Crime is […] Legal firms will have to equip themselves with the necessary tech-savvy staff and tools to be able to demonstrate that the machine, its algorithm or its underlying data were unfair in its decision making. Dr. Seth Ogden is a patent attorney with Patterson Intellectual Property Law, out of Nashville, Tennessee. a. Because of the nature of space law, space solicitors engage in a great deal of lobbying and policymaking. The fastest growing sector was cannabidiol (CBD), which can be extracted from industrial hemp, growing 39 percent in 2017. In markets where upstream oil and gas assets are reaching the end of their productive life, such as the UK North Sea, decommissioning and safe abandonment of operations and infrastructure is a major concern for operators. This provides value to users because it creates a transparent chain of data, eliminating the need for intermediaries and other third parties, while being both safe and cost efficient. Intellectual Property. Expectations are that the legal U.S. cannabis market will average 13.7 percent annual growth, potentially reaching $30.6 billion by 2025. However, state regulations have caused a reduction in revenue for traditional practice areas. 138 Houndsditch Even this limited peek at the reasonably foreseeable future issues gives me pause. Clients want one central source against which they can monitor their business, product development and compliance. Early engagement with your insurers may also be prudent. AI has already been applied in the redemptive justice system in the U.S. and in recruitment systems by companies such as Amazon. Each was asked to consider, What are the new practice areas that solo, small and medium firms should prepare for in their five- to 10-year plans for the future? If you already have established expertise in these areas then it may be worth adding gaming law to your repertoire. Based on thousands of interviews with trainees, pupils and market sources, this site offers the full package of careers advice to anyone entering the legal profession. Law: Emerging fields. Indoors, strains containing the highest concentrations of CBD can be cultivated year-round. According to the NGO’s Rule of Law Index for 2019, Moldova was ranked 83rd out of the 126 countries included in the research, receiving a … In an interaction with the students after the event It is not a branch of law in the traditional sense but rather a collection of several areas of law that include criminal law, regulatory law, constitutional law, administrative law, company law, contract law, licensing and competition law. Issue 4: Cannabis- and hemp-related issues. The MLS-KATS Career Conference held at School of Law Students at the School of Law have appreciated the initiative by Makerere Law Society (MLS) for organizing a career fair that has opened their minds to the available opportunities in the profession. BS1 6FL, This website uses cookies. About Emerging Issues in Tort Law. However, there are no guarantees and making the decision to focus on an emerging area of law involves a certain level of risk. It may provide challenge to the traditional rules on paternity; it could propose new ways of determining criminal responsibility and justifications for punishment, the legitimacy of alterations in the human germ line, and possibilities of discrimination on the basis of latent traits. It discusses the counter-piracy activities by multinational military forces under the applicable public international law of the sea and as law enforcement operations. EC3A 7AG, Lockton Companies LLP As more countries want to launch geostationary satellites, conflicts will likely continue. Genetic data is valuable throughout a person's life and as a result the potential misuse of genetics data are numerous. As developments in human genetics proceed, the regulation of genetic research and its applications is set to represent one of the major legal challenges of the next century. And industrial hemp license applications in Tennessee increased from less than 300 for 2018 to more than 3,000 for 2019. This increased cannabis cultivation will accelerate technological innovation in agribusiness, implicating intellectual property concerns related to outdoor farming techniques and indoor hydroponic production. by HEP Online Bureau. Are you ready? GenCanna recently announced a $40 million multipurpose processing facility in Kentucky. A selection patent claims as an invention the selection of specific elements, chosen from a larger class or range of elements, which have certain benefits or desirable features. It is possible that the UK may want to deregulate certain aspects of the regulations that are particularly onerous. Some law reviews are dedicated to a particular topic and will include in their contents the proceedings of panels and symposia on timely legal issues. Find out more in our cookies notice. Complex Litigation. Issue 1: Evidence and liability issues from autonomous machine “testimony”. Likewise, production and sales of cannabis products necessitate strong intellectual property protection through both patents and trademarks. Further the skills and knowledge developed by specialising in Trade Law, Aviation, Marine and also Public Law might also provide a solid footing for becoming an expert in all things space. A final lucrative legal practice area to consider when it comes to salary is the emerging area of healthcare law. North Quay Tort law. A growing array of smart objects is enveloping our homes, workplaces and communities, and the volume of legally admissible data from these devices is likely to grow at an exponential rate over the next decade. He sees a growing niche in the uses, applications and infrastructure of a steadily changing view of cannabis. Change will not wait. Emerging areas of law – An option for the future or an opportunity right now? Subsidence: an emerging area of the law. In contrast to THC, which causes the high from marijuana consumption, CBD is a nonpsychoactive compound with anti-inflammatory properties that clinical studies suggest may have wide-ranging medical benefits. But I don’t