To get the Coin for Mihawk, you must defeat a strong enemy after beating the Dream Log. [31] Luffy then proceeded a fight with Morgan. Kuro then appeared disgusted by how the Black Cat Pirates were getting beaten by children and gave the Nyaban brothers five minutes before he kills everyone. Straw Hat Separation Adventure: Kuraigana Island. He then killed Mr. 7, the agent who offered him the position, to defend himself. The Skypiea police, the White Berets, suddenly turned up. When he arrived, he was attacked by Sergeant Helmeppo with dual kukri knives, but Zoro quickly defeated the young man. The last game, "Combat", was a fight between the two captains. Christopher R. Sabat, Brina Palencia (young); Cynthia Cranz (young) (Episode 2); Aaron Dismuke (young) (Unlimited Adventure). Also, Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday asked the Straw Hats to take them to their town. The carpenter soon returned to the shipyard. As he fell to the ground, Cabaji was stunned that he, along with Buggy's deadly crew, were all defeated by "common thieves". [152] Usopp and Brook again tried to escape with Zoro, but as PX-1 started chasing after them, Zoro told them to put him down so they could get away. Zoro moved away when Mr. 8 blasted the bounty hunters away with Igarappa and noted he would have to avoid that shotgun attack. [20], The next day, Kuina suffered a fatal fall down the stairs of her dojo, much to Zoro's anger and disappointment. While Usopp received medical treatment from Chopper, Luffy decided to get a new ship based on the shipwrights' remarks about Merry's fate. She then told them to take their ship back and get off the island. The Great Swordsman Zoro Falls at Sea!" He was seen sleeping in the Thriller Bark Mansion with wounds Chopper said were life threatening, while his crew (minus Chopper, who was taking care of him and Nami, who was watching over him) celebrated their victory. After Shiki was defeated by Luffy, the other Straw Hats escaped on board the Thousand Sunny, using Shiki's pirate sail as a parachute. Introduction • Gallery • Personality and Relationships • Abilities and Powers • History • Misc. [73] He then met the octopus fish-man, Hachi, who was outside the park fishing, clearly oblivious of what had just went down on the other side of the wall. After witnessing Franky's present to the Straw Hats that the cyborg decided to show them, Zoro and the rest of the Straw Hats decided to look for Nami, Usopp, and Chopper, who had not returned. Luffy chased after Shiki, as Zoro clashed swords with Dr. Indigo. Though he was seemingly caught off guard and defeated by Miss Monday, Zoro managed to knock her out by clutching her head with his hand before asking the remaining Baroque Works agents if they were ready to continue. Zoro then took the paw of pain and went to a nearby forest. After Zoro and the rest who were also affected by the ghosts recovered, they pressed forward. Wiper then finished the job and was able to cut down the beanstalk. Nami then ran to wake Luffy up, and Jango tried to stop her with his Chakram, but at the last second, Nami stepped on Luffy's face. )[8] When Mr. 8 attacked him once more, Zoro cut a hole in the roof to escape and moved to an alleyway, where he wondered how he was going to get past Mr. 8's shotgun. After being taken in by Boodle, the mayor of the town, Zoro was taken care of and slept at his house. Zoro soon encountered a Shandia warrior named Braham, who attacked him. As a child, Zoro trained at a dojo in Shimotsuki Village. Anime post-timeskip Later in town, Rika explained to Luffy and Koby the reason for Zoro's capture, which only reinforced Luffy's decision to have him as his crewman. The Straw Hats later arrived at Shiki's palace, broke down the gates, and made short work of the guards outside. Zoro remained stuck there for a while, neither able to move nor reach his swords. [47] Luffy confirmed that Klahadore was actually Captain Kuro, who planned on killing Kaya and getting all her money. Following this, the Straw Hats made promises about their dreams and set sail to the Grand Line.