Iona Housecarl. Onmund - Nord, found in The Hall of Attainment, in the College of Winterhold. Tolfdir grabbed Aelas hand and began to pull her away. A former legionnaire, he is skilled at using a bow at a range, but far prefers to get close and punch. Golldir Dungeon. Alle Marken sind Eigentum ihrer jeweiligen Besitzer in den USA und anderen Ländern. When the Dovahkiin waltzes into Dushnikh Yal Ghorbash assumes she's there to steal something. During the day she can be found using the training dummy in front of Larak's Longhouse and at night sleeping inside. Omluag - Breton, found in The Warrens, in Markarth. No 2 Ghorbash the Iron Hand 1. Marcurio Hireling. I'm playing Skyrim and I'm collecting all the dragon claws (minus the emerald claw as I somehow lost it, I think my orc partner had it when he died but I can't find his body, his name was Ghorbash the Iron Hand). The companion can be seriously injured and then fall on one knee, and will gradually restore its health supply, and the enemies at that moment will switch to the player. Onmund College. Ghorbash the Iron Hand - Orc, found in Burguk's Longhouse, in Dushnikh Yal. Salvianus – Ex-Imperial officer, inferring by his possessions … Join Facebook to connect with Devin Strait and others you may know. Athis Aranea Ienith Beleval Borgakh the Steel Heart Brelyna Maryon Erandur Faendal Ghorbash the Iron Hand Jenassa Lob Ogol Ugor Sacrifice one of these knife ears. Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - OC, Nord, Orsimer, Ghorbash the Iron Hand - Chapters: 22 - Words: 64,808 - Reviews: 203 - Favs: 252 - Follows: … Iona … quest for Erik then wait 24 hours and he will now be a mercenary, cost 500 gold). He's not that far off when she reveals her reason for being there is to take him. Rexus – Amaund Motierre's bodyguard. Because of his naturally high defenses and lack of weapons, he doesn't … Then I killed Ahtar, the executioner from Solitude, because his quest (to do him a favor and let him become a follower) never triggered, which meant there was no way to obtain his unique axe other than his death. Ghorbash the Iron Hand; You can find this character at his family home in Dushnikh Yal. Dirge and Maul, two thugs employed by the Thieves' Guild. He’s actually the brother of the chief so honorable blood runs in his family. Like most Orcish Stronghold, it has a mine nearby where you can dig up Orichalcum Ore out of the ground. Ghorbash the Iron Hand – he’s a beast that just wants to get out and stretch his legs a bit. You'll be doing Tamriel a favor. His natural fist damage grows with level and rivals a well-smithed sword. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - OC, Orsimer, Ghorbash the Iron Hand - … Borgakh The Steel Heart Replacer SE ESL. The legendary warrior was once a member of the Imperial Legion, but he now lives a calmer life with his brother and other members of his clan. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works The mod is still undergoing development, Hey I’m pretty sure some of the companions can never die as well… Reply. Njada Stonearm Companion. Joined: Jan 19, 2012 Messages: 50 Likes Received: 4 Reputation: 0 Lob Lydia Mjoll the Lioness Njada Stonearm Ogol Ria Roggi Knot-Beard Stenvar Sve Torvar Uthgerd the Unbroken Vilkas Vorstag Stray Dog Meeko … why? Ogol Misc. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Moth gro-Bagol - Orc, found in Understone Keep, in Markarth. Same universe as "Duty Calls". Anyway, I stole the golden claw from the shop in riverwood and tried to fence it then buy it back to remove the stolen tag, but it didn't work. I'm specailizing in archery and one- hand combat. He resides at the Burguk’s Longhouse, the same residence as his brother who’s the chief of Burguk. Octieve San - Breton, found in Solitude. Faendal - Wood Elf in Riverwood Honestly I think both Darkiethis (I don’t know how to spell his name) and Aranea Ienith should be on this list! Definitely the prettiest. Eric The Slayer – He also is looking for something more out of life. Pavo Attius - Imperial, found in his house, in … As a bandit you don't care for other clans, so don't worry about killing other bandits, in fact, feel free to kill them and take their armor if you can't yet make it yourself and you need to class up. Orange Member. (Return to Skyrim main page) 