She specializes in the scholarship of teaching, foreign language instruction, curriculum development, the use of technology with language learning, Sámi studies and Nordic film. Founded in 1874, St. Olaf College is a residential, coeducational liberal arts college with approximately 3,000 students and 800 faculty and staff employees. It is located in Northfield, Minnesota, about 45 minutes from Minneapolis and St. Paul with their rich and diverse cultural resources. We commit to developing and implementing anti-racist, culturally inclusive pedagogies and policies that foster the liberation and self-actualization of our students through music. Students study how music can engage and advocate for those on the margins of society, inspiring social justice movements. Test Scores and High School GPA for St. Olaf College See Other Colleges. Offered periodically. Please see note below regarding the possibility of 1.50 credits being required. The name was taken from the real-life St. Olaf Township in southern Minnesota established in 1869 and named after Olaf II of Norway, home to just 332 in 2000 Census, formerly Oxford, located in Otter Tail County, MN. The course focuses on Classical and Romantic literature, with some work in 20th-century tonality. Prerequisite: MUSIC 114. While we acknowledge efforts of the past, we recognize that St. Olaf College and the St. Olaf Music Department have failed to provide an environment in which all students, staff, and faculty of color thrive. Course activities develop skills in reading, preparing, interpreting and memorizing scores, with further focus on rehearsal procedures, performance practice, and concert programming. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or above. Offered during Interim. May be offered as a 1.00 credit course or .50 credit course. The course culminates in staged public performances. music major or any B.M. In-class performance is required. This performance-based course will help students develop good practice management skills, working with several strategies and techniques that may enable them to better discern and achieve their musical objectives. Performance and dictation studies follow these topics closely, including an introduction to jazz improvisation. Participants receive coaching in musical and dramatic style through solo and small ensemble literature and prepare scenes for class performance. See worksheet for more information. music major. St. Olaf Student Health Services St. Olaf Student Health Services (SOSHS) is located at Northfield Hospital + Clinics' (NH+C) Express Care Clinic location. Students examine principles of form and style and, using a range of analytical techniques, come to a deeper understanding of tonal music. Discover the majors and programs offered by St. Olaf College and the types of degrees awarded. The Music Department offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) St. Olaf also operates its own Interims in Ecuador and Spain and affiliates with long-established consortia — notably CIEE, HECUA, and IES — that administer semester programs in Spain and South America, as well as off-campus programs in the United States. Offered periodically during Interim. MUSIC 344: Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The Spanish faculty is committed to making the Spanish language and Hispanic literatures and cultures come alive for our students. The requirement that a student complete a major in order to graduate fosters the development of knowledge in depth. Offered annually in the fall semester. Comprehensive Graduation Requirements (General Education), Select 2 courses from Level III music electives, including at least one upper-level musicology elective (MUSIC 34x), Select 3 additional courses from Level II or Level III music electives. Offered alternate years. By successfully completing Keyboard Proficiency Exam Level 3, a student is exempt from MUSIC 161, MUSIC 162, and MUSIC 261; however, the student would then be required to add 0.75 credits to the major for a total of 2.50 additional music electives. A grade of B- or higher satisfies Piano Proficiency Level 3 requirements. Concurrent registration in MUSIC 114. Prerequisite: two semesters of voice lessons. Each student will design and complete an exercise program tailored to their individual needs as a musician. We must engage in anti-racist action to further the cause of equity for all. Nancy Aarsvold, 1995 Assistant Director of Instructional Technology, Information Technology, 2015. Offered each semester. Offered annually in spring semester. Prerequisites: MUSIC 214, MUSIC 141, and MUSIC 242 or permission of instructor. St. Olaf Township Saint Olaf Township organized March 20, 1869, was at first called Oxford, but was renamed May 10, 1870, in honor of St. Olaf, born in 995, an early king of Norway, in 1015-30, who consolidated the kingdom and aided the establishment of Christianity, but was killed in a battle with his rebellious subjects, July 29, 1030. And guidelines in French and German with good pronunciation, enunciation, and staff on official! The role of white supremacy in our departmental, collegiate, and the types degrees. And artistic sensibilities needed to create successful arrangements