That was my initial impression anyway, and I think I was right on that. Audiobook Narrator at Penguin Random House, Tantor Audio, Brilliance Audio, LMBPN Audio, Bethlehem Books, Indie Authors University of Durham, Stockton-on-Tees Campus View profile View profile badges Laura, Terry and Donna all had questions about how Karen got started as an audiobook narrator: The voice of the narrator, the inflection and cadence of the voice carries the story along – there is no need to reread a line of printed text to understand the author’s intent – the narration does that automatically, and so the story effortlessly carries itself along from chapter to chapter. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. Dixie is totally fictitious (though there are times she seems so real to me that I can imagine her skating around my kitchen). In the Walt Disney produced animated movie Tarzan (1999), Tantor is the personal name of this original elephant companion of Tarzan's rather than a term designating all elephants. Each section is narrated by one of the twelve members of the squad, and, with a little sleuthing, the order of the narrators can be worked out: Robert Winter (killed), Sgt Bonner, Klein, Diffenbuch (wounded), … Tantor Audio publishes and sells over 3000 unabridged audiobooks which are available in CD, MP3-CD, and audio download formats. $13.99, Sale price: I don’t tend to think in those terms. Personally, I’m keen to narrate my own works because my readership is already familiar with my voice from my twenty years of television broadcasting. Dixie! Narrator Contact: Dan Hypes, 877-782-6867, ext. Tantor Audio publishes and sells over 3000 unabridged audiobooks which are available in CD, MP3-CD, and audio download formats. What was your favorite audiobook to narrate? And how can music help? She is very talented, and I am thrilled to share her interview with everyone. Happy New Year! Tantor: What do you love about audiobooks? Thanks to @blackstonepublishing and @tantoraudio … Matchett: In both broadcasting and nonfiction writing, the biggest challenge is finding a way to explain a complex issue in a way that will appeal to a wide audience. A division of Recorded Books. This week we bring you a twist on the interview with the fans of Ellery Adams asking Karen White some questions! I sent in an email with an audition reel, made an appointment to audition, and landed a trial run with two cozy mysteries (later mentioned). Their products cover a wide range of categories from classic literature audio books to popular new nonfiction titles. Not all motor racing enthusiasts are engineers – but all are interested in learning more of the technology, learning more of race strategy et al. 40, [email protected] I mean, if I was going to do this part time I wanted to “enjoy” the books that I got. You describe her movements so clearly it makes me feel like you must have seen someone of her stature skate around inside a diner somewhere! Audiobook Narrator Vibrance Press Mar 2020 - Present 10 months. $19.95, Sale price: For instance (p.11) a crewman on the ferry to Palmetto Island tells Olivia about the lady that was killed in a boating accident at the Quarantine Pad. It seems only natural for that same audience to hear my books narrated in that same voice. Tantor's audio narrators are among the industry's best, including Audie winners Simon Vance, Scott Brick, and Cassandra Campbell. Unforgettable, unabridged audiobooks – downloads, MP3-CDs, audio CDs. Download Audiobooks publisher by Tantor Audio at and save. Regular price: Paperback $11.59 $ 11. For instance (p.11) a crewman on the ferry to Palmetto Island tells Olivia about the lady that was killed in a boating accident at the Quarantine Pad. Do you consider yourself to be a performer or actor and did you “plan” to be a narrator? $13.99 Abruptly transported from Earth to Talera, Ruenn Maclang must slash his way through a world of alien warriors and deadly beasts, where every move can result in death. The Mechanic’s Tale audiobook runs for thirteen hours. (And I was kind of sad she was not around for most of this book – though I made her voice a little bit difficult to do, so I was also kind of relieved.). $6.95 12-05-12, The Story Untold and Other Sime~Gen Stories, Narrated by: In addition to narrating … The three stories told here span the first 15 years of Zhag and Tonyo's partnership, from their beginnings as starving musicians to their heyday as international superstars. The book has been very well received, and this title will be my next audiobook project. I really enjoyed it. Is she completely sprung from your imagination or was there a human inspiration? Tantor: Tell us about narrating your own books. 59 $17.95 $17.95. Before I started, I was a book reviewer, I read and listened voraciously. This book introduced me to literature, enthralled by it from the first time I read it in high school. Mike’s audiobook narrating journey began by first auditioning for and then narrating his first book with producer/director Bob Deyan in Los Angeles. $6.95, Sale price: Edward, for instance, may look like a 17-year-old teen heartthrob, but was actually born in 1901 and died during the Spanish Influenza of 1918. Last day for entries is Friday, March 2nd. Create a free website or blog at Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. See more ideas about narrator, audio books, tantor media. "Her narration is clear and her characters are well distinguished. Tantor usually appeared to be timid and even a downright coward who was easily spooked. How do you get into character and create character voices? He is nevertheless Tarzan's most loyal and warm-hearted friend; so much so, that he can become surprisingly bold and daring should his friends fall into … Tantor: How did you prep for a day in the booth? Is there a character that you enjoyed most in the book? 3 Blue Roses 4 Blue Flames . 12-10-12, Release date: The artwork was an important one for me because I’d noticed Tantor … The Impossible Wizard and the entire Aegis of Merlin series peaked my interest due to its genre. The artwork was an important one for me because I’d noticed Tantor had made some very questionable decisions in the past with other books I’d seen in the market. At the end of the day, you have to use your acting ability to connect with those moments that maybe you personally don’t agree with. We offer over 200 NEW titles each month. Old Saybrook, CT 06475. You mix some real life events into these books. 00 $17.49 $17.49. I prep the books just simply by reading them to get a feel for the story, how characters develop and also to mark any special character accents. Read on to find out some interesting facts about the author, her processes, the series, and even her take on audiobooks! How did you get started? But to get to that time and place and email address, I spent two years stopping everyone I met who had any connection whatsoever with the audiobook industry to say, “I want to do this; how do I do this?” Some of it is my BA in Fiction Writing with an Acting minor from Columbia College Chicago (a peculiar combination of education that makes this job peculiarly ideal). From a Narrator Who Has Made It through Several. Download Audiobooks narrated by Tantor Studios to your device. I remember when this happened a couple years ago, since I live quite close by. ©2019 Ruby Dixon (P)2020 Tantor. Well… I think that’s a toss-up between Combat Ready Kitchen and Tales from the Back Row. How do you prep before recording? Several people asked similar questions, so we grouped those together in the post. April 24, 2020 Tantorian Favorites Monthly Picks, Tantor, Tantor Audio, Top Picks tantormedia April is the perfect time to pick up a new audiobook featuring our talented authors and narrators… Atwater shares her amazing findings, based on her sessions with more than 4,000 adults and children, and over 40 years of research; a breathtaking culmination to a successful and controversial career. Do you research the book/series or just dive in? English, The Rest of the Story: What They Teach Us About Living and Dying and Our True Purpose, Release date: Back when I was going through some of the most difficult times of my adolescence, my father (with the wrong kind of PhD to help him really understand his kids) reached out to the RIGHT kind of PhD, one with the sort of training who COULD help me figure out my path.
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