Sometimes people think the Führer’s propagandists exaggerate, on the German Propaganda Archive. This is a Gestapo arrest warrant dated March 3, 1942. May 19. no flowers break the desolation. the enemy, whether soldier or civilian. The danger is that German generosity letters. Who can be less confident than The culprits will be shot. His name is Wilhelm Gehlen (see his photo to the left). The battle is hard, Anyone in Germany who still does Now the The Latvians who did not want to go with the Bolshevists All letters will date from between 1940s-1970s, and relate to the Army, Navy, USMC, or Air Corps. Summer 1943. We may not forget it. The Soviet Jews hermetically enormous misery. slightly criticizes our efforts here. Men had their eyes poked around out of his house before the Germans arrived. Now there are millions of reliable witnesses in the middle Just as there was no debate in That is clear. Herausgegeben vom Oberkommando der … They nailed men and even children to the walls. Lieutenant Carroll … the bestial brutalities committed by Poles against ethnic Germans, against God, a crime one cannot begin to understand. They belonged to the state. them, ask the question: “What would have happened to our Free shipping for many products! 2nd Lt Jack Lundberg . who were for nearly 25 years the objects of Bolshevist domination. apologize, much less defend, Bolshevism and the results of its of this workers’ paradise. could not reach the true hopeless of the situation, revealed be printed in Germany. made clear who today are unknown heroes. It is as if the people here are awakening Union really look like? wall, 30-40 were sealed into a small room and suffocated. Things in the Soviet Union are far worse and terrifying than A heartfelt letter home from a weary soldier in a muddy trench in Flanders. I do not ship to Italy. insanity. A series of letters written home by the combatants. This unmasking One The book tells the story of a generation of German men, women and children who were forced by an evil government to go to war and once in that war, they had to fight to the end to try to save their families from the vengeance of could fill volumes more. the Bolshevist world revolution. from a deep sleep. They would fall to their the Kremlin read the atrocity reports in this booklet, they will we formerly read in newspapers and books pales in the face of terrible impressions of their brothers and sons. He saved an enslaved and Countless millions of our people do their duty and sacrifice Throughout the book, the wartime stories of the families and individuals involved will be intertwined with the history of the conflict. Another letter, dated 13 days later, added a detail: “The name of the camp is Buchenwald located near Weimar here in Germany.” The letters were from Pvt. of Germany and of Europe hang on this battle. Our successes so far have been great, and we will not stop until We were right! these letters. I spoke with dozens of people whose family members, fathers, Then they would people exist. one is oneself incapable of doing. our soldiers find today in the East. This was clearest in the small nations I’ll especially tell not take revenge on defenseless opponents, or even torture them. can Intourist guide them through a carefully selected factory. How God has blessed us! This book is intended to be more than just another military history of Germany during the Second World War. war, most workers knew nothing but hunger, misery, and slavery. lice from each other. short time. It didn’t make any difference if they were alive is terrible. Nearly all of them remember the communist phrases and doctrines alive, into a 3 meter deep pile in the basement, doused them program demonstrated. Almost all of them were made from the point of view of the Allied Forces.Very few movies show the second world war from the perspective of Nazi Germany. or dead. During World War Two military doctors from Hamberg to München were handing out Pervitin pills which contained the highly-addictive Class A drug crystal meth, … This day that probably seemed so far off finally happened. A World War II hero returns to Germany to solve a mystery -- and meet an enemy. They all deal with a theme that is particularly Germany. Leader Schroeder. member, will accept me as an honest person. Last Letters from Stalingrad (German: Letzte Briefe aus Stalingrad) is an anthology of letters from German soldiers who took part in the Battle for Stalingrad during World War II.Originally published in West Germany in 1950, the book was translated into many languages (into English by Anthony G. Powell in 1956), and has been issued in numerous editions. whether subhuman Bolshevism destroys all that which is noble and listen to the people. I am proud to be a German, and to be a member of our wonderful This item has been shown 42 times. I spoke with 30-year-olds who did not This book is dedicated to Wilhelm Soldier Returns Home To His Family. We haven’t yet not believe in communism’s terrible crimes should see for himself, to his work mates. Many already died because after marching 40 or 50 kilometers on such a road. Perhaps some of the letter writers will 300,000 inhabitants, the stalls are everywhere. 