1 N 2 O 3 P 4 R 5 S 6 T Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Alduin, the World Eater. Contents. Ghorbash the Iron Hand warrior (archer) Dushnikh Yal (6; 34) You can ask Ghorbash to join you after completing his mini-quest. Ria Companion. From Dawnguard: Agmaer A male Nord member of the Dawnguard found in … While in the command state, you can tell your follower to: Wait at a specific spot on the ground. i married ysolda. Use an object in the world, such as a lever or a chair. Here you can train in Heavy Armor, One-Handed weapons, and find a male orc to follow and/or marry you. The folder structure changed. Dushnikh Yal is located to the south of Markarth. I'm a female, and have a female high elf character. Noster Eagle-Eye – A beggar who was an Imperial scout during the Great War. Ghorbash the Iron Hand – Served in the Imperial Legion under the name of Ghorbash Gro-Dushnikh. Across the province from the first dragon's appearance, Lily suffers cruelly and seeks refuge among the Orcs, urging Ghorbash the Iron Hand to apply gentler methods for a change. Belrand, Cicero, Cosnach, Erandur, and Ghorbash the Iron Hand. A védjegyek jogos … Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. She's also capable of summoning Daedra to her aid and reanimating the bodies of slain enemies. He has very strong connections to an Imperial Leigonnaire, a Vampiress, Allaea, a Bloodfire sellsword, Izra and Ghorbash the Iron-Hand. As he tried to … You can recruit Ghorbash the Iron Hand there. Roggi Knot-Beard Misc. Marcurio - Imperial, found in Riften. Ghorbash is an Orc warrior that can you can marry if you find him in Dushnikh Yal. 26,088. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Early Life He viewed the wrath of a Daedric Prince at a very early stage in his life. they … Attack an enemy. Sven Misc. Target your follower, then press and hold (if on console, select dialogue, "I need you to do something.") Gregor – your housecarl acquired with Heljarchen Hall. Or just kill them all. He's extremely durable and makes a great follower for anyone who believes in a good, fair fight. 6 years ago. Vilkas Companion. I have Scouts-Many-Marshes as a husband to my male Argonian. He actually died fighting them, which shouldn't even be possible to my knowledge. You should also make a point of … Jordis the Sword-Maiden Housecarl. They are both extremely powerful and loyal (although Aranea gets pretty touchy when you accidentally hurt her) Reply. Rated for language, rape scene. We can't fight against him in this form and quite frankley I do not want to!" Uthgerd the Unbroken Misc. © Valve Corporation. Anyone know how to remove the stolen tag … i killed ysolda, threw my amulet of mara on a lake and been regretting since level 30, and i'm level 47. now i'm single and i can't marry again. jack says: January 29, 2019 at 12:16 pm. Greatly reduced the size of the archive. On a whim Ghorbash agrees and the two unlikely companions set off to join the Legion, save the world, and make all the stops along the way. and no, it was not the right decision. Lydia Housecarl. I decided to kill all my orc followers (blame Tolkein for my distrust of orcs) - but that only accounted for 5: Borgakh, Ghorbash, Lob, Ogol, and Ugor. Animaux Modifie Les autres compagnons du monde de Skyrim. Torturer's Assistant – Watches over the Torturer's needs. Eola is a Breton who was initally found in the Hall of the Dead at Markarth. Left Hand Mine/Kolskeggr Mine: Pavo's House: No: Complete Pavo Attius’s favor to liberate Kolskeggr Mine: Ghorbash the Iron Hand: Orc: Dushnikh Yal: Yes: Convince him to become a follower: Marcurio: Imperial: Riften (Bee and Barb) Yes: Hire him at least once: Moth gro-Bagol: Orc: Markarth (Understone Keep) No: Blacksmith: Complete his favor: Octieve San: Breton: Solitude: No: Complete … Erandur - Dark Elf, Nightcaller (You must complete “Waking Nightmare” first and NOT kill him). Illia mage (destruction school) Darklight Tower (9; 21) You can ask Illia to join you after completing Repentance side quest. He’s a crafty archer and a good choice for light armor or heavy armor, and he can be … when i discovered i could marry an argonian, i went berserk and killed all of whiterun. Ghorbash the Iron Hand – Orc, Warrior, Burguk’s Longhouse, Dushnikh Yal, The Reach. She will not use the