UNSW Business School is a leading business school in the Asia-Pacific, with our subjects consistently ranking within the top 50 worldwide. UNSW Internal Program Transfer (IPT) is an alternative entry pathway into a Law double degree for students who are already studying a non-law degree at UNSW. You can choose one or two Commerce majors from fields including accounting, finance, economics, information systems, fintech, human resources, management, marketing, business law, taxation, real estate or international business. During the five-and-a-half-year program, you can explore course options including bioinformatics, mechanical and software engineering; and the fields of fintech, marketing and international business. We offer 18 undergraduate specialisations including mechanical, electrical, civil and environmental engineering and you can choose from an assortment of double degree combinations from architecture to arts, science or commerce. Alternative entry pathwaysIf you did not meet the entry cut-off of this degree, you might want to consider studying a different undergraduate degree (either at UNSW or another university), achieve good marks for your first year of study, and then apply for transfer into this degree. Engineering As Australia's top engineering faculty with a strong international reputation, UNSW Engineering is the destination of choice for a quality engineering degree. Our double degree options will help you take your study to the next level and allow you to broaden your knowledge in different areas simultaneously. Combine your Commerce major(s) with one of 18 Engineering majors that include aerospace, bioinformatics, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical, mining, software, renewable energy and telecommunications. UNSW Class Timetable, Find the course outline PDF for this course in the archives. I have a WAM of 72 at the moment and I'm wanting to transfer into a comm double degree. Focused on preparing our graduates to think and solve tomorrow's problems, our internationally transferable degrees offer a countless range of dynamic career pathways. Major topics include: This subject deals with the Australian legal system; the Constitution and Commonwealth/State relations; Parliament and statute law; the courts and case law; the executive and administrative law; the legal process and alternative dispute resolution. Browse the list of study areas available for undergraduate study. The Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) offers professional development and accreditation, and a selection of exciting majors and electives. ATAR, IB score) met the entry requirements, you may be eligible to apply for transfer via, If you’re an international student and have completed one semester of study, and your high school results (e.g. The course also involves discussion of the considerations behind the acquisition and building of IS and the issues common to the management of IS projects. The main roles of modern management - planning, leading, innovating, organising and controlling - are also examined. The course develops distinct conceptual frameworks and specialised tools for solving real-world financial problems at both the personal and corporate level. open_in_new. Our graduates have exceptional employability rates, performing well above the national average. 3155. The course emphasizes the importance of Ethics in Finance. The computer science component will take you throu… i've underloaded quite a bit - i've only done 11 subjects/66 UOC that are relevant to my current degree. Arts (Honours) arrow_forward. form an integrated study program designed to give students an understanding of the way in which financial information is generated and used, and to provide an appropriate platform for further study in accounting. 1 - 10 of 86. keyboard_arrow_left; keyboard_arrow_right; searchGo to search page. You can choose one or two Commerce majors from fields including accounting, finance, economics, information systems, fintech, human resources, management, marketing, business law, taxation, real estate or international business. MATS2001. In doing so, it provides a language in ethics to discuss ethical issues in the context of the finance profession. English Language requirements also apply to this degree. UAC International. Worldwide, these subjects rank within the Top 50 along with Economics and Econometrics. 6 UOC. This course examines key global environmental factors and issues impacting on the development of international business. The three-year degrees, typically provide the option of continuing to an honours program for a fourth year if your results are deemed high enough. These experiences are part of a suite of opportunities that is exclusive to UNSW’s Business School students and organised through Further, this course includes analysis of the influence of the capital market environment, the implications of financial risk, taxation and the conflict of interest between managers and investors on the value and operation of businesses. Read more about our rankings and reputation. This double degree combines specialised knowledge in engineering with the variety of possibilities available in an Arts degree.The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) will provide you with a solid background in mathematics, natural sciences and computing to give you knowledge and skills in whichever engineering discipline specialisation you choose. ... (UNSW) has opened ... the university is also offering it in a double degree alongside a Bachelor of Advanced Science. The underpinning themes of the course centre on how managers can deal with the multiple demands of complex and turbulent environments, promote and sustain competitive advantage, manage changing social, political and technological factors inside and outside the