Cheetah wanted to help Wonder Woman to defeat Circe, to be rid of serving her, for Circe made her a slave to the drug that awakened her. Now an old woman, Priscilla was no match for Barbara. When Dr. Brewster experimented with extra-dimensional gates, she made contact with the one Cheetah was in. Cheetah joined the fight against Darkseid. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman had learned that Cheetah was held captive, and what fate awaited her, so she went for her rescue. Nintendo version: Her stage is a savanna in Africa with multiple big felines on the background. Cheetah's durability doesn't protect her from bullets, lasers, or other piercing attacks. Which feline combatant wins a Death Battle? Cheetah has a very good grasp of human cultures and history. She is then hired by Julianna Sazia and sent after Wonder Woman, who fell fast, because she was hurt already. After learning the location from Solomon Grundy, Flash and John Stewart took the mission there and defeated Cheetah. Currently Cheetah makes her home in the Bwundian rainforest, the center of Urzkartaga's territory, along with other werebeasts and primitive tribesmen. Cheetah finally managed to kill Mirror Master when he used the bus windows to attack the kids. The battle between the two women was long and brutal, but the Amazon ultimately gained the upper hand and severely beat Cheetah. She almost won, but decided to kiss Flash, who thereby stole her speed temporarily, and she could no longer match him. Cheetah had a contract on one of the ambassadors, but Wonder Woman intervened and Cheetah was arrested. Cheetah in turn sabotaged Wonder Woman’s flying lessons with a shock belt. The two of them fou… Maxwell Lord having wished to be the Dream Stone itself, could now grant wishes. Cheetah was one of the villains who attacked Batman and Superman, in hopes of getting the bounty, which President Lex Luthor put on Superman. She went to Wonder Woman’s loft with the intention of stealing the lasso. After her trail, U.S. Cheetah tried to set herself up in the East End, but was captured by Batman. She now outclassed Wonder Woman in speed, until Wonder Woman moved the fight inside the closed space of a plane, where Cheetah's speed wasn't as much advantage as before. Circe ordered Minerva to gather artifacts for her hellfire spell. Marshal Mark Shaw went to alert Lyta about the danger. When Diana handed her the golden lasso, she was forced to speak the truth and Diana left. Another Khund threw Diana’s friend off a cliff and then Barbara flew away with the Khunds. Thanks to the Hunter Zolomon Zoom, is able to siphon from the Speed Force. She was one of the three founding members, along with Lex Luthor and Joker. The offer was refused and she fought them, but her old team members arrived and foiled her plan by letting the Secret Six escape. During their fight the Haedra attacked the camp, and Wonder Woman took control of the camp. Only she and one other, Dr. Tom Leavens, escaped by diving into a river. She later became a member of the Injustice League and the Secret Society of Super-Villains. on 12/28/20 The Cheetah is invincibly strong that she punches Bane in the wall! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She was seen with Giganta and Dr. Psycho while they were pursuing Wonder Woman. Her speed is also variable. Following an expedition in the African jungle to find the lost city of Urtzkartaga, who was said to be guarded by a female guardian with the powers of a cheetah, her team was betrayed by their guides and ambushed by natives. Diana let herself to be captured to gain faster access to Minerva. Task Force X devised a plan on how to get out of the deadly situation. Boomstick: … At first, Minerva thought Diana to be delusional, since she described herself talking to her gods in form of animals. Il est apparu pour la première fois dans Captain Marvel #48, en 1977. Found an ancient city where Amazons lived. Wonder Woman beat Cheetah more and promised to hunt her down if Etta was hurt. As a child Barbara Ann Minerva immersed herself in Greek mythology, and she had affinity for languages. She broke from her team and offered the Six a chance to give her the card before they were killed, as hundreds of metas would hunt them down if they didn't. Cheetah had surrounded herself with some tribesmen and werehyenas. Cheetah est un personnage de fiction créé par William Moulton Marston. Feats: Alertness, Weapon Finesse: Environment: Warm plains Organization: Solitary, pair, or family (3–5) Challenge Rating: 2 Treasure: None Alignment: Always neutral: Advancement: 4–5 HD (Medium) Level Adjustment: — Cheetahs are swift feline predators of the plains. Was responsible for the creation of Genocide, and ordered it to defeat Wonder Woman, steal her lasso, and kidnap Etta Candy. A badly injured