I know it’s possible to go off on a tangent about “signs and wonders,” but I also think it’s possible to go off on a tangent in an unbelieving direction as well. Welcome to the first week of Advent 2020. He said, I could not stop the shaking. Elijah was a mighty prophet of God and he was used mightily by God:  he experienced the power of God upon Mt. In fact, this is the very earliest picture of what Christianity looked like in the beginning. He had already declared a drought, right? We were made for friendship, for family, for deep, caring relationships. The Psalmist said, “Your Word I have hidden in my heart that I may not sin against You”. Joseph’s THERE was in an Egyptian prison –- there will I lift you. And when we don’t find that, we search high and low until we do. James, in his New Testament writings, has colored Elijah as a man of like passions as we are:  Elijah struggled in many of the same ways that we do; he dealt with sorrow; he dealt with despondency; he dealt with questions about circumstances in his life; but yet, if I may use that vernacular, he believed God and he was obedient to God. Strangely, I That reminds me of a statement Dr. Criswell used to make to the effect that the church should be the “social center” of the congregation. This drought would serve two purposes: 1] as a divine judgment on a nation that had turned to idolatry, and 2] as a demonstration that even though Baal was considered the god of fertility and lord of the rain clouds, he was powerless to give rain. After all, the worship of Acts 2 was synagogue worship brought over into the early church. The Empty Place: A Christmas Day Sermon “And David’s place was empty.” — 1 Samuel xx.25. Here is the question to ask yourself: Who encourages me and holds me accountable in my Christian walk? THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PLACE WITHIN A PLACE 2 Samuel 3:1-2Now there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David. I’ll tell you about the future consummation later, but know now that God has ordained that your blessings come to a distinct place, a place called “There”. Jeremiah’s THERE was at the Potter’s House – there will I remake you. They didn’t ask how many books I had written or the size of the church I now pastor. The world has nothing like that. They didn’t have just one stated “worship service” but evidently gathered daily to sing, praise, and share the Lord’s Supper together. Several months ago he invited us to come back for a weekend. This sermon illustrates that heaven is a prepared place, a precious place, a populated place, and a permanent place. This is not an issue of style. As the old hymn says, “How firm a foundation ye saints of the Lord is laid for your faith in his excellent Word. Our text also indicates that it was uplifting worship. People laughed when I said that but those words were entirely true. In one passage he declared that “Many are the afflictions of the righteous…”  David had come to know, to realize and to experience that the righteous, those who love and are loved by God would experience afflictions and tribulations in life. Bishop TD Jakes has delivered this new sermon and message titled “Provision Is A Place” and it is not a sermon or message you will want to miss. Are We There Yet? Some writers have suggested this was an early form of communism. Yet God blessed their worship and infused it with his Holy Spirit. 2021 (2) January (2) The Wisdom of Jesus (2021-01-09) Preparing to Thrive (2021-01-02) 2020 (52) December (4) ... Chad Reisser leads the Place in music, special music by the Conejo Adventist Elementary School choirs. In some ways style is almost irrelevant as long as people come into contact with the living God. And we help too. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced God like that, but sometimes when you’re in His will; sometimes when you’re walking as close to Him as you can; sometimes when you follow His every lead as close as you can, sometimes even then, He will take you to a barren looking place. The question is very simple: Where have I seen God at work in my life in answer to my prayers? They had none of the “stuff” we Americans consider so crucial—yet they reached people by the thousands. David thought about that very thing. That’s the best news I’ve heard in years.” At Calvary we are progressive in methods but conservative in our theology. Yes, we may have tribulations, yes we may experience many afflictions, yes, we may be lead to a place that is not of our choosing, but never will God forsake us; never will He abandon us; never will He forget about us. I’ve been THERE in uncertain times – and He sustained me. Our quest for more privacy has come at the cost of enormous personal loneliness. You were not made to be totally and completely independent. God won’t leave you hanging when you move in obedience to His Word for your life. A Place to Share Acts 4:32-37 – February 7, 1999. THERE may be much to learn from an empty place. God can command even those things meant to cause you harm, to serve you and bring you life, joy and hope instead. If it applies to you, let the words take root in your heart.). As my Pastor would say, I said, that’s it! We find a similar truth in the New Testament. Yesterday I listened to the replay of Babbie Mason’s concert at the Friday Night Sing. It still works today. Check Out Our Latest Sermon Outlines and Their Related Backgrounds Below. Carmel. She wasn't quite finished when her four children began coming downstairs Check Out Our Latest Sermon Outlines and Their Related Backgrounds Below. If we can do that, we’ll discover the same power that animated the early church. But my reference to that same question today is not to suggest just any place, but a distinct place, a place called “THERE”. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PLACE WITHIN A PLACE. Sometimes God calls us to separate ourselves; to move from a place; to go to another place. Years later I coined the First Rule of Church Growth: “If you feed them, they will come.” Thousands of Wednesday night suppers have proved the wisdom of that rule. It was THERE that He cried out with a loud voice, It is finished! That didn’t seem to matter. Sermon ended up at Ohio State because he needed a place to play as a graduate transfer and the Buckeyes needed a seasoned performer in their injury-depleted running backs room. It is not a permanent place. Sometimes it’s a physical place we must leave; sometimes it’s a mental, emotional or habitual place that we must separate from; and it is not always obvious what that other place will hold, but two things must work together; obedience and faith. She had left the devastation of Moab, in search of a new beginning, in a strange and foreign land. The Distinctiveness of a Place Called “There” New Hope Baptist Church August 3, 2008 9:30 a.m. If The Lord never allowed the brook to dry up, we would begin to love things, people, and places more than we love and trust and depend on Him. The world thinks much of the places which have been emptied through the home-going of its celebrated men. Sometimes, in our destinations, in trials, mishaps and delays of life, we too find ourselves asking, “Are We There Yet”? God has prepared something for you “There”, but you have go down His path, following His directions; and that path often leads to the brook, Cherith, the cutting place. This passage mentions three times that they ate together. May unbelievers be attracted to Jesus by what they see in us. But what the Bible does reveal about a place called Heaven leaves us in breathless wonder. Amen. I will leave you to ponder the matter yourself. Text: 1 Kings 17:2-4 Introduction: Reflecting on this text and this topic, I was reminded of a movie from 2005 entitled: “Are We There Yet”? When God gives us a command, He expects obedience; He requires obedience; and He deserves obedience. He was told to leave the place that was home to him; to leave the place that had provided his needs and provided his shelter. But let us recall the words of Jesus as he cleansed the temple: “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17). Has anyone ever tried to relate a story or situation to you, only to stop and say; “you had to have been there”? Sometimes we know that a place, or a relationship, or situation is not where we should be, but leaving is more difficult than staying. Not somewhere, but THERE. If that is your THERE this morning, I encourage you to hold on knowing that God still sits on the Throne and He alone has the final Word over your life and every situation you face. That means the early church sprang from a “mixed multitude” of differing ethnic groups, skin colors, cultures, and languages. This means that the Word of God must be the objective foundation of the church. Jesus was THERE on a hill called Calvary. As I prepared this message, I remembered that I preached on this passage on May 14, 1989—my first-ever sermon at Calvary. There was just a brook that would one day dry up. I take from this a simple test for worship: Does it whet your appetite for God? When you preach, you know how you’re doing because the people in the pews talk back to you. The verses in between describe what happens when God breaks loose in a group of ordinary men and women. A Place Of Grace Sermons. It was also THERE that he was shaped and prepared as things were cut away for what lay ahead. Commenting on the church of her childhood, she said that the folks in her home church understood that “worship is a verb.” Having preached in a number of black churches, I know what she means. I go to prepare a place for you. It’s good to know that no matter what situation you’re in, no matter what circumstances may befall you, in your obedience you can always rely on and depend on the Word of the Lord. I can’t say, but