Cthulhu sends out a terrifying blast of energy, dealing damage to all enemies hit and reducing their Attack Speed. Shoes of the Magi can be a viable option if you really want the lifesteal or power boost that it brings, however I would absolutely still favor Shoes of Focus. Mantle of Discord helps on top of Bulwark of Hope to ensure that extra bit of survivability so that you can continue CC'ing and causing chaos in the enemy team without dying. Cthulhu voicelines - Official SMITE Wiki. Otherwise, the other three items are still so valuable within Cthulhu's kit that they still need to be considered here if you did not buy them in the last step. Consider that the healing is all based off of maximum health, which is convenient provided Cthulhu's naturally high base health (especially in Descend Into Madness)and likelihood of further increasing it using items. Builds; Guides; Tierlists; Minecraft Servers; Player . Posỉtỉve Vỉbes - NA. I like to get 3 potions just to help stay alive and farm longer until I can ensure a full first item when I first return to the base. Breastplate of Valor is a fantastic first item on Cthulhu, especially for his solo laning. However, items such as Qin's Sais and Heartseeker (especially the former) are undoubtedly devastating to Cthulhu. I haven't played. Learn how to play a new god, or fine tune your favorite SMITE gods’s build and strategy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When selling shoes/boots to buy Elixir of Speed, revisit the previously categories and buy an item that you missed from there depending on what the game state is like. Shattered Mind achievement in SMITE: Unlock the SMITE Award "Shattered Mind." Cthulhu breaks down the mental fortitude of enemy gods, applying stacks of Torment with abilities and the final hit of his basic attack chain. SmiteFire is a community that lives to help every Smite player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. Movement speed/mobility, and rotation ability: Hyper-carry potential due to poor early game performance: This author would like to receive feedback. Home (current) Smite Gods; Smite Items; Tier List; Update Notes; v7.6. The Boots will let you set up Shoes of Focus sooner and enable you to rotate to lanes freely sooner whilst also allowing you to stay in lane for longer due to the potions. [god_id] => 94 Good Cthulhu build. Enemies are also hit, taking more damage the closer they are to Cthulhu. Posted by 5 months ago. He's in Smite now because they're no longer doing historical characters. This honestly comes down to preference for me, so I'll break it down one by one. I went back in to add this, but realized I already mentioned it (I didn't even remember). If the enemy team has any healing which has caused problems for your team, these are excellent items that come with no drawbacks. There isn't anything inherently easy to build to counter these items, so the best that can be done is buying this item here. Cthulhu transfuses his own life force into the area around him giving Allies Health, Movement Speed and Power. This is pretty much divided into a few sections, which are pretty self explanatory. Heartward Amulet is, more or less, the magical Sovereignty. Genji's Guard is a good item for Cthulhu because of how large of a target he is, and the potential for easy cooldown reduction. He's in Smite now because they're no longer doing historical characters. Cthulhu Mid Build. The percentage of matches ending with the given build, of matches where the god had 6 non-starting items. All of these are items which I consider worth considering within your build over the course of the match depending on how you feel about your effectiveness, the active situation in the game, and the enemy team composition. Thank you! That's interesting input. GREAT OLD ONES. Depending on their build, either go Hide of the Nemean Lion or Spectral Armor. Close • Posted by 12 minutes ago. the main way i get stacks for my 1 is getting 2 torment stacks off of mire, and using the root to confirm into another 2 stacks off of the 3, and using that stun to confirm the 1. Depending on their build, either go. ) But Cthulhu isn’t just entering the world of Smite: he’s bringing part of his submerged prison of R’yleh with him! [scoreVal] => 2 In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu dreams. Cthulhu Has Come To Smite As Part Of Update 7.6 The Great Dreamer, a newly designed Arena map and more detailed in the full patch notes. Where Bulwark of Hope provides a shield at a time indicated by a percentage of your maximum health (which is high) and provides time to transform out of your ultimate, Pridwen serves the purpose of buying time to escape AFTER transforming out of [[Descend into Madness]. Void Stone . Bulwark of Hope then adds to the survivability of Cthulhu during Descend Into Madness, which is otherwise a dangerous ultimate as it lacks no escape and makes you a large target. GamingLyfe.com June 4, 2020 Console Gaming, Handheld Console Gaming, Indie Featured, Indie Games, PC Gaming, Update Trailer, Updates. This option is really if you feel like you're going to have a problem with clearing your purple camp at the start of the game. Additionally, Cthulhu gains Magical Power per nearby enemy god with Insanity. [notes] => Achilles is capable of using his ultimate to execute you during your own. If looking for immediate defense or some potential boost in your MP5, Breastplate of Valor is still a solid pick. Yes, THAT Cthulhu. Mystical Mail is used for some passive damage in an area around you, which meshes fairly well with Cthulhu. Starting with this update, jump right into the action in the updated Cthulhu-themed Arena map, perfect for new players who are learning how to achieve victory on the battleground of the gods or existing players who want to start mastering Cthulhu immediately. Macht euch bereit, euch seiner uneingeschränkten Macht zu stellen. If you still want to dedicate yourself to Warrior's Blessing, feel free. SMITE Version 7.6.6084.2 (June 16, 2020) Cthulhu a has been added to the game. I feel it necessary to mention here that upgraded Cursed Ankh is probably one of the best relics right now, and it ALSO can mesh super well with Descend Into Madness. Stone of Binding is a great tool to shred enemy protections and help yourself with boxing; this couples very well with Cthulhu 's Torment stacks. This is not one of my first choices for a physical defensive item, but can be used to add a bit more of a passive bruising option during teamfights. This should be your go-to start. Due to the distance from base, I don't usually consider it enough of a priority to build so early on though. If you deem it necessary however, it is not necessarily bad to build both. SmiteBuild. Settings. Log in sign up. MAGICAL. I like to get 3 potions just to help stay alive and farm longer until I can ensure a full first item when I first return to the base. [god] => Array [god] => Array 150 Health 40 Magical Power 60 Magical Protection. Thank you for the input! I sometimes consider building this earlier in the build if I feel the extra aggression is warranted and enough to compensate for the higher price. Mystical Mail provides some passive damage over time to enemies around you. This targets the same issue as Bulwark of Hope, but I feel as if it is simply less effective. ( Press J to jump to the feed. Note that I would not recommend running Pridwen whilst also building Bulwark of Hope as the shield from Pridwen may be cancelled out depending on the health you are ending your ultimate at. Cthulhu reveals his true form as he plunges the battlefield into R'lyeh while any enemies caught nearby are damaged. Want to support SmiteFire with an ad-free experience? User account menu • Any suggestions for Cthulhu arena build? [scoreVal] => 2 Void Stone . I like to target the enemy ADC here, as they are going to be your largest source of damage. His high health both in and out of ult make items that increase damage based on max health extremely potent against him.