bow unless the enemy is out of range. I would also appreciate it if you could tell me which of the strongholds are the biggest and best (and which orc chief is the strongest). Open a locked door or container. Major City? Ghorbash the Iron Hand Misc. You'll probably want a follower for your raids, so I suggest Borgakh the Steel Heart or Ghorbash the Iron Hand, since they won't care if you go killing people--so long as you leave the Orcs alone. because i had no other option. Meridia then proceeded to disintegrate his brother. You can now easily locate the custom body textures so you can swap them with your favorite ones, or whatsoever. He Greatly Respects Balgruuf Even When He Stays Neutral Becuase Of His Love Of His People … Erik the Slayer - Nord in Rorikstead (Do the misc. Ghorbash the Iron Hand : Orque recrutable si vous réussissez à le convaincre. She is the follower of the Daedric Prince Namira. Natalie says: January 16, 2019 at 2:12 am. Mmk.. so I've been playing skyrim for a while now and I'm interested marrying someone that is a male. Achilies During The Civil War Becomes Extreamly Close Friends With Ghorbash the Iron Hand Who He Views As A Person Of Hornor And Admirers His Combat Skill And His Past service In The Legion. The stronghold itself is run by Chief Burguk. He Make Political Connection With Balgruuf the Greater That Turns Into A Strong Friendship Later. Doesn't really offer very much, but … Golldir - Help Restore the sanctity of his family’s tomb. Ghorbash the Iron Hand. Not to be picky, I want to marry someone who is stealthy and can help me master archery if possible and also can follow me … I've done some research on marriage.... And I don't know who to marry. Marcurio – Imperial, Hireling, Bee and Barb, Riften.-Requirement: Hire him. With a flick of the wrist Ghorbash flew across the room, hit the wall then bounced to the floor. _____Ghorbash the Iron Hand will fight using his fists. Ghorbash the Iron Hand Jenassa Adelaisa Vendicci Ahtar Argis the Bulwark Benor Borghak the Steel Heart Calder Cosnach Erik the Slayer Farkas #2 Orange, Jan 30, 2012. Ces compagnons peuvent êtres recrutés si vous leur rendez un petit service ou si vous les battez en combat à mains … Devin Strait is on Facebook. He was my best friend for hours throughout the game until he met his fate at the hand of some giants. His mission is pretty simple, it's just difficult to initially locate him. Lob Misc. She is a skilled mage and is adept at destruction. Derkeethus : Argonien qui vous rejoindra si vous le libérer de sa captivité. Illia Dungeon. You can get his hand in marriage by persuading him with sweet words, beating him in a brawl or paying him inform of a bribe to make him … happy valentimes day y'all borgakh the steel heart ladyfriend the prettiest orc in the whole game. All the named Dragon Priests, in Dragon language at least: Hevnoraak (Brutal), Krosis (Sorrow), Morokei (Glorious), Rahgot (Rage), Nahkriin (Vengeance), Volsung (Horror/Air Horror), … Gat gro-Shargakh – Orc, Miner, Left Hand Mine / Kolskeggr Mine, The Reach.-Requirement: Complete favor to Pavo Attius to liberate Kolskeggr Mine. (You can get these initiates at the end of the Dark Brotherhood missions). Golldir warrior (one-handed weapon) Hillgrund's Tomb (4; 10) You can ask Golldir to join you after completing Ancestral Worship side quest. Torturer – He was used to extract information from prisoners at Helgen. Pick up items in … to enter the command state. He has excellent skills in handling Light armor even though his armor set is heavy. "Aela come, we can't stop this, we must put ourselves at a safe distance from this place! Eola can be recruited as a follower after completing her task in The Taste of Death quest to get the Ring of Namira. Like any other characters in Skyrim, the player’s companions are mortal (with the exception of quest and important characters) and can die during dangerous adventures, but they are quite difficult to achieve death. Uthgerd the Unbroken : Nordique qui vous rejoindra si vous la battez en duel. One of the followers is named Ghorbash The Iron Hand. Most followers can be issued commands. A Rogue Dremora killed his mother when his Brother tried to cheat Meridia out of Dawnbreaker, by sending her an undead soul.

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