Now Ceasar said he blew the funds somewhere else which means he didnt do the research Big Mom asked him to do. 2. 1:31. Date: June 22, 2016 Author: Desperado 2 Comments. Which would basicly make pudding a hostage and Sanji the prince on white horse which goes to save her but thats a different topic). So with this recent chapter all but confirming that Big Mom did indeed eat Mother Carmel, and that she gained her powers as a result (we see that she did NOT eat the actual fruit), does this also confirm that Blackbeard may have eaten a portion of Whitebeard's flesh to gain his powers? Taking all of this into consideration, it's clear that using the Soul-Soul Fruit's abilities is more a matter of morals than of capabilities. Much like the Shadow-Shadow Fruit allows the person who consumes it to transfer souls from living things into corpses or other people, the Soul-Soul Fruit allows the person to transfer souls into non-living things or animals. Sweety Otaku December 30, 2020. This would explain them coming after Ceasar in Dressrosa. Thanks and have fun. Homies are also granted the abilities and memories of the person whose soul they possess and they gain a mind of their own, albeit one dedicated to Big Mom. She can turn them into her own litle army just how Kaido is making a Zoan army. I have never thought about a baby having devil fruit powers in the One Piece world but Big Mom must have had their devil fruits on hand and named her children after the fruit she gave them. Myth: In her eating frenzy, a 6-year-old Big Mom accidentally ate Carmel and the other residents of the Sheep’s House, and gained Carmel’s Soru Soru no Mi this way. Of all the Devil Fruit powers in One Piece, Big Mom's ability to grant life to inanimate objects seems like it would be one of if not the most useful abilities to have. With this she can turn candies alive (if it enters the candy for example) which would explain her eating her crew (which were basicly candies or cookies). Big Mom herself has no memories about the event. Of course, someone could offer a fragment of their soul of their own free will, but that wouldn't make taking it alright. There are several possible explanations for this anomaly, ranging from a special feature of the Darkness Fruit, to an ornate blade that the Blackbeard Pirates have been seen to possess. Zek You will be always in my heart. Eel74430. Reincarnated as a Slime: For Rimuru, Diplomacy Means... Mortal Combat? I believe Big Mom can also emit a substance-like energy which is her drool. KEEP READING: One Piece: All 7 Types Of Devil Fruits In The Franchise, Ranked. But, Big Mom's case, this isn't really much of an issue since she just takes the souls of others, which is a significant issue in itself. 3. Another power thread from me. First the SAD which is used to make Smiley Devil Fruits. One Piece: Big Mom's Devil Fruit Powers Are the Best (& Worst) in the Series, One Piece: Udon Is Safe From Kaido's Army Thanks to an Unlikely Trio, Franky X Robin? Of all the Devil Fruit powers in One Piece, Big Mom's ability to grant life to inanimate objects seems like it would be one of if not the most useful abilities to have. Same thing I feel will happen when Big Mom dies, that is a part of her devil fruit … It clearly shows Oda is moving things along quite quickly without making it feel rushed. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. RELATED: Franky X Robin? Homies that experience extreme fear can wither away and die, and they can't attack another homie that has a piece of their same soul. This moment establishes a terrible precedent in … 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? Big Mom is portrayed as a gluttonous and greedy individual who really enjoys her candy and sweets. Big Mom is a Witch, her abilities is related to magic/witches and her character holds a lot of similarities to a witch. Each time the user takes part of someone's soul, it detracts from that person's lifespan, adding up every time the user goes back to the well, possibly ending in the victim's death. This is similar to how Brook’s devil fruit works. I post about this last week and wanted to follow up. And we know Jack bought his gas weapon in the past. But there are serious drawbacks to this power. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. If we assume (1) to be true, can we also assume that eating Devil Fruit Users will give a person the ability of the fruit? 1. In the hands of someone with a functioning moral compass, avoiding using others' souls in favor of their own could kill them. Among them is what makes Big Mom a tough opponent, aside from her overly intimidating Devil Fruit power and superhuman strength. