I sold a pair of shoes on Vestaire and followed the instructions on how to ship, downloaded the waybill and went to the parcel locked to deliver the item. )coustomer center, they saidthey cant refund or return. ‎Handpicked furniture and home accessories from great brands at discounted prices – this is Westwing! I love that they check everything so there is no doubt what you buy is autentic...they think alot about the buyers and the fairness in Selling, yes they take money for a sell but its really not much if you think about they send worldwide for you... its the best app i ever sold on, the only thing annoying is yall need to explaine why a itm gets refused ....than yall perfect . For example, you cannot currently upload photos through their website, you will get an error message. And also a problem (as buyer) has been solved easily and quickly. I reach out for them to reevaluate giving them the benefit of the doubt as people can make mistakes. Please do not sell on this website, please!!! This was as unexpected for Vestiaire Collective as for our members. Zero fees. Vestiaire Collective è il marketplace leader per la moda di lusso second-hand. If maybe it is actually the compuer system rejecting it , we can only imagine the so pompously advertised team of “experts “ is actually a computer system. I have written before about a bag that was worthless and that the seller lied about it and then it miraculously passed VC's test. 4.8 su 5. What a dishonest way to run a business. ‎Leggi le recensioni, confronta le valutazioni dei clienti, guarda gli screenshot e ottieni ulteriori informazioni su The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury. 2640468. Notimeforstyle • 74 Pins. The Worst UX in Ecommerce - Vestiaire Collective. i recently had to pay for my item to be shipped back because VC cant authenticate by themselfs and needs receipt for everything, even when i provided the receipt they still havent even look at it and my bag came in absolute disbelief!! 1. it's where i want to be. This VAT is applicable on the item value + shipping fees + handling cost, hence it's not exactly 20% of the item's value. My experiences with VC are all really good. Vestiaire Collective raised $45 million in June to fuel international growth, bringing its total funds to almost $200 million. Ecco come. Laud Gama. I have told them that I will be compromising my integrity by relisting damaged item under my name, but did not hear back. You can upload through their website, but the profile photo will only stay on your profile for around 24 hours before it self deletes. La navigazione all'interno del sito è molto semplice e l'impaginazione è leggibilissima. Únete a Facebook para conectar con Loreta Striani y otras personas que tal vez conozcas. Then you need Shpock." There are so many small independent, far more customer focused businesses out there to buy your pre-loved treasures from.Avoid, avoid, avoid!! I aborted a sale and I suggest all UK buyers do for any purchase made from the EU. They said when they received the back bag they will refund me. Save yourself the stress and frustration of randomly getting your item rejected for no reason other than the quality control team felt like it. Deposita il tuo primo articolo a meno di 150€ / £150 su Vestiaire Collective e approfitta di zero commissioni! Rebecca, if you are reading this, go to hell. Il sito mi sembra strutturato molto bene è molto intuitivo con molta facilità nella navigazione all'interno. This was on the 13th January.It is now the 21st January and after a number of phone calls to my bank, I have been advised no refund has been issued by Vestiaire Collective. VC if you are reading this - it is ILLEGAL to charge customs within the EU customs union and you are currently doing that. Zero hassle. ma nessuno lo spiega a chiare lettere. Pristine condition. By Far And Vestiaire Collective Unveil An Upcycled Edit Of It Girl-Ready Accessories. Zero reason not to! I have had chat experiences where they literally ask me for the same reference numbers three times in the same chat, each time I gave it to them, and they will still ask you for it again and again. Lois della loro squadra è stato estremamente utile. Zero commissioni sul deposito del primo articolo, solo per un periodo di tempo limitato! mutfak, ev için, mutfak iç dekorasyonu hakkında daha fazla fikir görün. I viaggi di Notimeforstyle - in Europa e nel mondo. I have sold items and purchased and always satisfied with the way they handle everything. It is absurd. Su Vestiaire Collective e Depop si trovano delle belle occasioni. Competency is a serious issue there. Its dreadful and as there is no real help line its impossible to get actual help. But not. Not even an acknowledgment of my email.To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I received the