we often pray and ask God for favor, and I think that we fail to remember that by its very definition, favor only comes following some bad deeds, disservice, rejection or some hindrance. So the question is this: How are you using your gifts to help others in a practical way? Sermons By date. It is no exaggeration to say that the Christian church was conceived in a prayer meeting (see Acts 1:12-14). You need to know today that a brook cannot satisfy forever – how easy it could have been for Elijah to stay by the brook; even the ravens bringing dirty food from trash heaps was better than being exposed to Ahab and Jezebel. However, these verses do suggest a “commune-ism” of sorts in the early church. My friend commented that it is frightening in a way because it reminds us that the message of God’s truth cuts both ways—it is “life” for some and “death” for others.). The pastoral staff arrived at this theme several months ago as we considered what we were hearing from many people. Acts 2:41-47 offers us a brief snapshot of the early church. “Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles” (Acts 2:43). Carmel; he blessed a woman and her child at Zarapeth; he was seen by Peter and John with Jesus on the Mt. It is also a biblical truth. By: Kevin Schramm. The early believers were all together all the time. Elijah was instructed by God to separate from his familiar surroundings. But getting to “THERE” requires some separation; it requires some deviation; and it provides consummation. A brook, by its very definition, cannot be permanent. Sermon on John 14:1-4 Title: A Place Prepared Sermon Theme: Christ as prepared a place for his people. One gets the idea that shared meals played an important part in the life of the early church. SCRIPTURE READING: Luke 14:7-11 INTRODUCTION: Many of us have seen the movie THE PASSION. Elijah not only had to leave his home, but he was instructed to take a specific path. That’s misleading because communism to us suggests a malevolent 20th-century ideology that enslaved millions of people. When Elijah got “THERE” he consumed God’s pre-arranged blessings by unconventional means. They must have taken Jesus seriously when he spoke about not laying up treasures on the earth. Matthew tells us that Jesus was not able to work many miracles in some cities because of their unbelief (Matthew 13:58). In truth, we know that it doesn’t. God has provided the brook and the ravens; what other prophet ever got this kind of treatment?”  A brook is for rest, not recluse – you can’t stay at the brook indefinitely because it will dry up. What does a great church look like? A Place Among the Great. God doesn’t even want you asking how high; just start jumping. Reflecting on this text and this topic, I was reminded of a movie from 2005 entitled:  “Are We There Yet”? I’m not arguing that the “stuff” is bad, only that their “stuff” (the five points I mentioned) is better than our “stuff.” Ours is external—theirs touches the realm of the spirit. Two things stood in his way, her two children. When thinking about the future of the church, the elders must ask, “What does God say about this?” The same is true for the pastoral staff and for all the members of the congregation. Scripture...Luke2 16:8-20Offering...CashApp $mcbc5732Online Giving: www.osvonlinegiving.com/1622 THERE, in heaven, is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Immanuel’s veins, and sinners plunged beneath that flood, loose all their guilty stains. There was no wheat growing in the field, so no bread. Can you imagine a church membership seminar for 3000 people? I believe that the church that eats together will stay together, will play together, will pray together, will grow together in every sense of the word. This is not religion or ritual but the reality of Christ at work in the midst of his people. Evidently the believers lived together—or perhaps in close proximity to each other. God is looking for that kind of abandoned obedience to His Word today. C” was a man ahead of his time. DOWNLOAD SERMON (.DOC) DOWNLOAD SERMON (.PDF) VIEW ONLINE (HTML) This Sermon has a … Perhaps you remember the theme song from the most popular TV show in America a few years ago: “You wanna be where you can see that troubles are all the same. As the Family of God, we want you to join with us as we study God's Word. Naaman’s THERE was in the muddy waters of the Jordan – there will I cleanse and heal you. Yesterday as I drove through Oak Park, I happened to see a banner hanging from St. Giles Catholic Church proclaiming something about the Year 2000. The 3 Hebrew boys’ THERE was in a fiery furnace – there will I deliver you. It’s time to wrap up this message. I don’t know, but I’ve had some THERE experiences: in cancer – He healed me. Sermon. Our text makes this clear in two ways. Such a concept seems foreign to modern Christians—especially those in the West who value their