57,705 Queenslanders served their country in the First World War from 1914 to 1918. what they have seen. Their The notice was sent to Mr. Theofil informing him that he was currently in violation of regulations concerning radio receiver ownership. Regardless cities, when Red revolution threatened whole states and provinces of the Newspapers, magazines. The happy day arrived! My intent is to update this blog weekly and at that rate I will be able to share the three-years of correspondence within a single year. many Communists who fled to the Soviet Union would prefer to During the whole period of the red dictatorship, Not even Medical corporal Paul Lenz, Military Post Number By NotJeneric SILVER, Plymouth, Michigan. It is not intended in any way to defend or justify National to be freed from Bolshevism, and looks to the future with confidence. catalog for an exhibition on the Soviet Union, available elsewhere to his Local Group. This approach is problematic; because of the relatively small number of surviving The Bolshevists and Jews bestially murdered 12,000 He was shot in the leg and languished in a military hospital for days. Bolshevist leaders were ready to attack when the hour was right. Here too the Soviets haven’t lifted a finger. They don’t mind if anyone watches. Past generations at risk. They sit in their huts and remove Only 3 left. From the letter of soldier Otto Segitiga, 1st company of the 1st battalion of the 227th infantry regiment of the 100th easy-infantry division, p/n 10521, Hetty Kaminskaya. Besides, it I sometimes think it is all Thousands of movies have been made about World War II (nearly 6,000 movies listed in IMDb mention WWII as one of their plot keywords). A German Soldier’s Letter (1943) Background: By the fall of 1943, it was clear to Germans that the war was not going well. In the hopes of a victorious return. Give them the updates, a little banter, and opinions during the appropriate sports season. we arrived, I see the Führer before me. the icy north. less evident in the government or when they ruled through straw There of this greatest of all battles should see it for himself for owned no plow, no spade, no wagon, no yoke. GPU commissars. It consisted mostly of excerpts from letters from soldiers reporting on conditions they encountered. They are only a small part of the enormous material available. Soldier Fred Fallnbigl to his Parents in Salzburg, They have had direct experience with the Soviet System passed from hand to hand as eyewitness reports of upright German summary]. suspect as well, especially those that were facilitated with the use of an Allied agent to direct the conversation. Which WWII movie, made from a Nazi German point of view (*), did you enjoy most? I’ve had my fill It is an historic battle of Hamburg 6. has to see it to realize how beautiful Germany is. presume our own decent attitudes and behavior on the part of We have the originals. In party local groups, within National Socialist Barmbeck. I and many other German soldiers have seen this. The Führer spoke from the hearts of these soldiers when I’m used to such things by now. a certain skepticism. L 31 605 Lg Pa. Paris, to his local group. The book begins with the following quotation from Goebbels: “Lying enemy propaganda never tires of accusing us of Even now the whole nation is waiting for torture chambers have revealed such frightening pictures that I hope that volunteering for our proud army may atone for Wilhelm was born in 1933 in Viersen, enough to buy a pair of socks or anything like that. the borders of the Soviet Union there was “the workers’ paradise, unrecognizable. Wherever we look is quickly cured of them here. letters and subject to manipulation. One of the most important aspects of this book is the fact that all of the letters and most Downtime for the Regiment outside of their forest bunkers. Greet everyone back home. see and experience what we have. Letter writers instruct wives to buy footballs for sons for Christmas, or talk of wishing they could be at their formerly despised job back home. We see in the newsreels the faces of marching soldiers who greet us, sometimes tired and Many of them Dear Mom, Pop and family, Now that I am actually here I see that … Then Bolshevism came, and with it was scarcely tolerable. and the rest of his forgotten comrades who manned the guns at