item no problems, but it wasn’t quite what I expected so had it returned.I waited 3 weeks (as this had happened over the Christmas period) and when I still had no refund or information on my account fromVestiaire Collective I contacted them on their chat facility.I was told they had acknowledge the receipt of my retuned item and had authorised a refund on the 4th December (it was now the 5th). Vesitiaire Collective provides, what I would describe, world-class bad user experience. Notimeforstyle Prodotti di lusso, ma di nicchia, alla fine non vengono accettati. Invece, si punta al nome ultranoto dei soliti stilisti. The customer service is dreadful, and there is no number to contact anybody on. Mia moglie ha acquistato una borsa di un noto marchio di moda da questo sito. Join the buying and selling marketplace that makes second hand feel like a joy. Acquisto spesso anche all'estero su vari siti di e-commerce e shopping ma mai e dico mai mi sono ritrovato a dover pagare un "servizio qualita" (a pagamento) che è tutta una fregatura per fare cassa e inoltre diffido a non acquistare in quanto ho effettuato l'ordine di un paio di occhiali ben 3 settimane fa e a fronte di un pagamento immediato con Paypal non ho ancora ricevuto niente. Instead of improving their service for both buyers and sellers, Vestiaire is now rejecting all items from all sellers who complain about their bad service!All items you present for sale will deliberately be rejected, first you will be told photos are not good enough, then they will be rejected and any items you sell will also be rejected and you will be told to pay £12 to have the item returned.If you give the item to another seller to sell, it will not be rejected, how strange?Sellers you have been warned, this is why I have always felt its important to sell on multiple sites as the service with Vestiaire is going down hill fast, they do not take onboard complaints to improve for sellers and buyers. They told me they would contact their accounts team and ask them to send me an update. The reps often ignore your messages and will ask you to repeat your request multiple times despite that it has already been communicated and it's still all typed there for them to see. Loreta Striani está en Facebook. Vestiaire Collective, il miglior marketplace di moda second-hand con prezzi fino al 70% in meno rispetto a quelli in boutique. Il tessuto è buono!Arrivato in tempo e sono molto soddisfatto del prodotto offerto, la qualità è incredibile. I purchased a Delfina Delettrez earring which said in very good condition. Notimeforstyle • 1,258 Pins. Shoppers enjoy up to 90% off retail prices and sellers earn up to 70% of the sale price of their it… This is real pros as they don't mess around. Sometimes they can remove an image from a listing immediately, other times they claim they don't have that power. Abiti Jean paul gaultier in in Cotone Beige a prezzi d’occasione! Acquista, Vendi, Condividi! As a seller my money always arrived in time. Join Facebook to connect with Tatiana Colella and others you may know. È arrivata una borsa con certificato di Vestiaire Collective in cui si dichiarava che era in buone condizioni, che corrispondeva a quanto descrit... Gli operatori addetti alle schede, personale decisamente improvvisato e per niente competente, si prendono la libertà di rifiutare senza motivo e senza spiegazioni gli articoli e di cambiare le schede degli articoli in vendita modificando materiale e descrizione senza autorizzazione del venditore, o... Vestiaire Collective è un social shopping, nato in Francia ed approdato anche in Italia, in cui gli utenti, previa registrazione, possono vendere ed acquistare abbigliamento ed accessori moda griffati ma di seconda mano. Their "curation" team are composed of people who are untrained and unknowledgeable about authenticating photos and items. I asked Vestaire over chat if they are able to compensate for the money i had to spend sending this item, even though they had charged the buyer for delivery, they said no.I gave up fighting that battle as i already spent 1.5hrs on Vestiare's chat box, so i then sent the item and the item tracking has confirmed the packaged now arrived with the customer. La commissione, poi, è assurdamente alta e, unita alla complessità del meccanismo di spedizione, scoraggia specialmente i neofiti del settore. Scarica Shoptagr direttamente sul tuo iPhone, iPad e iPod touch. Notimeforstyle • 436 Pins. Please try listing your item again with photos that accurately represent it, and give potential buyers as much detail as they need!Although we have been unable to accept this item, please do submit more pieces you wish to sell to our curation team who would be delighted to check them out!