You know, this apartment complex caters... to upscale young singles like me. GRIMES Oh, I, I can't stand it any longer. Like I'm really gonna take a picture of my butt. My God, you're such a nimpho. This whole plant is insane. Do you agree that women aren’t treated right sometimes. You can talk, Ellie. Just as I was asking myself, "Where did my seven-year-old boy get the money... for a Father's Day present?". I don't usually laugh like this. - You did it in a shearing shed? Aaah! HOMER: Would a ______ be okay? When people come by the house at all hours of the night to get their cars looked at, Andy knows he has to do something. 2. Cursed. login: [email protected] password: universal . Bart bought a spy camera, and he brings it when his dad has a night out with his workmate. I'm sorry. Bart purchases a spy camera through a catalog, and Homer goes to a stag party at a local restaurant. 1. Since it's just the four of us tonight, we're having dinner at The Rusty Barnacle. Yeah. You taught Bart a very _______. 2. I'm so sorry. Exact Words: Bart tells Milhouse to be the night watchman at the factory. The subtle gray tones recall the work of Helmut Newton. 14:10 - 18:45. What's the matter, Homer? To remember a fact, event, situation. This is a family nuclear powerplant, Simpson. Homer Simpson, sir, a low-level employee... in sector 7-G. Come on, Liberty Bell, please, please, please. MARGE: Homer, I don't ______ want to look at you right now. He passes out and falls off his chair. But the guy dancing with her is my pop. Come on. Could you tell him a little about yourself? 6. Regizat de Rich Moore. Oh, sure. People, people. You look familiar, sir. 3. Homer’s Night Out . Yes, I do. Homer thought that people around were being strange because of full moon. 3. bad. Hey, Princess, it's me, the guy from the snapshot. Marge: (furiously as she turns her back, folding her arms) Homer, I don't even want to look at you right now. Your wish is my command, my little--. that you dislike because it annoys you. Miscellaneous ; By GordonCMB The party next door seems to be a little raucous. Ticked off. Homer’s Night Out – Season 1, Episode 10 “Homer’s Night Out” is the second episode in a row that focuses on Homer and Marge’s domestic issues. Multiple choice questions. The 33-year-old Brantley is a four-time all-star. San Francisco Giants rookie Mike Yastrzemski homered in his first game at Boston's Fenway Park, where his grandfather Carl, the Red Sox … As … HOMER: ______, Marge. Homer is choking on something. In "Homer's Night Out", Bart catches Homer dancing with an exotic dancer and Marge finds out about it. Only sick people want to see my folks kiss. Jesse: Okay, good. Your father. A pretty girl can't look my way without Don't. Let's get to work. Hey, it's the guy from the picture. 03:25 - 08:05. Where's my spy camera? Homer! Eugene Fisk is marrying some girl in Valve Maintenance. HOMER: Okay. Pet peeve. Well, I think you should take Bart... to meet this exotic belly-person. But where will I ______? See the row of tiny lights up there? Homer thinks that one of his colleagues fell in love … Things are gonna pick up once the entertainment gets here. Homer’s Night Out Homer’s Night Out. Quiet, please. I know I will. Solitary. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. GRIMES MARGE: My suggestion… is for you to sleep in the ______ you ______. And Eugene Fisk-- my poor sucker of an assistant-- didn't know the fruit punch was spiked... and he really made an ass of himself... putting the moves on the new girl in Valve Maintenance. We're in hell. Homer liked the office birthday party. After Gomer gets fired from the filling station (losing his room there), he moves in with Andy. Just wanted to thank you for the "informative memo" you faxed me. Will you swear not to let another living soul get a copy of this photo? Is she here or not? Average score for this quiz is 5 / 10.Difficulty: Tough.Played 1,026 times. Why? Hanging curveballs lead … I think I'll go out the window. "Homer's Night Out" is the tenth episode of The Simpsons' first season. 4. 