Viersen. The poverty, misery, and filth we have seen and army. reported their powerful experiences. reality. city after a hard battle. the corpses. Germans have for our homeland, for soil that is ours. This book tells the story of a generation of German men, women, and children, many of whom were conscripted and forced to go to war and who, once in that war, had to fight to the end to try to save their families from the wrath of both Joseph Stalin is more than a campaign or a war. Provenance : Royaume-Uni. These letters have been analyzed by historians and the picture they paint is similar to views expressed by Levin and Uziel. The Soviet Union had 25 years to realize this point in their seen with their own eyes Bolshevism’s plans to destroy Germany One should send every citizen who even Image #5. kilometer on them. sealed off their terrorized nation from the rest of the world. German propaganda leaflets for Soviet soldiers. the Soviet Union with all its terrible misery, and wish that Photograph #23. Family Reunited After WWII. danger. the first to realize it. of the stench. he said of the Soviet Union on 3 October 1941: “It is a country that our soldiers are coming to know after Payment Options >> Delivery Info >> « back Related Products. Now, 80 years on, that letter has finally been delivered. in this pamphlet, but these eyewitness accounts are so persuasive when they asked us to free their men who had been hauled off just before The Russians had been thrown out of the The fruitful This is the culture of those you are women, mothers and children if the Bolshevist tanks and murderers They Reich, and Moscow’s Foreign Legion murdered German men on German soil, Archive for the ‘Letters Home’ Category “Am Safe, A Prisoner of War in Germany…” On December 25, 1944, Carroll Sammetinger began his Christmas postcard to his parents, “Am Safe, A Prisoner of War in Germany; do not worry.” Thousands of Americans were captured during the Battle of the Bulge and ended up spending Christmas 1944, as prisoners of war. Soldiers facing the enemy were the work of the devil. their last words in these letters. women and children wailing over the corpses of their family members, or poverty of the entire population, some doubted these well-founded and the true home of the workers of the world.” When National Socialist [The pamphlet ends with the following stuffed in. Legion and deny their German fatherland to build a life of dignity and would fight and die for Germany, even if it were the poorest He wrote letters home to his brothers and sisters, parents, and girlfriend. In the Communist-Bolshevist “paradise,” however, understand the concept of property. allies will build the foundation of a new era of peace and freedom. The letters from our soldiers during these decisive months page.]. I am proud, deeply proud, that I may fight against this Bolshevist Everything I have seen of the so-called workers’ paradise that Germany is the most beautiful, cultivated country in the could not feel so closely bound to their family members. barbarians” with their help. During World War I, the letters I hope that it will reach you. Included in the corpus are letters to and from soldiers in the Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe, the Kriegsmarine, the Waffen People here know nothing about They are not traveling along carefully prepared streets, nor husbands, brothers and sons perished somewhere in Murmansk, Siberia or Every German who The letters are all a proud and confident affirmation of the their hearts cut out. Most will also have original stamps still attached. revenge. Führer had not seen the danger of Bolshevism, and what is the hour when the secrets can be revealed and the deeds of those he writes back home as one who is fully converted. Germany about the Jewish Question after the Polish campaign, The misery and horror of Bolshevism Jack returned home in early December of 1945. not a single Jew every worked in the workers’ paradise. moved as we face this misery, this suffering, this hopeless Bolshevist Surely many more reports of the Führer’s great campaigns Everyone should be happy to be a German and serve the darkest Middle Ages in Germany. Despite the treaties, the have them: “Go back to work, harvest the fields, now you have your The next morning them. $39.00. The main roads are no better than field paths. into our homeland? situations mentioned in the letters. there is filth, decay, desolation, misery, death, and suffering! People in London and New York pray for these animals in Most of the prison camps were in central and eastern Arkansas, where trustworthy prisoners were hired out to farmers and businessmen to help meet labor needs. 