However, you can use regular paints to paint a plastic bumper. The advanced acrylic based formulation of Halfords colour match spray paint is compatible with virtually all types of automotive paint finishes including cellulose. Working on trims and bumpers can be a difficult task for even those who are experienced. Even if you do some scuff sanding by hand, it still provides a better result when you paint. Bonds topcoats to vinyl, plastic, fiberglass and more. One of the most difficult tasks might be finding the best paint sprays in the market. Therefore, the waiting time is reduced significantly, so you will be able to put more focus on other tasks of the project in hand. These solvents are used only for raw or bare plastic, and that very plastic must be sanded and clean. Besides, one coating of the item ensures a factory finish. The first is a pen tip, which allows you to cover fine and thin marks, and the next one is a brush nozzle for more complex and sizeable chips. And it comes with two innovative nozzles. In short, you can use the item to do several types of painting or coating works easily. All you need is a two pack primer for plastic.or a one pack plastic primer. So, you need just two or three cans to cover a whole car. Thus, you can use the product without worrying about exhausting it before the work is done. Painting plastic bumpers can be difficult, and having a top-notch spray paint canister can take the outlook of your project to the next level. And as we all know, not many things stick to it! The first spray paint in our list here comes in a variety of … And this one is quite light as well, which allows you to easily move the item any way you want, which makes your job less complex. Bumper Repair. $15.95 $ 15. How to Remove Bumper Stickers – 11 Ways Explained, How To Make 5.7 Hemi Faster – The Ultimate Easy Solution, Best Paint Remover for Rims – [Top 9 picks] Review & Buying Guide 2021. Colorbuild + Elast-O-Actif anti-static surface cleaner 13. Another disadvantage of over-sanding is the release of mold on the plastic. In order to keep from painting other parts of the car, you can either remove and paint the bumper separately or leave the bumper attached and carefully mask off the car body. Some spray paints can dry off within 20 to 30 minutes. However, make sure you don't have any sticker on your bumper.If you have, remove it first! Plus, you can use the item for several types of vehicles. The same goes for heavy power sanding. Plastic adhesion promoters contain chemicals (which will vary by the brand) that are strong enough to open the plastic’s pores. 800 633 3047. register or Login. Login . Some people use newspaper, others use the painter's tape. The product arrives with generous ounces of paint, that would let you use it repeatedly. COUPON (3 days ago) Rust-Oleum Adhesion Promoter is a fast drying, clear primer that helps paints adhere to polyolefin surfaces such as automotive plastics, vinyl, trim, bumpers, fiberglass and more. Because who knows how long they'll take to finish since they usually have lots of other clients' cars being worked on. So, we guarantee you that you can use this thing for all types of work! However, recently, paint spray products are manufactured so that you can apply them to all types of surfaces. Transparent Plastic Transparent Pre-Primer (Ideal preparation for plastics objects, cars bumpers, car trims, vents & grilles before painting) 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 £11.95 £ 11 . SEM Solution: High Build Primer Surfacer. An alternative to masking is to just remove your bumper carefully from your car and set it aside on the ground. Dulux Duramax Plastic Primer is a fast-drying spray paint delivering a high-performance undercoat on most plastics. 95 It allows the paint and primer to bend without chipping or peeling. Scenario #2: Plastic Refinish. But if you aren't obsessed with perfection, or the value of your vehicle doesn't support spending that much money on the repair, you can do it yourself for less than $100. NOTE: For best results, remove parts off the vehicle if possible. or on exterior pieces such as flexible bumpers, trim, and molding to provide excellent adhesion; Get SDS for 469. The next step is to clean the bumpers after the sanding is over. Remember to put on a mask and goggles before you're spraying. Let the bumper dry in normal heat. Well, you don't have to worry anymore, my friend! How to Get More Power Out of A 5.7 Hemi – Upgrade Your Beast In No Time! Furthermore, the paint is ideal for plastic materials, and therefore, is a nice product for bumpers and simple car parts. You must do this step carefully because a wet rag full of enamel reducer could wipe off the water-based primer on the part. After the base layer dries, sand it with a 1500 grit sandpaper by hand. The first step in any product application is to follow the instructions. After you have made sure that the product is lightweight, it is necessary that you select a paint spray, which is easy to hold. Furthermore, it provides a protective layer over your project. If you want a top of the line spray paint, then it is always a smart idea to go for a renowned brand. Rinse Rinse thoroughly with water. Before Auto Painting, Isolate the Plastic Parts You’ll Be Working On. Well, one of the most lucrative features of the package is that you get three high-performance things. This won't help the paint adhere at all; instead, the paint will melt. Sometimes sanding won’t reveal whether the bumper is primed or not, especially if the color is matte. Check out our team's top 3 picks! In a rush? View cart. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. In addition to that, the product weighs 14.9 ounces and compact dimensions, which provide you with comfortable mobility. There are certain paints for various objects, and it is necessary that you keep that in mind before you make the purchase. However, with this, such a task is as easy as it can get. So why not do it yourself; you’ll be more careful since you’re the owner. Last but not least, you can use the product on thermoplastic as well as polyurethane bumpers. It is simply intended to keep it from cracking with the expanding and contracting of the urethane in cool and heat cycle conditions. Besides, the product is known to resist scratches and ensures that your project looks new all the time. You don't have to worry about having to call people over or having to take your car to a workshop. How to: Prep & Primer a Plastic Bumper - 1st Gen Acura TSX - Duration: 12:47. Primer for Plastic Bumper Covers from Polyvance. Apply wet with disposable towel one, and dry with a separate shop towel. Next, you can re-apply the coating anytime you want! It dries quickly, so the recommended second coat for the best appearance and protection can be applied within a few minutes of the first. If your eyes are set on locating affordable paint spray, which also provides you with a good amount of liquid paint, then this is the "one" for you. So, you will be finishing the project right on time. 0 items. Before anything else starts in this process, you need to prepare your bumper for the work … Shake it hard for a minute until you can hear the ball rattle and make sure the can is at room temperature. Plus, there is no need to reduce the concentration, and so you can use it immediately. Hence, we can confidently say that you can use the product to cover a vast area. Identifying it isn’t necessary anymore. However, before you try to fix the problem, it is necessary that you know which materials you would need for the task in hand. Most of the bumpers today are made of an olefin plastic. The container is of a good size, and it has around 12-ounces of paint fluid. You are bound to be satisfied when your project is completed. So, it is always reliable to opt for them. Now, let’s learn those steps. Painting on top of “unknown” primers can lead to performance concerns such as adhesion between the primer and plastic, compatibility with your topcoats, lifting, and even poor flexibility. And while you're spraying, remember to clean the nozzle every now and then so that the paint doesn't build up in the nozzle and block the path for the paint to get through.

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