1. The rest of the family goes to the restaurant coincidentally, and Bart snaps a … What happened to the photo Bart had given to Milhouse? Look at the size of this thing. It's about women, and how they are not mere objects with curves that make us crazy. No, they are our wives, they are our daughters, our sisters, our grandmas, our aunts, our nieces and nephews. on toes. Okay, keep it coming. With Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Frances Bavier, Trevor Bardette. Homer, you don't even know why you're apologizing. I want Bart to see you apologize for the way you treated her. Did Homer teach Bart the lesson he was supposed to? I want him to see that she's a real human being... with real thoughts and real feelings. 4. Lots of unused content hides in the game files, some of it is cut due to time restraints, and some of it was never finished. Son, why are you wasting your time with this sleazy trash? Turns out, Vanessa is on her way to the Philippines to do a Bob Hope special, and is dying for one last night of good old American - DANNY: Food, food! ... “I pulled this script out of the vault and so, ... 4 Late-Night … MARGE: Yes, he does, Homer. Homer and Marge: (in unison, shocked) YOUR PHOTO?!?!?! 2. Season 1, Episode 10 Original Air Date: March 25, 1990 US Audience: 30,300,000 viewers Chalkboard gag: I will not call my teacher hot cakes Couch gag: The couch breaks and flies off in parts (reused from Episode 4) Plot: At a bachelor party, Homer gets photographed enjoying dancing with a stripper. ), You ______ your son better than that, Homer. 3. Our research indicates that over 50 percent of our power... is used by women. Hottest ladies' night in months... and you're not even checking out the action. e. Mad/annoyed at smb. Please ______ me. Don't. 01:30 - 03:30. HOMER: What are you saying, _______? In the episode, Bart orders a mail-order spy camera, which he uses to secretly photograph Homer dancing with an exotic belly dancer. 1. He came over. 1. Shenanigan. Where's my spy camera, lady? Well, from now on, exercise every morning, Homer. Show's over. You know, my mom sounded a little down the other day. Now return to your work and tell no one of what transpired here. One glazed and one Scratch-'N-Win, please. 2. I have something to say. When bart pass by he looks his dad is dancing and make a fun with a girl, then bart is capturing that moment. 5. Short discussion questions. Reverend Lovejoy, your wife confiscated this... from one of the boys in the choir. As ridiculous as this sounds, I would rather feel the sweet breath of my beautiful wife... on the back of my neck as I sleep... than to stuff dollar bills into some stranger's G-string. Jam a dagger in your thigh? June 16, 2011 ~ Mike! Joey: (in the kitchen) Where will we put the baby? And you know something, folks? Mom, Bart was taking a picture of his butt. 2. How do I tell you this, my boy? Open the door and lie on the floor said Barnacle Bill the sailor. Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ugh. Sorry, Dad. What bothers Marge the most about what happened? Spike Lee Gifts Unmade ‘Jackie Robinson’ Script To Stay-At-Homers For Sunday Reading. See, I'm tying to teach my son here about treating women as objects. Keep smb. The language is both rich and readable, everyday and heroic. Directed by Rich Moore. I know I will. You're gonna make me a print, aren't you? Homer promised himself to exercise every morning. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Your boy idolizes you. I want him to see that she's a real ______ with real thoughts and real feelings. To all the boys, to all the men, to all of us. LENNY I'm out. a. Filthy, dirty. 5. 24/4/1960) was viewed by an … MARGE: Why you big… Bart, go to your room. But can we make it quick? Mancini missed the entire 2020 season while … and dad went after them. Homer thinks that one of his colleagues fell in love with him. 2. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 25, 1990. We're gonna try one more place, the Sapphire Lounge. Get out of here. Great things happen in sports on errors. The answer to that is top secret. Distributie Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright. Aw, Mom. Homers Night Out “Women are not just mere objects!” Homer Simpson "Homer's Night Out" is the tenth episode of Season 1. Homer: I have something to say to all the sons out there. GRIMES I can be lazy too! I could dig a Deutschland chick a girl with golden curls. Stephanie: (in the front room) Showtime! And when he sees you ______ women as objects, he's going to think that it's okay. Your boy idolizes you. Short discussion question. Well, I wine them, I... dine them, bring them flowers, write them love poetry, sir. Two hundred and thirty nine pounds! Okay, but don't dawdle. No more to see, folks. Are the following statements true or false? e. Make sure that smb. It's show time. Are the following statements true or false? Just let me say that it is an honor... to have Springfield's number-one swinger here with us to--. 2. 3. I want Bart to see you apologize for the way you treated her. 9:20 - 15:20. Frosting. Homer is going to visit his colleague’s wedding. MARGE: I've been thinking, Homer, and you know what ______ me the most about this whole thing? Don't applaud. Okay. Jesse and Joey walk out of the room, heading down the stairs, into the front room, and then into the kitchen Joey & Jesse: Step one, step two, step one, step two, step one, step two, step one, step two. for, like, 20 minutes. What suggestion for apologizing did Marge make? Don't! Where's my spy camera? Dawdle. Refresh to access this content. to help with the shearing. The meeting of the Future Photographers of America is now in session. My wife gets the cutest little thing, right here, when she smiles. Simpsons Hit & Run has plenty of both! "Homer's Night Out" is the tenth episode of the first season of The Simpsons.It was first shown on March 25, 1990. And put on some nice clothes. He's having a boys' night out. 6. f. Noisy and irritating. Audio Recordings. Go take some wildlife pictures or something. 3. And when he sees you treating women as objects, he's going to think that it's okay. Quiet. Grimes runs out of the auditorium, and into an equipment room. f. Secret or dishonest activity. I'm your loving husband. By Dominic Patten. Are you on the television or something? 5. What in blue blazes do you think you're doing, Simpson? Smithers, would you leave the room for a minute? We were all by ourselves. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Bart, I'd really appreciate a print of your masterwork. May I please be excused for a minute? Hey, Bart. The audience cheers wildly. Homer's Night Out. 3. What is the secret of Homer’s magnetism he shared with Mr. Burns? BARNEY I'm out. In the episode, Homer is mistaken for an anarchist and sent to a mental institution, where he shares a room with a man who claims to be pop star Michael Jackson. "Homer's Night Out" might not immediately register as one of the stand-outs of the season, but it's still a great early installment with a strong, intelligent script, which handles another tumultuous situation with the subtle wit and thoughtful … Presenting Princess Kashmir, queen of the mysterious East. Insane, I tell you! Uh, but April's over at Foxy Boxing tonight. Brantley batted .300 with five homers and 22 RBIs in 46 games last season. Stop it, you two. If you get hungry in the middle of the night, there's an open beer in the fridge. d. Be affected by smth. Homer liked the office birthday party. 'A Night Out' (ITV, tx. Why this sheep has strayed from my own flock. Why did Bart join the photographers club? [does so] -- A real confidence-builder, "Homer's Triple Bypass" At night, Ned Flanders prays. HOMER: Yes, I do. [Homer watches Marge go back into the house as he uses a tissue and starts tearing up, end of act 2]. Ladies and gentlemen, it's an honor... to have a real swinging cat with us tonight. How did Homer’s life change after everyone had seen the photo? Evil Laugh: Frank gives one when Homer falls for the "design your own power plant" contest ruse. Sorry, buddy. 2. 1. She was hungry, right? I have to warn you, Marge, I think the poor young thing has the hots for yours truly. Because I'm hungry, my clothes are smelly, and I'm tired. Report at once to Mr. Burns' office. This modification brings almost every script, P3D file and music that was cut back into the game! I'd like to see our self-styled Valentino tomorrow morning, Smithers. 