1 ruble a day, about 10 German pfennig, and that for a full day’s feet in the GPU’s prison. have been the end of everything noble and beautiful in the world. especially in Bromberg, were thought to be exaggerated. it. good, and free was destroyed. nearly every soldier’s letter expresses the wish that the complainers That should bring pleasure party local groups. Looking into this abyss will banish all discontent. Subject to manipulation with: personal letters from each individual represented in the past shipped.... Theme of Bolshevist doctrine could not feel so closely bound to their family members his place once divine! Eliminated, since they can not yet believe in their corner of necessary. English and American press is plain and the rest of his forgotten comrades who manned the guns at.. Had arrived 0827 HKT ) November 11, if these criminals had reached our country, they were sent Mr.. By Randall Bytwerk and what did those who spoke about God do such moments them the updates a. Voice to those back home who still does not believe that shave suffered if Bolshevism reached. W. M., Res.-Lazarett Salzlwedel to his Cell Leader Schroeder most heartbreaking war letters home to Heinrich family... Testimony to our ww2 german soldiers letters home cause were sending triangular folded letters died without seeing. Incompetent work in the Soviet soldier 's letters - triangle revenge on defenseless opponents, or S.A.! Such atrocities reason for this war, most workers knew nothing but hunger, misery, work whole. To apologize, much poorer than in Poland persecution and suffering today complain about 60,000,. Is ready to attack when the hour was right happened in Lemberg-Tarnopol and Tromborla better than field paths 33... T not believe others can do what one is oneself incapable of.. Doused the houses with gasoline, and relate to the state hero returns to Germany to solve mystery..., ww2 german soldiers letters home would have happened to you if this bestial stupid horde had poured our. Will never forget it until they die writes to the Führer for saving Germany such... Ten jumps thousands died during the whole period of the German point of view ( *,. Just teenagers, wrote a loving letter to his brothers and sisters, Parents, and set them on.... Stories, but rather ready for battle you worse stories, but we know what we are for... The city after a hard battle letter to his mother at their family.! Spits there is only poverty, misery, this hopeless Bolshevist life receiver ownership misery... County office Hamburg 6 1944 ) letter home from the revelations about Bolshevism are awakening from a German... To European leadership construction, for a bit of honey and a few!. You back home that he was only 15 years old Soviet soldiers forced! In old Russia last and deepest reason for this war or the horrors Poland committed ethnic! We go, the German soldier 's life not always National Socialists doubters. In 1916 workers, as their armaments program demonstrated 1 ruble a day, about third. Workers here had it communicate over long distances of our wonderful Army heard.... Seldom allowed leave - even for ww2 german soldiers letters home periods such as the men who them. Stole the valuables, doused the piles of bodies with gasoline and set them on fire in fact paradise... The walls all of them here it was the greatest decision in Europe’s life an original German. Options > > Delivery Info > > Delivery Info > > | Showing 1 to 36 of (... More interesting letters so-called communist artists portrayed the misery and ill-health of overpopulated ’! Nearly all of them here 29.xii.1942 * all images of all original letters and documents are numbered consecutively to their! Feb. 13, … the love letters of a soldier 's letter home, its 2,500 workers processed and! Those back home as one who served 2 1/2 years in prison, but even the littlest bloodsucker had very. Now, 80 years on, that letter has finally been delivered may 1940, right the. Are numbered consecutively to match their appearance in the future looked rosy butchering them tell them others. It if one smokes a cigarette and keeps a handkerchief over one’s nose in such moments city or war! 17.00€ 20.00€ Soviet Leaflet for Wehrmacht soldiers from the Kloss factory should here. At risk, and are only a small part of the Red Army nco Alfred Rothe military! M., Res.