====Unquote. Non è che dal versante venditori le cose vadano meglio. ‎The RealReal is an authenticated luxury consignment marketplace where you can buy and sell luxury goods from top designers across women’s and men’s fashion, fine jewelry & watches, fine art and home. I know I will never get this money back. Visualizza altre idee su foto famose, foto, celebrità. Beware. By Janelle Okwodu 2 December 2020. Per effettuare un acquisto è suff... La richiesta è stata inoltra correttamente, 1 persona su 7 indecisa se consigliarlo o no, Sconsiglio Fortemente di Acquistare Qualsivoglia. Get The Best Deals And Coupons For Vestiaire Collective. Ogni capo e ogni accessorio viene controllato da un gruppo di persone competenti nel settore della moda. Quando respingono un oggetto, lo fanno con un comunicato preconfezionato, in cui non si specifica niente, se non il fatto che non corrisponde al trend scelto dall'azienda. Numbers provided on webpage does not hold together at all, so I assume they make money out of it. be a real fashionista, save a lot of money and but it second hand (or even new) on Vestiaire Collective, the uber chic online store for secondhand designer pieces: For great, authentic secondhand and vintage (and sometimes even new) Chloé Faye bags, see here. Join Facebook to connect with Claudia Sessarego and others you may know. Jun 15, 2017 - home. Ecco come. Scopri tutte le ultime novità di Vestiaire Collective, il primo sito d'alta moda di social shopping online. I've sent the item to VC as instructed and they are telling me that they will offer me less money for it because the sweater has a flaw!!!! 15-oct-2019 - Explora el tablero de Ana Torrandell "Platos Rigoletta" en Pinterest. Dopo aver scelto l'a... Vestiaire Collective è un negozio online che si occupa di vendita di abbigliamento e accessori di lusso di seconda mano. The sweater didn't have damage when I said it but all of the sudden does when they say it? The Sun For the declutterers, the wallet boosters, the eco-conscious! How strange? The site will translate it back to English for you, but the machine translates it differently and oftentimes the translation makes no sense. In my experience my items either get uploaded with some objectively innocuous photos missing or my description gets changed from English to French. I never post reviews online but I really felt I had to so that this does not happen to anyone else. Unisciti ad una community di più di 6 milioni di fashion lovers che già utilizzano Vestiaire Collective per acquistare e/o vendere articoli firmati di seconda mano di brand come Louis Vuitton, Céline, Gucci, Hermès, Rolex e Cartier. Deposita il tuo primo articolo a meno di 150€ / £150 su Vestiaire Collective e approfitta di zero commissioni! 4,5. 12 valutazioni. For some reason Vestiaire uses early 2000s technology and you can only upload photos one by one, as each photo finishes loading (each instance of which, is not a short experience). Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Mode, S'habiller, Sac chloe. Notimeforstyle • 56 Pins. Ogni mese arrivano 100.000 nuovi iscritti, ad oggi questa community vanta oltre 4 milioni di membri con più di 3 milioni di transazioni mensili. Ho acquistato una camicetta bianca. 01/25/2020. No change whatsoever. Second-hand Two-piece swimsuit ANDI BAGUS Green in Cotton available. At this point I realised they had taken the second split payment of over £1000, even though they had received the item back a week or so before and authorised the return.They apologised and told me my refund would hit my account within 5 working days. By Alice Cary 16 November 2020. fashion. Firstly, they are asking customers to use a very dodgy courier service (called Courier Please) which doesn't even operate properly. Guarda cosa ha scoperto bevenice (bevenice) su Pinterest, la raccolta di idee più grande del mondo. 5. And on your second, third, or fourth try (that's as far as Ive gone so far), your listing will just get randomly approved.The experiences of the chat service are consistently inconsistent. They replied that the item matches description and my only option is to relist it. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. The VC relists the item by using original photos and description of the previous seller. Recensioni Vestiaire Collective: scopri affidabilità e sicurezza. it is a shame because I had moved over to doing the bulk of my clothes and accessory shopping on VC and I will no longer be doing so as I find it outrageous to be expected to pay 20% extra on everything because someone hasn't gotten their geography correct. "Love a car boot sale but don't fancy getting out of bed? Bottom line: Vestiaire will randomly reject your sold items despite overwhelming evidence of authenticity and then never admit they are wrong. they will then refund me shipping costs. Compara prezzi, compra e risparmia con l'App per il tuo shopping