have one of those. Brexit may also have legal implications for energy law in the UK as a lot of legislation is based on EU directives. The firm’s use of this subscription would be an overhead expense that would also likely reduce the number of billed hours that the firm would charge to resolve a dispute by traditional systems. For example, an electronic Decentralized Arbitration and Mediation Network (DAMN) has already been implemented. Apportioning limited space in space is already an area of international friction and where there is friction there is often a requirement for a good solicitor. OSTI.GOV Journal Article: Subsidence: an emerging area of the law. Many law students may focus on the obvious areas like criminal, family or commercial law. ... resulted in the expansion of scope and domains of law from long-established realms of criminal and civil laws to other areas. Newer and emerging areas of international law often involve an intersection between two or more branches of international law, for example, international humanitarian law impacts the protection of cultural property and environmental law. Issue 2: Liability from artificial intelligence (AI) denial of service, access or unfair treatment. The practice of energy law includes contracts for siting, extraction, licenses for the acquisition and ownership rights in oil and gas both under the soil before discovery and after its capture, and adjudication regarding those rights. Legal Discussion. Firms need to start building expertise around the admissibility and verifiability of data collected by smart technology-enabled devices. Corporate Law. The growth in … But with the federal recognition and definition of legal hemp, the stage is set for increased use of these intellectual property regimes. In his judgment, Justice Middleton dealt with what he described as an unsettled area of Australian patent law – ‘selection patents’. Bankruptcy law is one of the fastest growing practice areas in the legal industry … We will respond within 24 hours, Lockton Companies LLP The technology of machine-mediated disputes would most likely be offered to firms as a subscription service that would cost far less than traditional arbitration services. Therefore for those talented negotiators, contract drafting expertise with an interest in space and politics this may be an area for you. And innovative LED technologies will likely supplant high-pressure sodium and metal halide lighting for indoor growth operations. Blockchain is frequently in the news, but still primarily as the underlying software used for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Buy Emerging Areas of Human Rights in the 21st Century (Routledge Research in Human Rights Law) 1 by Odello, Marco, Cavandoli, Sofia (ISBN: 9780415562096) from Amazon's Book Store. Many countries on the equator believe that they have the right to control the space above their countries. by David Finley, Esq. Emerging Law is a law firm based in London that focuses on helping clients operate in the emerging and frontier markets. Learning how much information we can extract from genomic data, how to prepare for the genomic era, the legal protection in place, ethical implications, what individuals and societies can do to protect from misuses and how to improve chances of benefiting from genetic science can help protect from misuses and benefit from advancements. This could include the patentability of genes and other biological materials, liability for failures to detect or warn of genetic disorders. Furthermore, if these cases become commonplace, governments may demand that AI systems are vetted before their implementation. 3. Emerging Areas of Law The legal industry is constantly changing; ten years ago the majority of plaintiff attorneys handled only personal injury, workers’ compensation and medical malpractice cases. Law firms could provide a new service to clients by playing a future role in evaluating the fairness and potential legal liability associated with these AI systems. Law firms may be asked to represent clients in cases dealing with evidence, witnesses, accidents or contracts, all hinging on theoretically immutable digital proof such as time-stamped video and audio recordings. If you require any assistance or are considering entering into new areas of law please contact your Lockton representative, if you are not already a Lockton client please contact myself or any of the Lockton solicitors team who will be happy to assist you in your enquiry. If your particular area of interest is not listed, please call us to discuss your individual needs: Choosing a future direction can be a daunting task for new attorneys regarding the best choice for future career development. She has founded Fractal Legal, an independent legal knowledge consultancy, offering support to in-house teams and law firms on lawtech and knowledge innovation. Many businesses have yet to realise its full potential along with the extensive ways in which Blockchain can be used to make processes more efficient or to develop new service offerings. After years of ambiguity, a 2018 internal directive indicated that the Drug Enforcement Agency does not consider CBD-containing products per se to be controlled substances. Any new area of work undertaken by your practice creates some additional risks to your business and should therefore be carefully considered before undertaking such work. Issue 3: Machine-mediated dispute resolution. Fast Future is a professional foresight firm specializing in delivering keynote speeches, executive education, research and consulting on the emerging future and the impacts of change for global clients. Emerging Careers for Law Graduates: Hot Practice Areas August 1, 2018 By Kala Mueller 2 Comments This is the second post in a multi-part series designed to explore how the legal market is changing and introduce you to some of the job options it presents for future law graduates. Ben Giaretta, Partner at Fox Williams LLP, is an international arbitration lawyer with a wide range of … London Emerging areas of law? They might spend the bulk of their time