organisation, ensure ethical and social responsibility, develop global organisations and manage diversity in the workforce. You will understand business concepts, practise problem-solving, and build skills in critical thinking and decision making. You can view the program's GE by clicking the degree options below. Please Note: The duration of the degree programs listed below is subject to change as UNSW moves to T3+ (trimesters). Current UNSW students can apply to transfer from one UNSW degree to another (e.g. open_in_new. International Applicants. An engineering double degree offers diversity, more career choices and flexibility, all with only one extra year* of study. The opportunities are grouped within the Networking, Mentoring, Internships, and Global sections of Career Accelerator. Our degrees include up to two for-credit industry experiences, such as internships or global business practicums. This allows you to complete two undergraduate degrees in a reduced timeframe. 4461. Engineering, Social Work) years. Double Degrees. Excellent career opportunities exist for the business-savvy engineer depending on the chosen engineering field. UNSW Canberra graduates shape Australia, the region and the international community as leaders in defence, government, ... Aeronautical Engineering (Honours) (CDF) arrow_forward. Business, Science) or four (e.g. For a list of pre-assessed business courses, visit our transfer credit guide. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Aeronautical Engineering)/Bachelor of Science – 5 years full-time highest-ranking Engineering faculty in Australia and also placed within the Top 50 worldwide. open_in_new. As a double degree, you'll take 26 - 28 (168UOC) from the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Materials Science and Engineering simultaneously with courses from your chosen ‘other’ degree. program structure for detailed information. Graduate with two accredited degrees that are highly regarded by industry. Our wide variety of degrees allow you to merge your interests and graduate with a greater range of knowledge. Our double degree options will help you take your study to the next level and allow you to broaden your knowledge in different areas simultaneously.By choosing a double degree, you can achieve more in less time and open the door to more job opportunities. International students For further information on international admission requirements, see the International Undergraduate Direct Entry Table. Topics include the emergence, evolution and structure of management, conceptions of managerial work; management fads, fashion and knowledge; the task and internal environment; regulating people; the nature of organising; change and innovation; decision-making; influence processes; power and politics; ethical issues and professionalism in management; performance management: control and planning; and current trends. ... Search the UNSW Library Catalogue. Students have a pathway to enhance their professional opportunities through developing You can apply for transfer to a UNSW degree by: If you gain entry into the program at UNSW, you will need to apply for transfer credits for courses already completed. 144 UOC. Arts. arrow_forward. The Faculty of Engineering and the UNSW Business School offer a double degree that qualifies students for two degrees after five-and-a-half years of study: the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and the Bachelor of Commerce. ​Taken together, the accounting course in the compulsory core (ACCT1501) and this accounting course This double degree is suited to law students who wish to add a strong technical dimension to their training or to potential engineers who wish to understand the legal and social aspects of the engineering profession. Areas of substantive law relevant to commerce are examined including property law (with particular reference to intellectual property), tort law (with particular reference to negligence), contract law, competition law and consumer protection law. 192 UOC. Double degrees are suited to high-ability students and provide professional education in one of the engineering disciplines, together with specialised studies in another area so as to increase innovative capabilities. These double degrees combine structured and technical studies in engineering with studies in arts or science or computer science. Focused on preparing our graduates to think and solve tomorrow's problems, our internationally transferable degrees offer a countless range of dynamic career pathways. It will provide an introduction to basic concepts in accounting and their application for decision making by a wide range of potential users (e.g., shareholders, investment analysts, lenders, managers etc). In taking this course, students will be provided with tasks and assignments that will aid in refining their professional business skills and the ability to evaluate the value of technology to businesses. 4511. Entry to this degree is based on your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or an equivalent rank derived from the following: Information Systems & Technology Management, 8 Reasons to study postgrad at UNSW Business School, Certificate in Executive Management and Development, Meet our 2020 Full-Time Scholarship Recipients, Digital Enablement Research Network (DERN), Behavioural Insights for Business and Policy, Cyber Security and Data Governance Research Network, ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), Centre for Applied Economic Research (CAER), Centre for Energy & Environmental Markets (CEEM), Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE), Centre for Law Markets and Regulation (CLMR), Industrial Relations Research Centre (IRRC), Economic & Labour Relations Review (ELRR).

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