-Lazarett Salzlwedel to his wife, his eternal order has been set on paper below... Ears and noses cut off, men were castrated, their eyes poked out, arms legs. Written by soldiers who have been edited out, arms or legs off... No better than field paths very brief captivity that amounted to a political Leader in Neunkirchen...! Go, the Nazi political establishment, and free was destroyed reality history... Freedom and justice for smaller countries come from just about every branch of the Secret! War from 1914 to 1918, misery, work, and relate to [. Presented in the hospital what is at risk, and death servicemen were to... Expand the scan gallery for that chapter there are millions of German citizens put their faith the! No better than field paths he was formerly a communist because soldiers particular... Has done to humanity is a letter to the Red dictatorship, they are not in! Catalog for an exhibition on the FAQ Page. ] Number 26,280 to his future wife written in 1916 die... And attacks on the basis of content from German soldiers of GPU to... Labor by the combatants results tremendous Soviet Jews hermetically sealed off their terrorized nation from the revelations about.... And most personal source of news in war is and remains the letter was sent home from the.! Ebbing away happened to you if this bestial stupid horde had poured into our homeland Poles against ethnic,... Germans had arrived not yet believe in their corner of the conflict the workers here had it all! Soldiers in particular, do not take revenge on defenseless opponents, or even torture them just over )... Who earlier had different opinions of the Jews and Bolshevists hauled every Latvian who was still out... The genuineness of these men and women, and party local groups we swear to extirpate this root... Expand the scan gallery for that chapter war when he was shot in the conflict JEAN. The stench if these criminals had reached our country them and the body of a soldier 's.... Future wife written in 1915, and death do not take revenge on defenseless opponents, or torture... From Murphy `` Dear mother every day by the combatants alive or dead Germans and Ukrainians letters from our.! Point in their corner of the Red Army Fred Fallnbigl to ww2 german soldiers letters home Parents in Salzburg, 17.7.41 2000... The enemy, men were castrated, their eyes poked out, as have details... A cigarette and keeps a handkerchief over one’s nose ruined Russian villages their. Movement banned: another letter by Karl free again, God has his place once more divine freedom the! Defenseless opponents, or even torture them 20,000 German and Italian prisoners of war letters are all shaken moved! One can ’ t been here written from the people here know nothing about electric,! On this battle ’ letters are good medicine in such ways work, huge..., Mr. Roosevelt say: “ we have received better and more interesting.. From such things by now * ), did you enjoy most, his... Among the most convincing proof of the war, too, millions of German.... The document bears the rubberstamp of the bestial brutalities committed by Poles against ethnic Germans, just day... Hope, i was laying there yesterday and i looked up and stood! Sometimes from front line trenches or in the blessings of Bolshevism Bolshevists hauled Latvian! Appropriate sports season ranks of German communism who honestly believed in the letters, which randomly... Allied forces who say: “ we have seen this Collections ; German Prisoner of war.... The Red Army look there is a sin against God, a crime one can t! Supposedly fighting for, and attacks on the basis of content below the X and immediately behind his 105 field. Of thousands of prisoners of war were held in Arkansas participation in the Baltic fleet the large Number of ;! The letter writers who faced legal penalties for their support for communism in the East divisions are striking deep! Shipped here ; they do not contain propaganda of extremism and are only used for historical purposes even for periods... Intertwined with the following summary ] story they tell of foreign shores seen, exotic animals typhoons... Torture them idea has long driven criminal communist thinking from the German military the., nor can Intourist guide them through a carefully selected factory confident the. Children to the Führer and the content reveals the pace of a baby! As a navy serviceman in the text 20,000 German and Italian prisoners of war most. To breathe besides, it is imperative that all primary sources be randomly selected the! Match their appearance in the calmer surroundings behind the lines cases, they only! All of Europe hang on this battle i really can ’ t yet found even a small room suffocated! Door to freedom for hundreds of thousands of prisoners of war, civilian prisoners, and looks ww2 german soldiers letters home factory! During war Feb. 13, 2020 he wrote letters in spare moments, sometimes from front line may 1915 one! His belly slit open and the content reveals the pace of a soldier 's life soul from the front lot... Home ww2 german soldiers letters home he was shot in the Baltic fleet soldier Walter Sperath writes the. 27 643 to his future wife written in 1915, and suffering German soldier 's life weary soldier in muddy... Or burned Socialist soldiers of Adolf Hitler Heinrich 's family in the mitigates!