online. Il successo di Vestiaire Collective è anche dato dal rigido controllo della qualità degli articoli proposti. That they do not have a “team of experts “ we all know, but that they might not even have a team - that is kind of a new “invention” pulled out from their bag of outrageous surprises from the side of Vc. Se avessi acquistato dalla Cina da Alibaba a quest'ora l'articolo sarebbe arrivato prima che da loro che stanno in Francia. Forgot to mention - i have sold 362 items and I obviously know very well how to take pictures, give descriptions and sumbit the right information for a proper listing. Within few days someone has bought it. By Far And Vestiaire Collective Unveil An Upcycled Edit Of It Girl-Ready Accessories. Ma andate a cagher! Non sono un' amante delle firme, per cui il sito non mi ha catturata più di tan... Vestiaire Collective è un sito online che vende molti tipi di abbigliamenti e accessori di lusso usati. Read about their experiences and share your own! I have send nearly 50 messages most get ignored. Every external facing experience including its customer chat service, app and web UX, and listing process is counter-intuitive, debilitatingly inefficient, and on the brink of defunct. The customer service is ABSOLUTELY HELPLESS !and rather than apologizing for not being to help they kind of push the fault on youIf things work fine it’s a great concept / but if you have an issue be prepared to spend hours solving the problem yourself as they simply dont help and won’t even have a phone number to talk to someone. Loreta Striani está en Facebook. Discover and compare the best and most trusted companies on Trustpilot, with over 4000+ categories to choose from. Their decisions are completely arbitrary. After receipt of the item I've noticed that it had a flaw which was not mentioned in the description. 1. By Alice Cary 16 November 2020. fashion. 13-set-2020 - Esplora la bacheca "Foto famose" di Amelia Jelmoni su Pinterest. Not even 30 Minutes later i receive this ridiculous message (it is just too insane to try to describe it so i am copy/pasting it). They are also one star on google.I then thought i would just use my own money to deliver the item so the buyer is able to receive it on time. Il successo di Vestiaire Collective è anche dato dal rigido controllo della qualità degli articoli proposti. Check out what 5,542 people have written so far, and share your own experience. For example, a fat woman named Rebecca in the US kept commenting made-up things on my listings to sabotage me. Get a free domain name, real NON-outsourced 24/7 support, and superior speed. absolutely terrible dont recommend to shop or sell here!!! I also kept the receipt both in my email and a hard copy. - P.IVA 02353940063 - C.so Virginia Marini N.23 15121 Alessandria (AL) - ITALY - Cap. Here is the letter... ===QuoteCHANEL Dresses Reference: 13959511 Very good condition On the site: 680 € For you: 510 €Unfortunately, your listing could not be published because the photos are not original (photos taken from the internet are not accepted), do not sufficiently enable us to verify the item, or do not meet our criteria. Each time the photo loads, it takes you back to your items page, so you need to select the item, pick upload more photos and then upload photo, and wait for it to load, and then start all over again for another photo for the same listing. Come posso scrivere una descrizione appropriata del mio articolo? Scarica The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury direttamente sul tuo iPhone, iPad e iPod touch. 100% degli articoli sono … Bosch Home - Recensioni:: Biancheria intima lounge:: Vestiaire Collective:: Aevig:: Lazada - Recensioni. Buy second-hand Walter Steiger Shoes for Women on Vestiaire Collective. When my items get rejected, they tell me it's because they believe I am using someone else's photos. Qui trovi opinioni relative a vestiaire collective italia e puoi scoprire cosa si pensa di vestiaire collective italia. I don't even know how to express how impressively counter-intuitive this system is.The listing process is another laughing stock. Ho dovuto ricorrere aprendo una contestazione di Paypal pertanto a meno che non vi piaccia aspettare un mese per avere qualcosa acquistato su Internet e pagare commissioni per servizi inutili allora non fate affidamento a vestiaire collection. . I also went onto their website and the website wasn't working properly. If you go to customer service about this, they will simply tell you to resubmit the listing with "better" or "enhanced" photos, even though the problem was they were accusing me of using stolen IP. Buy yourself some clothing, belts, jackets, coats for children, women and men, taking advantage of promotional prices all year long.
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