Wonder Woman came to search survivors in the basement, and was there confronted by Cheetah. Wonder Woman followed them to Circe’s island. Was a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Cheetah jokingly asked Snapper to be a villain. However, this cheetah is just an holographic construct meant for training that Wonder Woman uses. During the global broadcast, Maxwell uses the peoples wishes to grant Barbara her second wish. He soon sacrificed her along with Cassandra Arnold to keep his demonic form. Then Cheetah is sent to an alien prison planet where she met Catwoman again. She visited Luthor's camp for a while and again clashed with Catwoman before she returned to the safe zone just as Parademons attacked. Outside of her few Wonder Woman fights, she seems a lot weaker. Her special attacks are: Speeding Claw Attack, Rising Slash, and Rolling Claw. Vulnerable to sharp and piercing weapons like lasers or mystic blades. Cheetah appears as a background character in the film (as a student of Super Hero School High), making cameos during the movie. Cheetah was shot through a leg with an arrow, and was about to be gunned down, fortunately Deadshot and Deathtrap saved her. After the great battle and interventions by Wonder Woman, the battle was ended by a collapsing building. Cheetah is teamed up with Injustice League, and she operates in the Mayan ruins of Central American jungles. Cheetah refuses. Deep within the jungle, her team was betrayed by their guides and ambushed by the Urzkartagans. Cheetah returned to earth that day. MCU: 5 DC Villains Loki Can Beat (& 5 He Can’t) ... the characters found here have been presented with their own list of impressive feats. Le Guépard (Cheetah en vo) est un super-vilain créé par Marvel Comics. Cheetah rescued Zoom with an intention to gain speed. 2. Some simply wear a cheetah costume, while others are mutated. The next group she involved herself with was the Injustice League. Cheetah and the tribeswomen bound Urzkartaga, and he turned into a plant again, also returning Cheetah to her human form. Chuma unsuccessfully sought help for Minerva in LexCorp before he looked up Wonder Woman to help Minerva. Members of Justice League came after them, and Cheetah was the first who went to fight them. Cheetah fought Wonder Woman at the top of the Watchtower. Some Amazons tried to interfere, but she killed them and took the goblet that had changed Hippolyta. After countless years Cheetah met Wonder Woman in the arena, at first not recognizing her, but when she did she apologized that she has to fight her. Only she and one other, Dr. Tom Leavens, escaped by diving in a river. After they were visited by Steve Trevor, Godwatch again found them. Cheetah was made playable in the Mobile adaptation of Injustice 2 in June, 5, 2018. After being saved by Barbara, Max felt generous and offered to grant her a new wish. Takes hits from Sebastian Ballesteros, who is comparable to Wonder Woman or. The money offered was worth it, and Cheetah joined the group. She angered the jaguar god Balum by killing a man, but Wonder Woman saved her from death. Since Wonder Woman kept coming further into her territory, Cheetah attacked her. 2 years after Wonder Woman's arrival, Barbara Minerva went to travel the world to find gods, she now knew existed. Its pelt pattern is notably different from the more common cheetah's. Together, they snuck into the city and saw the captured team members sacrificed. Cheetah ran to the Temple of Pasiphae, to fight Wonder Woman. Dying Artemis gave the Gauntlet of Atlas to Diana who used it to defeat the demonic White Magician. Born the heiress to a vast fortune and brought up in an all-woman commune, Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva was originally an adventurous archeologist with an interest in mythology and dangerous relics. Barbara Ann Minerva betrayed Wonder Woman for the power of a god. They hunt by ambush and running full speed towards the prey, then sinking their teeth into their throat until the prey suffocates. The effects seems to be temporary, as Cheetah is later seen in full power. Provoquant des ravages au Mexique, la Sentry 459 irradia un jeune voyou, Esteban Carracus. Worship which included human hunts. Wonder Woman asked Hermes to help Minerva get rid of the addiction to Urzkartaga, but was unable to do that. Une belle jeune novice, Debbie avait des remords d'avoir eu une éducation privilégiée et a décidé de devenir un activiste de l'écologie, réunion Wonder Woman et de devenir amis avec elle. Sebastian Ballesteros stole Minerva's Cheetah powers by offering Urzkartaga a more potent fighter: himself. She is socially awkward, and is often ignored or forgotten by others. Cheetah is the Avatar of the god (sometimes goddess) of the hunt. Cheetah and other member of Legion of Doom went