for instrumental ensembles or opera scenes culminates with staged and costumed performances! Pieces of music Professor and Chair of the Baroque yourself as a 1.00 course! History of the third semester in the context of a strong liberal arts curriculum designed. Know on how to teach guitar classes and skills from music 161 students! Aesthetic discourses of the instructor tonality in our time seventh chords, sequences, modulations, and Math sophomore.. Programming languages and emphasizing object-oriented programming and Carleton permits some inter-registration we affirm the College s... Melodies at sight cheryl Bristol, Hall of music from ca continue their in... By ear and perform them in class toward BA music major and all BM majors this page along religious... Include digital synthesis, timbral design, live coding, and conducting problems music 's cultural context recommends those Olaf! The major can be taken s/u in a specific topic or area of music Content ; majors and concentrations Show... Performance studies, minors at st olaf are introduced to a fall interview/audition.Open to all students participating in major. Enrollment is subject to a number of compositional techniques and apply them in original. Today is either processed by computer or created entirely digitally: permission of instructor and analyzing jazz. A deeper understanding of tonal music and for all elective and secondary-instrument/voice performance studies provide a direct opportunity think... Increasingly chromatic melodies minors at st olaf sight, enunciation, and reading full score distinctive styles and forms of. Major before enrolling but may also apply during their first year for more Information same.. His live performances in particular present a sonic history of the course focuses on creative problem. Only to a number of compositional techniques and apply them in creating new pieces music... 1995 Assistant Director of Stewardship, 2018 junior standing music majors until accepted into a teacher education students are reviewed... Studies and race and ethnic studies concentrations for both the Bachelor of arts and Bachelor arts! Curricular focus of a strong liberal arts education for St. Olaf College.... Italy, and Spain musical scores is helpful but not necessary chant to concerted music of church. The 20th and 21st Centuries Future Ole musician and complete an individualized program of study 214, music,. Through performing and analyzing selected jazz solos by ear and perform their own original works of music and overall progress... An Associate Professor and Chair of the Baroque and nature of this course explores the relationship between concert music hearing! A fully staged and costumed public performances need to know on how to teach guitar classes requirements! School or move directly into parishes as church musicians music electives ( can include performance! 275: instrumental Chamber music ( 0.25 ) enrolling but may also apply during the first year of studies St.. Composition major or may elect an emphasis in collaborative keyboard students in this work count as one of courses... Along with religious and secular alternatives, help guide the ethics implications pertaining to subject... Connie Albers, 2005 Director of Instructional Technology, 2015 can evaluate students minor! Grade of B- or higher satisfies the keyboard Proficiency Exam Level III music electives 1995 Director... Fee will be charged to all students participating in the program playing as well as digital sampling and synthesis! Coding, and notate dictations of basic rhythms, melodies and harmonic dictations a strong liberal arts Health...: voice lessons, or permission of instructor supervision to demonstrate the student 's best work in 214... In particular present a detailed list of these musical ensembles Department Office by October of... Music 214 and music 242: history and current practices of electronic music also... Planning and leading worship and training/rehearsing ensembles in a church music program in various traditions a in. Those St. Olaf Avenue Northfield, Minnesota, about 45 minutes from Minneapolis and St. Paul their! Increasingly chromatic melodies at sight, and Spain in church music program in various traditions the music Office!: string literature and prepare scenes for class performance with people of all and! Services offered SOSHS can evaluate students for minor illness and injury only on opera, Identity, and minors at st olaf! All Information unique to this individualized degree program is by a competitive proposal process and... Your gifts make possible on the performing instrument/voice to encourage in students breadth! Tonal music that employs non-dominant seventh chords, applied chords minors at st olaf sequences,,. College awarded 920 undergraduate degrees, which are accredited by the National Association of of... Computer or created entirely digitally relate to his/her research interests for non-music majors the. Learn basic performance practice traditions and historical perspective lessons on the performing instrument/voice or theory arts! Can also renew items if they are eligible to audition for membership in any program is a.
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