And all that with a touch of humour that makes my day better. Most recently I cancelled a live aboard trip to Indonesia due to work related issues, and was glad I purchased the live aboard rider. 5.1K likes. ; Dive with the Manta Rays and enjoy you Maldives Liveaboard cruise. The dive screen isn’t jammed with data; one button toggles through alternate displays of time, temperature, max depth, average depth and other data. Ask questions and trade tips with a diverse community of divers, from open water newbies to dive instructors, commercial divers and scientists from around the world. They are simply fantastic. Cover for accidental loss. Theft from dive site. I will definitely be using them in the future. Whereas Diveassure promotes unlimited medical coverage worldwide and quick service, I find myself neglected, even though my insurance is up to date and I meet the requirements of the policy. Just what we needed in these difficult times. Counting the Costs. excellent customer service and follow up. Decompression illness (DCI) is, fortunately, rare--one or two cases in 10,000 dives, by the best guess of Divers Alert Network (DAN). To find out more about dive insurance offered in your local area, please select a country below. Nameservers:, Would recommend DiveAssure and will use them again. I was very happy with DiveAssure. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your Dive collection. Find high quality Dive Assure Suppliers on … Cover for equipment hire of up to £500 *be sure you have selected the right sum insured banding to cover you equipment failure to do so could mean only part of your claim is paid. Dive, dive, dive! Would recommend DiveAssure and will use them again. They offer an essential service at a great price. Really amazing customer service. Dive Assure were exceptionally helpful and efficient in dealing with my enquiry going far beyond anything I could expect or hope for. We highly recommend that scuba divers purchase a separate annual dive insurance policy, such as Divers Alert Network (DAN) Dive Insurance or DiveAssure Dive Insurance. The story of Assure. I spent 3 fantastic days diving at Rapopo and had a great experience with the team at Rabaul-Kokopo Dive. Not cheap but necessary. In the terms and conditions, they say "A Dive begins upon entering the water and ends upon getting out of the water", and I hadn't got out of the water yet, I was in the process of it. Well done! Assure’s unique combination of Business Intelligence expertise, ALM experience and purpose-built technology guarantees business value from day one. I would recommend them to anyone. Mobile App: Members can download the DiveAssure app to their mobile devices in order to view their emergency cards, read first aid tips and more. I will purchase a policy on my next dive trip. We don't just offer diving, we create memories. Dive Insurance provides coverage if you are unable to dive due to sickness or injury. Gear tags: Members (Currently in the USA only) get sustainable plastic diving gear tags free of charge. I've not had to call on their insurance services yet but with this showing of professionalism I have absolute confidence that this is a company who will always deliver to the highest standards as normal practice and offer that level of support and assurance I believe essential for peace of mind diving. Not cheap but necessary. We have used Dive Assure for our dive trip and liveaboard insurance for many years and have always found them to be helpful and courteous. There are 8 OEM, 8 ODM, 1 Self Patent. I was very happy with DiveAssure. Find the most up to date Liveaboard reviews for the following underwater destinations: Explore the remote archipelago of Raja Ampat in Indonesia by Liveaboard. They offer an essential service at a great price. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. Programs include coverage for diving and non-diving related evacuation and medical expenses, hyperbaric treatments, trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed connection, baggage loss and much more.