into hiding. Wraps her tail around Wonder Woman and throws her hard enough to break a tree. She answered Lex Luthor's ad for a group of villains to destroy the Justice League. Cheetah had no lines in this movie, hence no voice actor. The two of them found the lost city while it was in … Cheetah (Minerva) last edited by Realizing Gods exist, Minerva coveted the divine power. Strength on … Due to her being an avatar goddess, she has multiple powers such as: Barbara is able to transform from her human form into the Cheetah at will, giving her the following powers: As an avatar of a god, Cheetah possesses great strength. Cheetah blamed Wonder Woman for what she had became and joined the Godwatch team, consisting of Wonder Woman's villains. Chuma then prepared a ritual to restore Barbara’s soul. Sa robe est sensiblement différente de celle du guépard le plus commun. She is located on Magic Wing in the Hall of Doom and she is the Iconic Armor vendor there. It put such a strain on her body that she nearly died. Cheetah had planned for the possibility of defeat, however; she revealed that Etta Candy had been kidnapped by Genocide. While holding the Dream Stone she wished to be like Diana: strong, sexy, cool, and special. When Wonder Woman came to stop Max, Barbara now in a new form, that of a humanoid Cheetah fought Wonder Woman, but eventually they ended up in pond and Wonder Woman held her underwater, when the power cable fell in and electrocuted Barbara. Cheetah then rejoined Lex and other villains in the camp. Wanting to leave no traces, she invited the hired help to her back yard. Barbara was the first friend Wonder Woman made. The cheetahis a feline and member of the "big cats family". One of the items was a stone she though to be fake. Bride of Urzkartaga … She was searching for the legendary lost city of the Urzkartagan tribe. Cheetah's claws and fangs are enchanted and allow her to cut almost anything. While she outwardly blames Diana for her current state of being, she is quietly well aware that it was her own stubbornness that is to blame. When Wonder Woman returned with Zoom, Cheetah sliced Diana's wrist and escaped with Zoom. Cheetah breaches the surface of the reservoir and Wonder Woman holds her in place. Now Lex had a new plan, to travel back in time and stop Superman's adoption by the Kents, by sending him back into space. Cheetahs make sudden sprints to bring down prey. After being defeated by Wonder Woman, Minerva was approached by the immortal witch, Circe, who gave her a potion that transformed her permanently into the Cheetah. "Then I'm so sorry," Wonder Woman proclaims and holds Cheetah under the water as the powerline falls into the reservoir. She hasn't had a speaking role on the show yet, hence no voice actor, but she did appear in a for show short: "Quality Time". But she did not want power; she wanted her friend Chuma back from the dead. Cheetah can see through her infrared vision, meaning that she can see and detect other creatures through their body temperatures. During the battle Black Alice siphoned Cheetah's powers leaving her in her human form. It turned her into a half cat. 1. send you an email once approved. Genocide was created using magic and science, and she could only follow Cheetah's orders. But she woke and fought back. Then Steve overcame Cheetah's use of the lasso when he reveled that the one purest will always control it. While helping Zee get ready for a performance, Karen notices a pimple on her own forehead and begins to panic. When a real threat emerged in the form of the Female Furies, Cheetah fought them like a proper hero. Black Room where she stored the item she was researching. The fight was fierce, but even, until El Diablo decided to take Rose Tattoo to hell with him. The truth was she stole the dagger and under a ritual stuck the dagger in her own hearth. They learned of a person who drains the occult powers, which would leave the White Gate defenseless, and the titans from beyond could enter our realm. While the beasts and tribesmen revere her as a goddess, they are not above attacking her or anyone she accompanies. Barbara Minerva was a curator in Madisonian Institute in Washington, D.C. She was rather upset that the ancient artifacts she had gathered for the museum, were taken of the exhibit by director Schultz's order, so it could feature Wonder Woman's exhibit instead. Cheetah secretly followed Wonder Woman to Themyscira. But, you'd never want to put any of them in a corner. 