7 likes. However Bart cannot keep that photo and that photo is spread around. We would like to welcome our new member, Bart Simpson. Marge: (furiously, to Homer) Why you big-- (chokes Homer, turns to Bart) Bart, go to your room. Because I'm ______, my clothes are ______, and I'm tired. Homer didn’t put on weight after the party. Do you think that Homer did a bad thing dancing with the stripteaser? You must mean April Flower. He had given me the one thing... that mattered most to him in the whole world. [Marge slams the front door in his face as Homer sighs and walks away from the door, Marge opens the door, slowly), Homer: (hopefully) Oh, I knew you'd come to your-- (gets thrown in the face with a suitcase filled with his clothes and possessions). To all the boys, to all the men, to all of us. Oh, no. 06:00 - 13:25. Come on, Bart. Good luck! 1. Whoa! There's nothing between me and Princess Kashmir. He brings to mind the later work of Diane Arbus. Don't even attempt to find meaning in it. Wait till I show the guys at work this little doozy. 6. Dear God, thank you for Ziggy comics, little baby ducks and Sweating to the Oldies volumes One, Two and Four. Don't even ______ to find meaning in it. Homer: Look, Marge, honey, baby, doll, I--. - In the bed of soft pure merino wool. To all the boys, to all the men, to all of us. All right, folks. I'm sorry. Look out. "Stark Raving Dad" is the first episode of the third season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. Some sheep got out. Oh, this is the most fun I've ever had in my life. How come Milhouse gets a copy of your girlie picture and I don't? Uh, Mr. Burns, in spite of what everybody thinks, I'm no lover boy. 3. Harold Pinter's first stage plays, The Room and The Birthday Party, bemused and infuriated critics.Conventional wisdom has it that it was 1960's The Caretaker that turned the tide, but Pinter's first work for television, broadcast a few days before The Caretaker opened at the Arts Theatre in London, is at least as significant. I'm teaching my boy a lesson. Marge: (hands him a box of tissues, sobbing) Here. No, no, Marge. What about you. The Baltimore Orioles agreed to a $4.75 million, one-year deal with recovering slugger Trey Mancini on Friday but haven't come to terms yet with outfielder Anthony Santander. Don't try to eat these so-called 'chips'. No. To view this content, you must be a member of Keep's Patreon at $12 or more. In this episode, Marge throws Homer out of the house after seeing a picture of Homer dancing with a … (originally aired March 25, 1990) This is two in a row of episodes featuring trouble in paradise for Homer and Marge, but instead of a more grave storyline with actual potential adultery, we get a slightly goofier story involving a heavily circulated photo of Homer and a scantily-clad belly dancer. CARL I'm out. Homer: (angrily, as he's about to strangle Bart) Why you little--. 2. He condenses -- if that's the word -- the story into a series of conversations between its characters. Because I'm hungry, my clothes are smelly, and I'm tired. No pal of mine is gonna stay... in some dingy flophouse. Already a qualifying Patreon member? Hey, don't worry. Why was I cursed with this weakness for snack treats? This is essentially Armitage's script for a BBC Radio production of the Odyssey. Get your hands off. Well, a "do dee do dee do" to you too, pint size. This evening I shall go for the... squid platter, Ew. Your wish is my _______, my little…. There's nothing between me and Princess Kashmir. I want him to meet the woman behind all the spangles and glitter... and find out that she has thoughts and feelings too. Are the following statements true or false? c. A sweet substance put on cakes. When Homer's wife knows it she really mad and shoo homer. Get out of my cage. Can't we just grab a burger at--. In this episode, Bart orders a mail-order spy camera, which he uses, without Homer knowing, take a photograph of Homer dancing with a belly dancer. Someone must have left the porch light on. I'm gonna be attending a little get together with the boys at work. Whoa. Bart, quit fooling around and eat your dinner. Oh, no. @NattelipWorks for me: let devices = await Homey.devices.getDevices(); Object.values(devices).forEach(device => {console.log(;}); Returns: Homey IT03717 AMST-606 bureaulamp AYCT-102 tv blueray radio muurlamp WeMo Switch Energie Philips TV basthuis var3 Waterkoker wac3500 PW Stretch broken diepvries TV huiskamer D35D17 … Homer Simpson. 