Your trust is our top concern. ... TEMPUR SYMPHONY PILLOW - LARGE. The pillow is still going strong but I am now more comfortable using the Sonata, which is more shallow and shaped like... Read more, Wasn't sleeping all that good until we spent a lot of money on one of these awesome head supports.It's firm, just the way I like it and the little indent does a wonderful job to allow enough room for my shoulders.I guess each pillow is to an individual's taste, but I quite like this one, Great to know you're liking your pillow. I'm only 50kgs so my head can't be that heavy to collapse the foam again! TEMPUR TEMPUR SYMPHONY PILLOW - MEDIUM. Expensive is an understatement. My cunning plan worked and he took to it like a duck to water, thereby allowing me to buy the next size down (Millenium Queen L) for myself which, like me, is slightly shallower, ha. You can tell instantly if it suits you, so give one a try. very comfortable for back or side sleepingwhat i dislike about it is that you cannot find it in all retaillers or shops like Lebanon all other models are available except the millennium, I have used Dentons pillows for years, and just happened to try a Tempur Millennium pillow at the store as I purchased a new mattress, and I couldn't believe the instant support. The unique shape of the TEMPUR® Millennium Pillow has been carefully designed to support back sleepers. Quick View. It can be washed at up to 60°C to kill all dust mites, so you can always enjoy a fresh and clean pillow. This pillow has a washable cover. The first time I used it, I found it uncomfortable and a bit strange as I am not used to the curve for the neck area. It takes a while to get used to the size (looks a bit under-sized in a 6ft-wide bed and a standard-size pillowcase), the shape and the firmness, so you need to give it a week or two. Medium feel in a combined spring and TEMPUR® foam construction. Premium pillows made with TEMPUR® material Shop Now. Free shipping. What makes TEMPUR ® so special? These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. See similar items. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of Highly recommend! Add to wishlist. SHOPPING SAFELY TOGETHER: Our stores and the steps we’re taking Find Out More Free Standard Delivery on orders over $50; Free Returns Available; Free Click & Collect On Your Order This really hurt my neck. Within the TEMPUR Ergonomic pillow collection, the Original, Symphony and Millennium pillows are made from TEMPUR … Fibre, feather, wool, latex, nothing works as well for us. Ive never in my life spent so much money on a pillow, but I had heard good things about Tempur pillows so my partner and myself thought to give it a try and prayed to the Gods that it wasn't going to be a regrettable purchase. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from The unique shape of the TEMPUR® Millennium Pillow has been carefully designed to support back and side sleepers. The shape and density of the pillow Write a review on! Washable and hypoallergenic cover. If baggage limits allow it I will be taking it with me on flights. I had a different pillow from tempur before and it was much better than this . SKU#: 120218. Designed for optimal neck and spine support, the Tempur Original Queen Large CoolTouch™ Pillow cleverly blends comfort and support. Product code: 60840111 Made from visco-elastic, the large TEMPUR Original Pillow has a carefully contoured shape that moulds perfectly to your neck and head. It was like it was made just for me! I can't comment on the other Tempur pillow models, I just know this particular one seems to work for both of us. All TEMPUR® pillow … After the first couple of nights I remember thinking I'd made a terrible, and terribly expensive, mis... take. The Outside: The Tempur-Neck pillow is a solid-state pillow that is extra-firm to support the head and the neck. Will try... Read more. § Consumer Reviews and Testimonials. Designed for sleepers that snore or … For more information, visit I did have a call from your customer service department and have sent them photos. It feels so good to wake up with no pain. or Best Offer. ... Tempur-Pedic Neck Bed Pillow Large. Copyright © 2016 Tempur International. Listing monitored by Tempur representatives. Purchased in May 2020 at Catch for A$129.00. It wasn't even in the middle of the pillow … Maybe … I do wonder why these pillows are so expensive - they should be available on prescription for people with chronic neck pain who can't afford to purchase one. 2 people found this helpful. It can be washed at up to 60°C to kill all dust mites, so you can always enjoy a fresh and clean pillow. S$359.00. I bought my pillow over a year ago and even though it took quite sometime to get used to it I cannot live without it. Similar opinion? Sold by: TEMPUR. Bought on sales, but it is still pricey even after discount. Tempur Millennium Neck Pillow M Y50012-80 F/S. Medium feel in 100% layered TEMPUR® construction. Queen X-Large 61x31x13/10 cm Options. The first night was good however after that the pillow formed a permanent indentation where my head was. S$359.00. The Tempur Millennium Pillow is made of comfortable materials. Is this good for children? Developed to last, our pillows come with a free 3 year guarantee. Going to get a refund this time. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Compared to my other expensive pillow the difference is immediate as it straightens out my neck and provides immediate comfort. TEMPUR Millennium Pillow – Designed for back sleepers An ergonomic pillow in a firm feel developed for back sleepers who want to relieve neck discomfort. $199.00. Make Offer - Tempur-Pedic Neck Bed Pillow Large.
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