But now, in the middle of one of the longest federal government … Learn more. Information and translations of pork-barreling in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Sanamagan! Pork definition is - the fresh or salted flesh of swine when dressed for food. “Earmarks are the gateway drug to spending addiction,” said Sen. Tom Coburn, a Republican from Oklahoma, in 2007. A "pork" project is a line-item in an appropriations bill that designates tax dollars for a specific purpose in circumvention of established budgetary procedures. The ‘pork’ distributed to targeted electors by politicians can take many forms. The pork may be infrastructure projects such as the construction of a hospital or school,20 the relocation of a statutory agency into an electorate,21 or the promise of jobs in the 15Denemark, ‘Partisan Pork Barrel in Parliamentary Systems’, p. 896. Pork is the culinary name for the meat of a domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus).It is the most commonly consumed meat worldwide, with evidence of pig husbandry dating back to 5000 BC. also pork-barrel singular noun [ usu N n ] If you say that someone is using pork barrel politics, you mean that they are spending a lot of government money on a local project in order to win the votes of the people who live in that area. Here are the three solutions necessary to truly wean Filipinos away from their dependence on the pork barrel, on the one hand, and eliminate the need of government to make use of it as a “tool for governance” on the other: 1. 2010-04-14T18:25:00Z The letter F. An envelope. Pork is eaten both freshly cooked and preserved. the sandy aid package. In fact, this is almost a job requirement as a Representative who fails to "bring home the bacon" as it will is almost certain to not get re-elected. Economic Liberalization: Remove 60/40 & other anti-FDI provisions What does pork-barreling mean? Curing extends the shelf life of the pork products. Definition of pork-barreling in the Definitions.net dictionary. performs financial audits of the money spent by executive-branch departments as well as investigates agencies and policies and makes recommendations on almost every aspect of government (defense contracting, drug enforcement policies, the domestic security investigations of the FBI, Medicare and Medicaid programs, water pollution programs, and so forth) pork barrel synonyms, pork barrel pronunciation, pork barrel translation, English dictionary definition of pork barrel. To qualify as pork, a project must meet one of seven criteria that were developed in 1991 by CAGW and the Congressional Porkbusters Coalition. Ham, smoked pork, gammon, bacon and sausage are examples of preserved pork. ‘An acidic Stiglitz wondered how the market could be so omniscient, if it had to rely on good old fashioned government defense pork in the first place.’ ‘Still, one can't help but wonder if the doom and gloom warnings have their roots in a mentality accustomed to government pork.’ Every single solon or government official connected to the latest pork barrel scam is trying to make us (the public) believe that he or she has got nothing to do with it at all! the pork is usually earmarked to appropriations bills, so that they will be guaranteed passage in Congress. Tucked into provisions into emergency legislation e.g. Definition of pork barrel in the Definitions.net dictionary. 25 Scandalous Examples Of Government Pork That Will Drive You Crazy. Logrolling. A 2006 report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the research arm of Congress, on earmark spending noted that there was no single accepted “definition of the term earmark accepted by all practitioners and observers of the appropriations process…” n. ... A government project or appropriation that yields jobs or other benefits to a specific locale and patronage opportunities to its political representative. Pork, pork barrel legislation | Comments: 0 Pejorative terms for federal appropriations , bills, or policies that provide funds to benefit a legislator’s district or state, with the implication that the legislator presses for enactment of such benefits to ingratiate himself or herself with constituents rather than on the basis of an impartial, objective assessment of need or merit. A practice common in the U.S. Congress and in many other legislative assemblies in which two (or more) legislators agree for each to trade his vote on one bill he cares little about in exchange for the other's vote on a bill that is personally much more important to him. The actual definition of Pork Barrel spending is money that Congressional Representatives and Senators appropriate from the Federal Budget to fund projects within their district. Photo credit: Getty The Government is facing pressure to make country of origin labelling a priority. pork-barrel definition: 1. involving spending large amounts of money in an area in order to make local people more likely…. These projects usually benefit campaign contributers or a certain constituency. The term earmark spending refers to a part of a spending bill that allocates money for a specific thing such as a location, project or institution. Slate had a good piece a few years ago trying to explain the differing definitions of “pork” and “earmark.” Citizens Against Government Waste is a terrific group. The Oxford English dictionary differentiates pork barrel spending from normal appropriation spending as government funded projects "designed to please... and win votes" among congressional members. The key difference between an earmark and a general budget line is the specificity of the recipient, which is usually a particular project in a specific Congressman's district or a Senator's home state. Theory of Legislators’ Pork Barrel * Definition: Pork barrel funds are government appropriations bill, programs or projects requiring considerable spending in a locality to the benefit of the legislators’ constituents, supporters and/or contractors. Other methods such as lettermarking or phonemaking have been used to obtain appropriations of money for a district or state but on a … ... Pork barrel is the appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative's district. Spending the wealth of the people but not in the... 2: Meat taken from swine . the use of government funds for private projects. How to use pork in a sentence. Learner's definition of PORK [noncount] 1 : the meat of a pig that is used for food. The Government’s Definition of Earmark Spending . They have a definition of “pork” that includes most earmarks. 3: Vulgar slang for sexual intercourse The use of the term “white meat” is a misnomer, however, because the traditional definition of red meat is a meat product that is derived from a mammal, whereas white meat has been defined as being derived from a fowl. Pork barrel is a derogatory term used in United States politics to refer to the act of exchanging favors to constituents or business persons for their political support such as re-election or campaign support. Define pork barrel. pork chops [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples. (also pork barrel) (North American English, informal) local projects that are given a lot of government money in order to win votes; the money that is used Word Origin Middle English: from Old French porc , from Latin porcus ‘pig’. Pork in the Budget: One of the most controversial parts of the government is the allocation of spending. Long a target of government watchdog groups, the Corps is often tasked by lawmakers with infrastructure projects that have suspiciously limited local benefit. ... pork. Pork barrel definition: If you say that someone is using pork barrel politics , you mean that they are spending a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Gus Lubin. US, informal + disapproving: government money that is spent on projects done to help the political careers of elected officials. Meaning of pork-barreling. Pork barrel spending may also be referred to as earmarking. You may improve this article , discuss the issue on the talk page , or create a new article , as appropriate. The New Zealand Pork Board estimates the industry is worth $750 million each year. Pork-barrel politics is the legislator's practice of slipping funding for a local project into a budget. Pork 1: Personally motivated spending of government funds by politicians. Learner's definition of PORK BARREL [noncount] US, informal + disapproving: government projects that benefit people in a particular part of the country and that are done in order to help the political careers of elected officials — often used before another noun. Changed the way that pork is parceled out rather than abolishing it. The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject . The usage originated in American English. Meaning of pork barrel. To them, any government spending is “pork” if it meets two of these seven guidelines: 2 .