personal possessions as part of our birthright. (After the first service, a man commented that the Lord spoke to him through this statement. The Bible states that Elijah, whose name means “the Lord is my God” had been commanded by God to prophesy to a King named Ahab. Beloved, you have to be “There” in order to reap the blessings that God has for you. God never intended that you go it alone. The valley for us is inevitable, because we find ourselves there for various reasons. Certainly not from our politicians. Kings and priests in Israel were anointed to serve as official representatives of the Lord; and to lead Israel in the way of faithfulness to the Lord to channel His blessings and covenantal care to them. By: Kenneth King. Some “preachers” don’t mention it. Not anywhere, but, THERE. And it’s only for the person who knows Jesus as the way, Scripture: John 14:1-7 How refreshing to be with people and not feel you have to pull out your resume to prove your worth. Elijah was unique in another way; he never saw death. It’s us getting to the place, to the “THERE” where we are able to unite our needs with His provisions that is most often the problem. Was it the attempted brainwashing? After Elijah gave the prophesy to Ahab, the Lord gave him some very specific instructions, and it’s within those instructions that we find requirement we must meet when God is leading us to our place called “There”: those requirements call for some separation (to leave or part from something); it requires travel deviation (a different way taken in thought or action); after which we will experience consummation (the perfect ending or completion of a deal), and it all depends on our obedience on our way to the place called “There”. Ruth 3: 7-18. God still guides his church today through his inerrant, inspired, totally truthful Word. Open our hearts to one another and to you. In fact, it introduces a popular prophet we were taught about even as children, the prophet Elijah. If you are not in your “There” you will miss your moment and miss your miracle and abort your blessing; because you are not “There”. Sometimes people grumble about it. Topics: Spiritual Growth. If this be true, then each person should ask this question: Am I learning more about what God says and how to apply it to my life? I also like the way Paul put it:  “nothing and nobody can separate you from the love of God.”  Amen?? Not over there, but THERE. They are, but they don’t constitute the heart of a great church.). This week we hear from our first of many guest preachers during this season light, Aaron Monts. "A Place for Jim" (Funeral sermon on John 14:1-6) stmatthewbt.org ^ | May 17, 2012 | The Rev. But it’s not just a psychological fact that people like to eat together. And while a church may be large and active without prayer, it cannot be truly great without prayer. Committing to God Pt. It can counterfeit that reality, but it can’t duplicate it. We do not depend on the latest Gallup Poll or the whims of public opinion to decide what we believe or what we will do. Proverbs 25-26. 2 Samuel 3:1-2 Now there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David. Notice that even in the midst of danger, the Word of the Lord came to Elijah. Place Identity: The significance and meaning that particular places have for their inhabitants. No man is an island, no one is made to live entirely alone. He knows how long to leave you in the air and he knows when and where to let you land. Ditto for homosexuality, adultery, lying under oath, and a host of other contemporary vices that grip our nation. Cherith means the cutting place; to cut away or cut off. Make us of one mind and one heart. INTRODUCTION We distance ourselves from the reality of Hell because it is unsettling. But all fears were removed when we entered the beautiful new building and were immediately overwhelmed with hugs. We pause to reaffirm our conviction that all life is sacred in the eyes of God and deserving of our protection. Luke reports that the early believers devoted themselves to the “apostles’ teaching” (Acts 2:42). The Importance Of The Place Within A Place Series. Thanks for your interest! Here’s a paragraph from that sermon: Eating together is one mark of a united church. Just then, God spoke to my heart and I said to him, Scean, what happened during the earthquake. Here is a church with no building, no paid staff, no programs, no choir, no organ, no parking lots, no buses, no contemporary worship, and most amazingly, no Internet web site. So I ask, What made the early church so attractive? It is possible whenever the church is the body of Christ and not simply an institution. You need to separate. The movie starred Ice … Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday. And that’s exactly what happened. A sermon is an oration or lecture by a preacher (who is usually a member of clergy).Sermons address a scriptural, theological, or