- File -> New Project. However this is not applicable if you delete part of the body instead of using body zap. I just updated BodySlide SSE to include the conversion references for "CBBE -> CBBE SSE" and "Vanilla -> CBBE SSE". If you want to go back, press “T” again. Generally, use the inflate brush with default brush setting. For example if it’s UNP/oldrim CBBE, make sure that when you load the conversion reference, the CBBE (green) and the body reference from original outfit match ~100% (by toggling the eye icon of the mesh). 8. Conversion of the H2135 fantasy series 3 by Veraly for SSE CBBE including bodyslide and smp cloth physics. - Right click -> Mask Weighted Vertices. Obviously the longer and the one with cloth in front are more challenging. Choose CBBE Hands. Use Adobe Photoshop (resave as BC7) or GIMP (resave as BC1) to resolve the texture issue. Keep it up! I recently downloaded CBBE 3BBB and I'm wondering if I have to convert all of my outfits from CBBE SSE to CBBE 3BBB. Can someone give me a link to a good CBBE Vanilla Armor ... ... ^ PC SSE - Help Clothing physics. Save project. 7. - Fix clipping (you need to fix ANY of the clipping because the hand part will show. No need to highlight the forearm and upperarm bones. - Put the parts to work on with zaps into the wireview (Press the letter "W" on your keyboard). 2. 2. Fix the clipping. - Then File -> Load Reference. Long skirt typically involves Calves as well. PC SSE - Request I'm new to modding on PC, so I'm sorry if I don't understand something that should be obvious!! Conform all. - Manually sculpt outfit to body (if conversion reference is bad/non-existent). Any help would be appreciated. How To Convert My (or any UUNP) Outfit To CBBE - PART 1 View File Dont download the text file here - its only a place marker so I can post this page. share. Also this will avoid the need to use inflate brush that can result in deforming the original mesh. 7. File -> Load Reference. - Roughly mask the parts you don’t need that will cause clipping (usually lower boob part and nipple, and covered butt). TMB Vanilla Armors and Clothes SSE CBBE BodySilde Conversion: … Why are the CBBE Bodies (nude models) and the CBBE Vanilla Outfits in separate groups if they both use the same sliders? File -> Load Reference. Therefore, using body zap is more advantageous! Otherwise delete the covered feet part by masking them using mask brush by selecting the hand mesh, Tool -> Invert Mask, and then Shape -> Delete Vertices). 12. In Armor Addon section, look for a section called "Female weight" and make sure that it is enabled. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Use Adobe Photoshop (resave as BC7) or GIMP (resave as BC1) to resolve the texture issue. Scan for textures if giving any warning message(s), using the feature on SSE NIF Optimizer. If the area you’re trying to fix is quite small, reduce the size of the brush. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. However, it will only work with the main outfit (that has body reference). Keep the feet reference. Shape Data Folder -> rename it to general name of the outfit. Use brush size a little bigger than the breast size. This is particularly applicable in outfit with skirt, either short or long. is there any mod for clothing physics in Skyrim SE. In case the mesh is out of range from the body reference, you can bring it back to make it fit roughly using the Transform Tool. In this case, pelvis play lesser rules and you only need to smooth it. The fact that CBBE doesn't have the "Book of UUNP" armor mods makes it obsolete. - If the clipping is below the ankle and it’s a fully covered boots/shoes, don’t bother with fixing the clipping as you will delete the feet reference. Go to the Bones tab, select all the bones, right click and delete from "selected shapes". DESCRIPTION Hi Kids! The plugin is ESPFE so it will not take a slot in your load order. Boots: 37 – feet (for both Armor Addon and Armor). - Go back to Meshes tab. 4. 6. 11. Under Meshes tab, highlight the meshes of the outfit. Make sure the body slots in the .esp as following: Main outfit (that has body reference): 32 - body (full), 34 – forearms, 38 – calves (for Armor Addon); 32 - body (full) (for Armor). You can’t apply the same setting to all skirt, as it depends on the style. Means that part will stick to your body like second skin. Use this to avoid clipping. Do the usual step first (fix clipping, copy bone weight, conform). - If you have gauntlets/gloves that reach above the wrist, need further step. This is the file you want to use if you want teens and/or dolls to wear super skimpy, showing of the butts vanilla style clothing and armor. - Delete the original body reference. Browse the _0.nif, or _1.nif, depending which shape is closer to the sse cbbe body. Name it what you want. - Conform all...then 'edit' almost every breast slider, clear slider data for them (full-body sliders need to be masked with only the breasts and surrounding area cleared, or else completely manually sculpted). Choose CBBE Feet. Would there be a way to get the NPCs to use the curvy preset? Use this if you want it least affected. Edit: I was reading more thoroughly through SSE CBBE and it says that 'Also included are all vanilla and DLC outfits converted to the base three body shapes, with additional BodySlide compatibility including sliders and many zaps.' - Activate slider by pressing the pencil icon. Red = 1 (strongest). This is particularly useful to prevent clipping with boobs and butt. Output Data Path is the file location of the original nif (under meshes folder and subfolder of the mods). If not, they will not appear in game! This is what Jeir usually does in her conversions. Rename the CBBE mesh to "asdfsdfsdf". 1. Go back to the Meshes tab, right click on the meshes and copy bone weights. I switched from CBBE a year ago and haven't looked back. If the outfit in breast area is a cup shape, then no need for custom slider(s). Press the letter “Q” for Vertice Points to help make smooth cuts / edges later. :thumbsup: Youre very welcome NeOniq Drag the SK CBBE to SSE CBBE slider to the right. 9. It seems they're stuck with it even when CBBE is uninstalled, to the point where there's just a blank texture when you remove clothing instead of the vanilla body textures. - If you (think you) know, use the conversion reference. 3. Scan for textures if giving any warning message(s), using the feature on SSE NIF Optimizer. Remove CBBE Bodies. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. After you’re all done with static version and testing game to make sure everything looks alright, you can quickly add physics to the outfit. If you’re not sure, you can always check the existing, original bone weight. Outfit/Mesh: From File. … Conform all. - Open Outfit Studio, load project that you want to add Physics. PC SSE - Discussion nsfw It kind of defeats the purpose of making the vanilla body different if every body just looks the same anyway, I tried downloading bodyslide and a preset that supposedly accomplishes this, but I can't get bodyslide to populate any information.

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