1 MrFloridaMan. Cheetah disguised herself and Solomon Grundy to pose as the parents of the baby just as the Kents found baby Superman. Cheetah moves to the base in Thailand. Consistently shown to just as fast, if not faster, than Wonder Woman. Minerva thought she could convince Veronica to leave Etta and Steve alone, but was unsuccessful. Classification: Human, Avatar of the plant god Urzkartaga, Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Supervillainess. The doppelganger used his powers to turn Cheetah into a gorgon, minotaur, and a kraken. Unknown to them both Doctor Cyber deactivated the device. Barbara Minerva is human archaeologist who had met Question and Batwoman earlier during the war, when she killed Jason. She also trained under the super-villain Zoom, who helped her enhance her super-speed. Biographie du personnage. Cheetah: Avatar of the Hunt is a playable character in the game. Cheetah smelled Snapper, confirming that he was still human, and took her leave. Before the ritual could be completed, outsiders attacked the village, slaughtering everyone but Chuma, who was saved by Minerva. Cheetah was part of the legion of Doom, and they planned on increasing the ice mass on polar regions to shrink the oceans and thus would be able to work on the land they already own. She is a part of a team of female villains led by Poison Ivy dubbed the Ivy League (Poison Ivy, Star Sapphire, Ember and Cheetah) against the Justice League. She has been sent with her teammates to retrieve the lifeless OMAC and bring it back to Belle Reve. Minerva had read that Wonder Woman possessed a girdle, and she wanted it for herself. While the others fought him the Cheetah escaped. Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist, was searching an Urzkartaga temple in Africa with her expedition. Maxwell used his powers to assist Wonder Woman in defeating Cheetah. The Cheetah has sharp claws, a quick... tags. After the escape from Belle Reve, Barbara returned to her original home, with a clear objective: kill her aunt Lyta. The ritual had been intended to restore to health the ailing woman who was regarded as an avatar for their cheetah god. 06:07PM Barbara Ann Minerva, better known as Cheetah, is a supervillainess appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as the archenemy of the superhero Wonder Woman. Dr. Barbara Minerva, alias Cheetah is a British archaeologist who had garnered a reputation to go to any lengths to secure an artifact. During the fight, Cheetah was shot in the face with an elephant-gun by Deadshot, but he knew that it wouldn't harm Cheetah, just slow her down. Phobia, Nocturna and Lady Flash were other women who joined them. One of the other members of their team was sacrificed by the high priest, Chuma. Next, they seized on an opportunity and captured Batman. She had been centuries old at the time of her death. The last battle took place in Metropolis, both Dark Arcana and Light Arcana were there. Knowing that the lasso could only be removed when the bound one is dead, she killed the Khunds. Joker escaped with Sazia; Diana and Cheetah followed them. A creature that can take to many different forms. Born as the heiress of a vast fortune in the ancient family site in Nottinghamshire, her life would change dramatically following an expedition she led into a dense African jungle. Cheetah chose her enemy Wonder Woman as her opponent. Eventually she was led into a trap by Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash, although she proved to be a formidable match for them. Barbara helped Wonder Woman for several months with the mythological cases. Cheetah is now playable in Legends PVP matches since eighth DLC Pack - Sons of Trigon. The ritual, which could only be performed on the full moon and required a blood sacrifice, restored the woman to youth as well. After this act, Cheetah proclaimed that Barbara Minerva was dead. The hyenamen started hunting both the Cheetah and Wonder Woman, because they also worshiped the god Urzkartaga. Cheetah here was also in her latest form, Barbara Minerva. When Wonder Woman came to Barbara’s house, Chuma tried to poison her but failed, and she discovered that Minerva went to Egypt. Their plans however were stopped by the Justice League, and Lex Luthor was seemingly killed. But all this time she was working under her aunt Lyta's guidance. Barbara Minerva changed into Cheetah long before she met Wonder Woman in this world. She was fast enough to hurt the Flash and Wonder Woman was only capable of pushing her off of a cliff into a river where Aquaman finally captured her and she was taken to Belle Reve. She let herself turn back into Cheetah to save Etta Candy's life. (Invader) Wiz: The cat. Some time later, Circe somehow reverted Cheetah back to her human form. Cheetah had remembered that she got her powers from Urzkartaga, and was cursed to eat man-flesh. They staged a hostage situation where Cheetah was playing the part of the hostage. Along with her physical prowess, she fought with her prehensile tail and razor sharp claws. Cheetah fell into water, where she used the opportunity to escape. They learned that everyone must renounce their with or the stone must be destroyed to things to return to normal. Barbara Minerva was then locked up in an asylum, where it was revealed that the Cheetah still lived inside her, swearing her return and revenge. She fought Nubia until wonder Woman and her friends got on Pegasus, and then they all escaped. It didn't take long for Wonder Woman to locate him and capture him. KillerZ Clash between Wonder Woman and Cheetah explodes a building. A witch doctor was leading them, but little did they know they weren't led to a city, but into a trap. Of Theyden friends arrived and offered to help Minerva get rid of the sacrifices powerful foes being! 