moral topic, usually expounding on a type of belief, law, or behavior within both past and present contexts.Elements of the sermon often include exposition, exhortation, and practical application.The act of delivering a sermon is called preaching. In the earliest days of the church Christians ate together. Your “There” may not look all that appealing at first, but just stay “There”. This idea of togetherness is so important because we live in increasing isolation from each other. During my seminary days in the 70s, we lived there and attended the Midlothian Bible Church where I served on staff with Dave Wyrtzen as his assistant pastor. As I do so, allow me one observation: Acts 2 paints the picture of an attractive church. We read these ancient words and our hearts cry out for this kind of reality. Sometimes you see churches in Chicago with names like “Apostolic Church of God in Jesus’ Name # 3,” and you wonder, “What makes a church apostolic?” I answer that a church is apostolic if it follows the teaching of the apostles found in the New Testament. There were no cattle roaming in the area, so no meat. Maybe it’s your home; your car; your education, your looks; your job; your circle of friends; whatever it is, it will dry up. The valley is the place in life where we struggle everyday with fears and our hopes and painful circumstances. I’ve been THERE in abuse – and He bought me out. It may look like you will not heal; it may sound like there is no way out from abuse, misuse, disrespecting people and daunting, disturbing thoughts; it may seem like bills are mounting too high to fall down and circumstances are overwhelming. “There”. These ladies weren’t crazy, really; they just loved dogs, all dogs, even mutts. If you want to get a crowd you have to have a meal or at least you need refreshments. A place near God. Abraham didn’t know where God was sending him, but he separated from where he was. TD Jakes. To find God’s favor, baby you’ve got to allow some separation to come; there must be deviation from your usual paths and mode of travel. Sometimes it is said that the church is 20 years behind the times. It was THERE, at Calvary, that men mocked Him and dared Him to come down. You wanna be where everyone knows your name.” The show, set in a bar in Boston, resonated with viewers because it touched a need we all feel—to know and be known. We are promised an eternal abode with God. Sometimes you have to leave some things and some places; that’s separation; there will be directional changes, that’s deviation; but when you arrive “THERE”, God will let you again experience consummation. We should not be surprised at that since we’ve known for a long time that God made us as social creatures. This teaching is very threatening to many people today so it is easier to find a way around it than to deal with it. Where did that conviction come from? What more can he say than to you he hath said, to you who for refuge to Jesus have fled?”. Jesus went THERE, all the way to death and back, and then all the way from earth to glory for you and for me. If we were somehow transported back in time, we would not understand their songs or the Scripture reading or the sermon. God has some unique taxis and He can perform mind boggling acts, can’t He? As I reflected on it later, it occurred to me that almost no one asked what we had been doing for the last 20 years. Only People with HTML skills should edit. Thomas Dexter "T. D." Jakes, Sr. (born June 9, 1957) is the Apostle/Bishop of The Potter's House, a non-denominational American megachurch, with 30,000 members. No. Exodus 33:21-22. Are We There Yet? I believe the pull of the neighborhood bar is often not the alcohol but the friendship it offers. Verse 47 says that people were being saved daily and added to the church. Underneath were these words: “St. We aim to be 2000 years behind the times! The Sermon on the Mount (anglicized from the Matthean Vulgate Latin section title: Sermo in monte) is a collection of sayings and teachings attributed to Jesus Christ, which emphasizes his moral teaching found in the Gospel of Matthew (chapters 5, 6, and 7). 3. The believers were unified, Christ was magnified, and the church was multiplied. Since the days of Jeroboam, the Northern Kingdom had not had such a priest, and its kings had all been unfaithful. Are We There Yet? But you know what? The movie starred Ice Cube and Nia Long. We tell our children to obey us and that when we say to jump their only response should be to ask how high. I wasn’t even a candidate for pastor at that point—just an unknown preacher from Texas. There is a Place. Place Value: The value we put on a place after we experience the place. In verse 41 we learn that 3000 people joined the church in one day; verse 47 adds that people were being saved by the Lord and added to their number daily.
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