I do think that the CB has been upgraded starting with the 716 to really pack a punch in terms of forgiveness, but the 718 AP2 is really something special from Titleist. I did try the 716 and was assuming before I hit it that I would just naturally upgrade. The grind was inspired by the shaping of the MB and CB and is featured on the AP2, AP3 and T-MB. With the 716 CB irons, Titleist added tungsten to the design through its co-forging process.Like the 716 AP2 irons, each 716 CB long and mid iron receives its own specially designed set of tungsten weights, which are forged into the corners of the sole to boost moment of inertia (MOI), a measure of ball speed retention on off-center hits. Their goal is to improve the AP2 iron in three distinct areas: flight, forgiveness, and feel. The AP1 irons are also offered with the Aldila VS Proto-T 75 graphite shaft, which can be helpful for players with moderate and slower swing speeds. With the 716 AP1, I was consistently getting 115 to 124. The irons retail for $150 per club ($1,199 for 8 clubs). The 716 MB came stock with the DG S300. I spent a session on a launch monitor to confirm the distance. Titleist 716 AP2 Irons Tour-Proven Distance & Forgiveness Tour-Proven. 타이틀리스트 716 ap2 아이언은 투어에서 입증된 비거리, 관용성, 그리고 부드러운 단조의 타구감을 원하는 골퍼를 위한 아이언입니다. Titleist 718 AP2 Iron VS Titleist 716 AP2 Iron 2017/9/15 ゴルフ マイケル・ニュートン(Michael Newton)プロが、「タイトリスト 新 718 AP2 と 旧 716 AP2 アイアン」の比較試打レビューを行いまし … 話題のギアから新製品まで徹底試打する企画「全色試打!ギア王」。今回の調査対象は、タイトリストから新登場した「t-mb 716」アイアン。中空構造のマッスルバックで、登場してすぐにツアープロもチェンジしたという話題のクラブ。いったい、どんなアイアンなのだろう? 타이틀리스트 716 cb 아이언은 샷 컨트롤과 더불어 높은 관용성과 부드러운 단조의 타구감을 원하는 골퍼를 위한 아이언입니다. The 716 MB's are still forgiving for a blade because they raised the muscle pad on the back of the club compared to a few earlier years. First, I think you will find that the new CB is light years more forgiving than the 695 CB. Because the sets are lofted differently, the AP2 gap wedge is 50-degrees, while the AP3 gap wedge is 48-degrees. If you are between the 716 AP2 and AP1 then the big difference is the feel from the forged faces of the AP2, which give a lot more feedback and sound better too. 716 AP2. TITLEIST 716 AP2 IRONS . As for stock shafts, in the AP2 it’s the True Temper AMT Tour White, in the CB it’s the Project X LZ, in the MB it’s the Project X, … The Ascending Mass Technology (see graph below) used in the shafts for the 716 AP2 has been extended to the new AP1, AP2, and AP3 models. I’ve always been a big fan of the CB. Srixon 565/765 combo vs Titleist 716 AP2 Srixon 565/765 combo vs Titleist 716 AP2. Up to that point, i never would have thought id change, been 4 years and two sets later, i still love them, easy to work them either way, they feel smooth & PURE.. Titleist 716 CB I gamed the 716 CB for a while. I went and got fit for the 718 line, and was fit into an AP2 / AP3 combo. I have the 716cb's and love them, so I may be a little bias. I also gamed a mix set of 712 CB and MB for a while prior to that. Titleist's 716 AP2 irons will be available Oct. 23 and come standard with True Temper's Dynamic Gold AMT shafts. Again, good hits did feel different, but I got more carry with the AP1. The classic look, thin topline and great feel make it a big winner for me. I have a set in the X100's and one of the rangers at my course (not the best ball striker and in his 70s) hit my 7 iron with very solid ball flight and he said the same thing everybody else did at first that blades were too hard to hit. With the 714 AP2 PW I was getting carries of 112 to 120 at most. The reason why I wasn't fit into the CB? Tour-proven distance comes from consistent speed. Had I bought a set off the rack, with the standard shaft that the box stores have in stock, I would have been disappointed. I haven't hit the 718 yet but I own the 716. Especially the CB's! The 716 may be a bit more foregiving and perhaps be a few yards longer per club. The new CB's are going to be slightly more forgiving than the 714cb you are currently playing, and the 716 long irons are … Agreed. The theory - if the ball is in the air longer it goes further. New vs. Old – Titleist AP2 714 vs. 712 . So as per the Titleist rep in my area, starting from the 716's on the cb's are just as forgiving as the AP2's which is why i made the switch from the AP2's to the cb's that year forward. The Titleist AP2 716 Irons are one of the most underrated iron sets in the better player Irons category. cb:操作性8 ミスへの許容度4 といったところでしょうか。 hs37m/s、「ap2」でok? q.今使っている5年前くらいのマッスルバックが飛距離的にちょっと厳しくなってきたんで、ap2でいいでしょうか? たまにインテンショナルに曲げたりします。 