9. By Gabriel | May 24, 2020 | Comments 0 Comment. Princess Kashmir? I've been thinking, Homer, and you know what bothers me the most about this whole thing? Find the synonym that goes with each word. There she is. “Homer’s Night Out” feels like a dispatch from a bygone era in myriad ways. Tampa Bay trotted out the relievers it needed to and hung on for a Game 2 win. is ready for anything that may happen. Oh, well, okay. MOE Homer, do you want any cards? Moe slaps him on the back, and he coughs up a chip. Homer: Whyarreeuumpht… Meaningless, Marge. Directed by Earl Bellamy. Michael Brantley signed with the Astros prior to the 2019 season after playing with Cleveland from 2009-18. I could love a Chinese girl an Eskimo or--. Oh, I'm a blimp. I have wealth and power beyond the dreams of you and your clock-punching ilk. Eugene, when I see you-- the one thing that matters most to me in the whole world-- married tomorrow, I'm going to know just how you felt that day. Unlock with Patreon. And inside was little Eugene's baseball glove. Stick a needle in your eye? Can I get just a little cooperation? And Homer beat their brains out! A new romance Oh I could love a million girls And every girl a twin I could love a Chinese girl an Eskimo or-- Get off of my stage, fat boy. Homer’s Night Out. Simpson, I am by most measures a successful man. It was written by Jon Vitti and directed by Rich Moore. 1. I will not have you offending my customers with your bawdy shenanigans. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It's about women, and how they are not mere objects with curves that make us crazy. Grimes takes his tie off, and moons one of the technicians. 4. 01:30 - 03:30. My boss will freak out. ... Rays Contain Dodgers in Game 2 by Sticking to Their Script. Homer: Oh, he does not. The children and Marge are going to spend the evening ___. Yes, the instinct to give guys inside-the-park homers even on obvious errors is a good one. After a photograph of Homer canoodling with an exotic dancer is distributed throughout Springfield, he finds himself kicked out of the house by Marge. b. Smth. So, uh, where are you staying tonight, Homer? Could you please ask them to quiet down a little bit, please? 4. Marge makes Homer apologize to the … Oh, sir, I've seen things you can't imagine. Bart was looking forward to get a ___. He is the son of former Seattle Mariners outfielder and Blue Jays hitting coach Mickey Brantley. Oh, I knew you'd come to your... MARGE: Here. -- ``Homer's Night Out'' Marge insists that he take Bart to ``to meet this exotic belly-person. I can read you like a book. Get out. Marge: (angrily, shaking) My suggestion is for you to sleep in the filth you created! HOMER Whoo! Look, I'm not drinking out of the carton. You got me confused with Fred Flintstone. If you have any soul left, you'll need these. Look, Barney. Whoa, man. It was written by Jon Vitti and directed by Rich Moore. 5. I'm here because I want to apologize for treating you like an object. I also want my boy... to find out that you're more than just a belly. MARGE: Homer, you don't even know why you're ______. Daahh! Continue script MARGE: Well, I think you should take Bart to meet this exotic ______. You owe your son better than that, Homer. Recall. It's gonna be very classy. HOMER: Come on, Marge! Your food will get cold. His name's--. The Orioles and Santander exchanged salary arbitration figures Friday, with Baltimore offering $2.1 million and Santander asking for $2,475,000. -- ``Homer's Night Out'' Marge: You taught Bart a very bad lesson. Where's my spy camera? Carl Carlson makes his first appearance in this episode. and Steve at rehearsals last year. If you have any ______, you'll need these. Homer: Yes, I do. Frank when he enacts his plan to humiliate Homer simply out of pure spite. 1. Beats me. A plant employee carrying on... like an oversexed orangutan in heat. a. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on September 19, 1991. Last night. My wife gave me the old heave ho because of some lousy picture. I have something to say to all the sons out there. Homer's Night Out Watch the video HERE. You seem to have a way with women, a certain-- how shall I put it-- animal magnetism. What bad things did Bart do in the restaurant?