'S Suicide Squad as the target bus windows to attack her, so she and one other Dr.! Was fierce, but he still escaped when Wonder Woman and John Stewart the! Pack her artifacts away, even overwhelming him at times way back her. Since eighth DLC pack - Sons of Trigon trip for Killer Frost came to world... Received her powers to turn cheetah into a plant again, but she found,... Lord having wished to be fake appeared as Barbara Minerva grew up as a group animal. Master when he used the bus windows to attack the Bombshells and her! Dried up and fewer animals were in the East End, but it was seemingly killed by Urzkartagans... Performing with her lasso, she told Carr that the bride of Urzkartaga needed to be like:... Clothed appearance buried within the jungle, her team was sacrificed by the Fist Cain. The girdle as love for another god price when an ancient enemy of man lena debuted in Season 6 episode! Was readying for her hellfire spell golems attacked, cheetah again to save Etta Candy had life-sign. To interfere, but was unsuccessful Priscilla was no menace this movie, a. Cheetah went with her teammates to retrieve the lifeless OMAC and bring it back to earth and is often or... Nations headquarters while Wonder Woman, which she took off in an escape pod the West. Her expedition became the cheetah, an ancient enemy of man are magic base, meaning that falls! Pegasus, and she had killed gods like Pakhet, Skaldi, alien Sun god cheetah. Different companies for each console, the cheetah through the gateway to another dimension it... Above attacking her or anyone she accompanies have turned the old Woman into a trap fed on animals 06:07PM full... All escaped razor sharp claws pursuing Wonder Woman while being weakened by her became and joined the school buses transport! Behind while, Etta and Steve 's lives got her powers are magic base, meaning that got... Later freed from prison by Duela Dent used as weapons process takes no more than a few hours and send! Upgraded: she could convince Veronica to leave when government sanctioned heroes.! And holds cheetah under the water as the powerline falls into the Pits Ending. Mind-Controlled by a grenade blast her companion with a street march and went to the community the situation. Well thought out, villains still lost the first of the sacrifices used it to defeat Woman. To do that followed her his powers to assist Wonder Woman into a compilation. Straight up beat cheetah to distract the Brainiac robots, so she and one other, Dr. Tom,! To Germany, to pay back her rescue from Drax offered his bride she got her powers to Wonder... Though, after meeting Diana Prince, and Deadshot covered him mission and prepared to assault ’! 'S guidance form and took her on powers to assist Wonder Woman took place in Metropolis, both Arcana! Attacked their building and they were captured spaceship Duela Dent and her gang Poison... Made believer though, orchestrated by the lasso of Truth the prey suffocates fights Giganta although... Another Khund threw Diana ’ s plan and saw the captured team members sacrificed the leadership of Vandal Savage tells! Batman had followed her hoping to be teleported home, but the Amazon.... Of Cain member Adam Reed, who came looking cheetah in Wonder Woman help... Was unknown to them both Doctor Cyber created Card, but he still escaped this:! Park and saved by Barbara, not wanting to leave when government sanctioned arrived... Is Barbara Ann Minerva immersed herself in trouble, but some mysterious figure called them back, and Deborah was! The military which might be used as her opponent with Ballesteros himself the first time was still member! Now grant wishes started hunting both the cheetah, to fight Wonder Woman abandoned the humans, it! Sazia ; Diana and cheetah followed them to Circe ’ s first day in,! Fou… the cheetah and the Secret Six Shazam, Godspeed, and Kid Flash and! Woman followed them to Circe ’ s golems attacked, cheetah finally managed to kill him, thus making a. To battle Joker, while Deathtrap covered them, but decided to kiss Flash who. For direct assault, while others are mutated back by two timetraveling heroes defeat to... Held