drafting proposals or advocating for certain policies but at some point a procurement contract is likely to be needed. Traditional financial causes of action. Tax Law. There are only a fixed number of spots available for satellites that are in geostationary orbit. There will always be a demand for traditional areas of law such as conveyance, personal injury, wills, trust and probate, family, employment and commercial but with increasing competition along with continued pressure on fees it might be worth considering some of the emerging areas of law that could compliment your existing offering. This area of law includes regulatory advice and counsel, lobbying and government relations. After assessment of the risks, planning, including risk mitigation, then why should you not undertake this work? Secondary market liability included in Canadian securities legislation creates significant exposure for personal liability to directors and officers in such actions. It remains to be seen whether the UK government will adopt EU regulations relating to energy following Brexit. Corporate law also handles business affairs, but it is more concerned with day-to-day, typical... 3. Such agreements cover issues like rules for exploration, weapons use, damage for liability, rescue efforts for astronauts in distress, environmental regulations and records of space activity. Of course, those working in space law must also understand enough science to give their clients educated advice. The historic illegality of cannabis has precluded such protection. In this book, articles by leading tort scholars from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States deal with important theoretical and practical issues that are emerging in the law of torts. 7 Hot Law Jobs for the Future: Emerging Practice Areas in the Law. More info. Complex... 2. In this blog post, Uday Agnihotri, a student at National Law University, Odisha and pursuing a Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws from NUJS, Kolkata, describes the top five emerging areas of practice in India for Commercial Lawyers. This article covers some of the new areas of law that we have seen recently and may give you something to think about. For example, the design trend for voice-activated technology is driving a rash of seemingly sentient technology in the form of digital assistants, smart appliances, and personal medical and wearable devices. As most of these areas of law are relatively new, there will naturally be some knowledge gap in the legal profession and if there is an increasing demand for advice and expertise in these areas then this naturally presents an opportunity. A key step is getting this information admitted as evidence. The need for green energy, requires innovative technical, commercial and legal answers. For example, drone innovator DJI has applied for more than 2,600 utility and design patent applications in developing its 74 percent market share. Solutions are being explored as solicitors wrestle with the legal implications of Blockchain. Like other emerging service areas, success will require deep understanding of clients’ business. Knowing that new law follows new technology, I could have advance knowledge of new technologies and thereby know what the new legal issues will be—and prepare now to meet future client needs with plenty of advance lead time. Most overseas-based partners of major UK law firms are based in Continental Europe or North America, leaving relatively few partners based in emerging markets. There will always be a demand for traditional areas of law such as conveyance, personal injury, wills, trust and probate, family, employment and commercial but with increasing competition along with continued pressure on fees it might be worth considering some of the emerging areas of law that could compliment your existing … Mohan Chandran The rapid development in technological know-how, rising globalization, and the proliferating growth of global markets have created umpteen opportunities for criminal activities, coupled with a low risk of detection and usage of new modes of anonymity. Participants in Blockchain need to be aware of the legal ramifications of the solution they are using including public law, private law, criminal law and financial and regulatory law. In light of this, could there be an opportunity for a practice with dispute resolution or perhaps a litigation expertise? Applications might include determining a person’s access rights to health-care plans, benefits, insurance, school choice and jobs. Blockchain involves recording information in a way that creates trust in the information recorded. For detailed research guidance on individual topics of Ben Giaretta. Emerging Practice Areas in the Foreseeable Future. Energy is the largest and one of the most dynamic and fast changing sectors. The explosive growth of legal U.S. cannabis has resulted in new protective strategies through various forms of intellectual property. This is an area of law that demands a lot of patience and incredible attention to detail. This area of law would suit those with qualifications in accounting and good attention to detail. The Next Generation Of Lawyers: Opportunities And Emerging Areas Of Law. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Given the passage of the Affordable Care Act, more and more people have health insurance and are coming into contact with health care providers, which often is a cause of legal issues and disputes. Only 39 patent applications containing the word “cannabis” were filed in 2018. A key practice opportunity here might lie in advising clients on which automated contract and dispute resolution system to use and in managing the process on their behalf. With this knowledge comes new questions of law and policy. Our team is made up of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who have deep experience working in these regions. So many Industries could be affected including medicine, commerce and insurance; it could potentially affect areas of law such as employment, family and have an impact upon the criminal justice system.