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Smiley was also made out of Blobs (really dont have a better word for it sorry). She's able to decide how much of a soul she wants to take — taking out too much can result in that person's death — create incarnations of herself that are able to steal souls and use pieces of her spirit to create Homies that are much stronger than those made from the souls of others, as seen in the cases of Zeus, Prometheus and Napoleon. His soul emits a powerful “substance”-like energy which allows him to live. First of all I'm going to do my best to avoid all cliches surrounding Big Mom Devil Fruit. (just a small note on the side: If the three-eyed girl is pudding it might be she is a adopted daughter and gets married against her will. Living in Japan for two years, she has seen first-hand how the country views anime and manga. Amazing Fishing. Starting with the original broadcast of Sailor Moon on Toonami, she has been an avid anime fan since. These are just my thoughts on how Big Mom’s fruit might work. Remember the first time O-lin shows up is after Big Mom is completely submerged in seawater, deactivating her/Carmel's Devil Fruit powers. The moral conundrum that is the Soul-Soul Fruit makes it difficult for anyone even a little good to justify using it but, luckily for Big Mom, there's not a good bone in her sizeable body. If we look at the panel where she eats them we have the crunching sounds (her eating cookies) and we see small parts falling down. big mom devil-fruit theory There have been alot of good theories about Big Mom’s devil fruit being either related to Witch-Craft or Acid but i wanted to go a litle bit deeper and share my ideas. The mystery regarding Big Mom was finally revealed to some extent this chapter. Many people theorize that her devil fruit has something to do with “acid”, well, I am here to give input regarding another aspect…. We know Big Mom’s crew watched the experiment. I believe Big Mom’s ability lets her turn Sweets, Cookies and Candies into living objects. Big Mom, AKA Charlotte Linlin, one of the Four Emperors in the show, uses this Devil Fruit. Unlike Whitebeard who protects the islands without anything in return, she only care about the candy the islands give her so that she can protect them. In his first appearance, he was killed a man who he saw as a threat to his mother and throughout the wedding until the Straw Hats appearance was attentive to anything that could pose a threat to his mother and his family. Or could it be the case that Mother Carmel was eaten by Big Mom? Their 62 years of existence is also the longest amount of time that any pirate crew in history has been known to continuously operate. Now the Sad was for Doflamingo, which later went to Kaido. Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki: Hinami Becomes Tomozaki's... Life Coach?! DC's Superman Vs. Dragon Ball Super's Zeno: Who Would Win in a Fight? Dr. Stone: Science Helps, But Gen Is Senku's Actual Secret Weapon, A Spy X Family Anime Could Bring a Whole New Audience to Shonen, Attack on Titan Showcases the Scouts' Incredible Growth - but There's a Problem, The 5 Best Pokémon Ash Should Have Held Onto, Black Clover: Charlotte FINALLY Unlocks Her Cursed Rose Magic Against Megicula. Discussion in 'One Piece Manga' started by Mohammed Youcef, Dec 6, 2013. A one-stop shop for all things video games. In chapter 907, Big Mom and Kaido argue about who gets to eliminate Luffy for interfering in their respective affairs. 0 1. I eat when angry." 12 Big Mom Made Kaido Unkillable. On Punk Hazard he had multiple things going on. Big Mom’s Devil Fruit; Jinbei’s Proposal – One Piece 829 Review. This is an original idea I came up with after studying Big Mam and her symbols. The Big Mom Pirates have the highest total known bounty of any pirate group. I would like to start off with Big Mom’s ship. Ironically, this fear makes Big Mom stronger due to the nature of her Devil Fruit powers. But the ability is a dark one, and actually using it might not make you the best person. In the flashbacks of Big Mom’s past, Mother Caramel and all of Linlin’s friends “disappear” after her food rampage. There are alot of things that can be linked to witch-craft but if Big Mom is a paramecia then it should still have something to do with her body. This picture from Shrek was the best i could find. Among them is Big Mom, who, thanks to the powers of the Soul Soul Fruit, made the protagonists tremble several times. Now what if Big Mom wanted Ceasar to give her power extra functions like for example the exploding when in contact with fire. It gives her the power to manipulate souls. Of all the Devil Fruit powers in One Piece, Big Mom's ability to grant life to inanimate objects seems like it would be one of if not the most useful abilities to have.Much like the Shadow-Shadow Fruit allows the person who consumes it to transfer souls from living things into corpses or other people, the Soul-Soul Fruit allows the person to transfer souls into non-living things or animals. Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom) is one of the yonko or the emperor of the sea. 3:48. Horimiya's Touching Premiere Brings Two Not-So-Different Opposites Together, Avatar: Fashion Explains Everything You Need to Know About the Fire Nation. When a soul is extracted, Big Mom literally holds someone's life in her hands. : All The Hints That The One Piece Nakama Belong Together, One Piece: All 7 Types Of Devil Fruits In The Franchise, Ranked, The Rumbling, Attack on Titan's Endgame, Explained, Bleach’s Most Important Arcs to Binge Before the Thousand-Year Blood War Anime, How My Hero Academia Makes Shonen Power-Scaling Exciting Again.
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