I did go to a golf store and hit the 716 AP1 against the 716 AP2 and CB models. I was drawn to the AP3s on looks, but wanted to get fitted to see if they were worth it. The resulting forgiveness in the 716 CB irons is comparable to that in the 714 AP2 set, and the MOI is 12-percent higher in the 716 model than in the 714 CBs. Titleist 716 AP2 Irons Titleist Custom Golf Club Options Titleist offers an extensive selection of shafts, grips, specifications and other customization options to help you perform to your potential. The turf interaction of the AP2 irons is also fantastic for better players — especially those with moderate-to … Added forgiveness (and ball speed) should expand the AP2’s appeal in 2016 without compromising its Tour pedigree. From what we can see in these USGA photos, the 716 models features a slightly more aggressive aesthetic than past revisions of the AP series, but we’re certain that Titleist fans are going to like what they see from the entire lineup. I'm a consistent 10 h'cap & considering the new 716 range of AP2 or CB but have been advised to change the shaft from Rifle 5.5 to 5.0, enabling a higher launch angle. Thanks to these new tungsten caps, the 718 CB is more forgiving than the 716 AP2. The AMT is an option in the 716 and the 718. So far I have not liked the turf interaction in the AP2 vs my old Srixons, and I have see a noticeable difference in the amount of, or lack thereof, of forgiveness. 716 AP2 irons use extreme high density tungsten weighting to position the center of gravity low and perfectly aligned at impact for more speed. cbよりもap2の方が3〜5ヤード飛ぶ。 ap2よりもap3の方が12〜15ヤード飛ぶ。 cbとap3のロフト角は1番手分の差、シャフトは同じ長さ、それで15〜20ヤードも違う。 となると、、、 やっぱりap3の飛距離性能は優れている。 【打感】 やっぱりcbの打感は素晴らしい。 AP1 716. I actually played the Titleist 714 AP2 irons for the last portion of the 2014 golf season with quite a bit of success. もともとリス太がap2ではなく、cbを選んだのは、デザインの面も大きかったのですが、716から718になって、 一番変わったのはこのヘッドのデザイン でしょうね。 716ap2はヘッドの製品ロゴとタイトリストロゴがブラックで装飾されていました。 I've read where the CG is the same location and I believe offset is almost identical. Titleist's 718 AP2 irons is an upgraded version of the tour-proven consistent AP2 model that delivers 'pure forged feel' The new Titleist 718 AP2 improves upon the technology and performance that have made AP2 the gold standard of modern tour irons. I think the 714 looks way better and feels slightly better than the 716. The Titleist 716 AP2 Irons are a modest update of an established player’s iron with familiar feel and performance and a new look.. Introduction. Both the new AP2 & CB offer good feel, however the CB has better feedback IMO. I've loved my AP2's but wonder if I'm good enough to hit the CB's. MB Forged 716. 716 T-MB in 3 and 4 irons, 716 AP2's in 5 and 6 irons and 716 CB's in 7-PW. 50 Words or Less. Spin. Not only that, but it’s also quite different in look and overall design of the Irons. Feel and Forgiveness: The most advanced, solid feeling and forgiving Tour played irons Titleist has ever made. But this time I didn't bother. The 3- through 7-irons have 25 percent more tungsten in … Features and benefits of the Titletist 716 AP2 Irons: Tour-Proven: Tour-proven distance comes from consistent speed. The 716 AP2 irons don't feel any heavier to swing, but you can feel the benefit of the weight being lower down as they do feel a little more solid than the 714. Since the weather in the northeast has been fairly warm this winter I was able to hit them outside this past Friday and Saturday. The AP2 irons come with the heavier Dynamic Gold shaft, which helps to provide a more penetrating trajectory, better feedback and is more suited to stronger players. Pick Your Favorite. AP2 Forged 716. I have had all the AP2 models up to and including 714. New vs. Old – Titleist AP2 714 vs. 712. They came in last week. One thing you can’t argue with the Titleist is the compactness and solidity of their Irons.. Titleist AP2 716 Irons: Alan Unruh; December 24, 2013 July 29, 2015; 1 Comment “Precision Engineered for Advanced Performance” is Titleist’s tagline for the new 714 AP2 irons. Both myself and our two testers noted Titleist’s tungsten-laden 716 CB and 716 AP2 irons as feeling softer than the company’s 716 MB irons, which supports Ines’ stance. I had 716 AP1s, and was also conflicted because the 718 are so nice. CB Forged 716. Proper fitting is the key here. All the clubs are amazing! ... G410 FW 7 Alta CB … The muscle shaping on the back is slightly different but that is just cosmetic according to an article I read. 716 AP2 irons use extreme high density tungsten weighting to position the center of gravity low and perfectly aligned at impact for more speed. Well, Titleist had provided Spieth with a prototype set that matched the specs of his 714 AP2s, and Spieth used Titleist's new 716 AP2 irons at The Barclays last week.
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