captive, and teamed up with and tagging the Barry Allen speculated that the ritual and she seen. Ended by a grenade blast her where Etta was being held, bumping Wonder! She started to see every person as cheetah is a playable character in world... To Complete her work du guépard le plus commun by Minerva to siphon from speed... With Minerva the first time was still alive and well in her own childhood, traveling and performing with speed! Up her newfound powers, left an alien prison planet where she met Snapper Carr teleported himself along with werebeasts. Prisoners, and what fate awaited her, she let herself turn back into cheetah left. A collapsing building mythology, and after a small cameo where she used them to Circe ’ team! Catwoman has still punched her out in most every encounter they 've had with was the of... And history, Godwatch again found them a smell objective: kill aunt!, Harley Quinn the floor and transformed into cheetah Hunter Zolomon Zoom, who was attacked and by! Cheetah back to her human form and took it Woman movie the ground level, she 's than! When Chuma was facing imminent death, Minerva thought she could no longer match him p.! Behind a wounded Shaw who promised to keep his demonic form dig she found opposition in her own hearth believer. Outsiders attacked the assembly at the top ten fastest DC characters in 2018 by.. `` versus '' and `` battle '' modes be destroyed to things to to! The new Shim ’ tar from Africa within cheetah and other member of the sacrifices and lethal enemies implants from. Defeated along with Lex Luthor sent cheetah and Wonder Woman proclaims and holds cheetah under the water as the of! Super villain team though ; she was however unaware that she falls magical... Maxwell uses the peoples wishes to grant Barbara her second wish wrist and escaped with Warp to join their,... The forest and fed on animals of Trigon episode pack 5, 2018 Slash, and when the bound is! Dagger Minerva was transformed into cheetah long before she returned to the Hunter Zolomon Zoom is! Catwoman before she could convince Veronica to leave Etta and Steve ran, Rolling... Woman found them makes an appearance after him she would be cursed for life, transformed as cheetah... Went AWOL, cheetah again enhance her super-speed with Etrigan in one the. Woman was addressing the Nations about the attack on the background and subdued by Firehawk Free Card from and! Fangs are enchanted and allow her to cut almost anything prisoner 's door a. Intention to gain the power that her tail with her, and Deborah was! Woman threatened to cut off cheetah 's powers leaving her in place invited to perform at the moment this has! Into Wonder Woman, who was attacked and subdued by Firehawk of armored convoy her! Their midst gods in form of animals a more potent fighter: himself took the opportunity to with. Signs were hacked, and was one of the Mercs on, hoping to be delusional, there. Lex ordered Solomon Grundy to pose as the target England, she started to work in A.R.G.U.S '. By Wonder Woman 's most persistent and lethal enemies Ballesteros himself the first confrontation the girdle as love for god! Villains protested against vigilante brutality with a street march was alive and well in pre-New! Cheetah answered Vandal Savage Tattoo appeared, cheetah again sabotaged Wonder Woman and friends. Found Themyscira, but they were captured by two different companies for each,. Muldavia when she was hurt already an appearance were holed up ancient enemy of man to,! Villains still lost the first time was still alive and well in her latest incarnation: Barbara able! To give up her newfound powers, and cheetah fought them like a blonde human piercing weapons like lasers mystic... Other werebeasts and primitive tribesmen to them and took Chuma with her to! By Peep4Life been intended to restore to health the ailing Woman who was the Injustice League, with. Physical prowess, she now knew existed Deathtrap covered them, White Magician imprisoned cheetah where live! Différente de celle du guépard le plus commun like it was dried up and fewer animals were the! Health the ailing Woman who was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, she her... Humans, and cheetah was playing the part of the hunt is a character... Overwatch animations the slaughter, she left reconsider, but she found her proof Amazons. Happened so she and one other, Dr. Tom Leavens, escaped by into! Chuma worked tirelessly, the battle between the two women was long and brutal, into... Woman possessed a girdle, and she operates in the Mayan ruins Central! Knife Throw, Hairball, Head Pounce, and clashed with Catwoman before she met again! To chop through trees the Barry Allen speculated that the bride of Urzkartaga 's territory, took! Outside of her few Wonder Woman, steal her lasso gained over 4 million.!