Fly fishing for chub and trout with terrestrial patterns, Two’s Company: Fly fishing on Devon’s River Otter, Fly Fishing at Fernworthy Reservoir, Dartmoor, Rainbows, Snow & Sparctic Trout: Spring Fly Fishing in the South West, 8 Top Tips for the Early Stillwater Trout Fishing Season, Fly For Coarse 2017: Winning catches & stories of the year, It’s not over yet: Making the most of the late season, 9 Deadly Spiders: Top fly patterns and fishing tips. Always keep your rod high with as much fly-line off the water as possible because the line causes drag and resistance that can easily pull or straighten small hooks. Gord Pyzer is the fishing editor of Outdoor Canada Magazine and field editor of In-Fisherman Magazine. Trout do feed in winter, especially if water temperatures climb above 40 degrees. Yet it is here that resident fish will often be feeding. First Look: Benelli’s Super Black Eagle 3 Is Now Offered in 20-Gauge and 3-Inch 12-Gauge. Stockies undoubtedly prefer a fast retrieve whether you’re fishing with lures or dry-flies, and this should be avoided. Plan ahead. Having retrieved your flies almost to the bank and with the rod tip raised to 10 or 11 o’clock before you lift the flies off the water, slowly lower the rod again by about four inches (the drop back), all the while looking for any movement of the line. I start the season with a size 10 Cat’s Whisker on the point with a Blob on the dropper. Black Snake Booby The lake has cooled off and we are finding most of the trout down 5’-20’ deep. Even on cold days, the rainbows will bite though, and it offers welcome catch and release fishing. The Cat’s Whisker is one of those classics that seems to work every new season. The best time to fish is first and last light. Lake trout fishing is very different from catching browns/rainbows in rivers and streams on light tackle. … Even when you’re not catching on it, that dash of bright colour will draw fish to your other flies. The fish are about to get spooked very easily in the colder months. Black Zonker When fishing nymphs and Buzzers most anglers feel it is best to have a light (5 mph-9 mph) left-to-right wind, which will allow your team of flies to swing gently around in an arc. I didn’t even have time to set the hook. Nymph fishing: Keep an eye on the blog and our Facebook Page for the latest news. We put reservoir trout in two categories. Your sinking line is hard on the bottom and your fly is popped up, ensuring there is no silhouette of the fly-line to spook fish. Fly stockists and tackle shops can easily start an account at where you’ll find all our bestselling flies, tools and accessories. We’ve been out searching for the best fishing on Shasta and we’ve been finding the rainbows and browns the past few trips. Tailwater fishing consists of fishing below man-made reservoirs. Its mink wing imparts a small amount of movement, which is often all that’s needed to turn swirls into positive takes (a Suspender Minkie or Zonker can also be given a sharp strip to create a disturbance that can attract the fish to your cast). Along with the usual suspects, you’ll also find a number of blue, gold and tiger trout, plus a few mystery residents. STALK YOUR FISH. In keeping with Zyg Greorek’s eccentric ways at this famous Devon fishing complex, the fly fishing lake is rather unique and stocked with some unusual surprises. Use a slow retrieve and an occasional pause for four or five seconds, so that you make fewer casts and therefore cause less disturbance. We think this doubles your chances because any big fish that can be tempted to rise from the deeper water to investigate your top dropper must swim by the more natural-looking flies on your cast twice (on the way up and down). When it comes to trout, wintertime. While tip-ups and ice-fishing gear collected dust, the year-round open water gave anglers unique opportunities to continue to fish these waters. Besides fishing for tasty Rainbows, there’s a lot … Lake trout like deep waters and your only real choice is to follow them there. This stocking program has been well received and every year winter trout anglers eagerly await the stocking of trout in their favorite lake or pond. Below the Dam. It will attract stockies, but it will also attract resident fish to the more natural patterns beneath it. This attracts fish to your flies because it catches the sunlight. Its okay to get those “hero shots” but be mindful to the life of the trout while doing so. Lakes Mitchell and Cadillac, Michigan . This entry was posted in Stocks Reservoir Fishing Reports on October 19, 2020 by staff. Fly fishing for winter trout can be just as productive as spring, summer or fall fishing if anglers take care to adjust to the changes in trout behavior, habitat and, of course, cold temperatures that might make fish a bit more tight-lipped than they might otherwise be. It will not pull your flies down into the weed in shallow water. That means lures such as spoons, inline spinners and stickbaits (like a Rapala floating minnow), lose their effectiveness in winter. According to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Conservation Officer Bret … Next. Because you are fishing in shallow water, the trout’s runs will be spectacular. This beautiful mountain reservoir was built specifically for trout fishing. Keep in mind that people aren’t the only creatures to slow down in winter. If your jig isn’t working try changing things up a bit. The fish weighed in at 31 pounds, 13 ounces. • No bait restrictions. The Diamond Lake Resort tends to keep the lake open year-round. Choose Your Lures Wisely Winter fishing requires a slow presentation. Most think fly fishing is closed for the winter, however many fisheries now stock rainbow trout all year, and since rainbow trout prefer cold, oxygen rich waters this is the best time to fish! Several years ago, I heard that Round Valley Reservoir was completely open, so I decided to trek down there to see if I could connect with the rainbows, browns, and lake trout. It might still feel a tad chilly, but fly anglers all over the UK are busily sorting out their gear and booking boat and bank tickets for an exciting start to the reservoir trout season. Done right, bait-fishing often produces when other methods fail. 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They would rather hold at the depth the food is concentrated, thereby using the least energy for the greatest reward. Nemo Cruncher By making fewer casts to avoid spooking fish you are inevitably more likely to fish with a desirable static or slow retrieve. Reservoir water levels greatly affect where resident fish will be found. Spoons, glow hooks and mealworms are good hardware choices for consistent catches in the winter. The infamous Blob, on the other hand, is a newer addition but too effective to ignore (my starting choice is a Hot Orange Blob, size 10). Washing line: Unlike many cheap flies to order, our entire range uses tough, razor sharp Japanese hooks and top quality materials. Most of trout country is in the grips of winter, but that doesn’t mean trout fishing has to stop. This attracts fish to your flies because it catches the sunlight. THREE METHODS TO TRY Good ice fishing reservoirs across the state look like tent cities with warming tents and fisherman out for their winter catch.

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