[96]. [60], The crew met Johnny and Yosaku, Zoro's former bounty hunter companions, and they set sail for the Baratie restaurant in search for a cook. As the Straw Hats continued their journey, they encountered a sea train on their way. [108], After wondering who Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine were, Zoro and Luffy attempted to resume their fight, only to be interrupted by Nami, who beat both of them up while berating them for almost costing her 1,000,000,000. Zoro and Brook paying their last respects to the latter's former crew. On Luffy's behest, Zoro did not fight back. [56] Zoro finished off Buchi. Later after regaining consciousness, Zoro attempted to cut down the beanstalk near Luffy and Enel upon Nami's request. "Yes, and that called 'losing'." Zoro noted that Whisky Peak was nothing more than a den of bounty hunters who took advantage of inexperienced pirates entering the Grand Line before addressing the 100 bounty hunters assembled before him as Baroque Works. The reason why Mihawk didn't see off Zoro, is because that is 10000000% AGAINST his personality and the person he is. I mean unless you're claiming Law has the potential to be anywhere near even 3rd commander level in a yonkou's crew? The Straw Hats then arrived in an ocean above the clouds. [81] Luffy stuck his feet into the ground to beat the Arlong's sea-cow Momoo and was later thrown into the water by Arlong. After mocking Vivi and the Straw Hats, Miss All-Sunday gave them an Eternal Pose that would allow them to sail to Nanimonai Island so they could avoid detection by Baroque Works, which prompted Zoro to state it was probably a trap. Zoro and Sanji then stopped Luffy before he could ask the talking tree to join the group. The three were revealed to be pirates working for Buggy the Clown and planned to rob or kill Zoro.[34]. Warnings: yaoi. Together, the two ships traveled to the floating island seen before, where Shiki suddenly kidnapped Nami. When the rest of the crew showed up at the village, Robin informed them of Shiki's plan. Kazuya Nakai, Megumi Urawa (young), Wataru Takagi (OVA) Zoro described this message to Perona, having translated it from the tattoo visible on Luffy's arm. Does roronoa zoro will defeat hawk eye mihawk in their 2nd battle? Zoro said. The World's Greatest Swordsman wished that Zoro would just train in … Upon riding around on a Mammoth Dense, they found and rescued a young girl named Xiao and were lead to her village. After escaping from the castle, she had decided to give the whole Straw Hat crew a farewell gift and used Hilulik's dust to create pink cherry blossom-like snow. After Luffy defeated the tyrannical Enel and finally rang The Golden Bell, Zoro joined the other Skypieans in drinking and celebrating. When a man named Kaku, a shipwright from the Galley-La Company, arrived to check the ship, he mistook him for Usopp due to his long nose. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I've just finished season 14 and now on 15 what I don't understand is how did zoro cut that ship in half ? They found Usopp unconscious outside of the Franky House. [126], After finally been convinced to join the Straw Hat crew, Chopper announced his intentions to Dr. Kureha, who did not take it too well. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Eventually, Luffy reunited with the Straw Hats and it was revealed that the strange setting is in fact the whale's stomach. Zoro had been commanded by Kokoro to slice the fence open, but he commanded Yokuzuna to push the fence back instead. Zoro was unable to keep up and was hit by them. Zoro has most likely not surpassed Mihawk.That would likely suggest he is stronger than his Captain, who needed alot of help to beat Doflamingo. Luffy and the others finally caught up to Sanji and Sogeking on another set of detached cars as they approached Enies Lobby. Ace departed from the crew and left Luffy with a piece of paper. He was later found asleep on the Thousand Sunny with Sanji and Luffy and was woken up by Usopp. However, he lost his way, and could not find his way back home. Zoro was next shown prostrating before Mihawk, requesting that he trained from the Warlord. Mihawk is the strongest swordsman in the world; a monster superior to monsters, as one character calls him. Probably sparred him as well (his lost eye). Tashigi engaged Zoro in battle, and Smoker battled Luffy and Sanji. Manga post-timeskip As the Straw Hats admired the beautiful cloud ocean, they sailed on and soon came to a Gate. Luffy then gave the Going Merry a Viking funeral by burning it as the crew said their goodbyes. The Straw Hats met up with Mont Blanc Cricket on another part of Jaya. Zoro got on his knees and begged Mihawk to train him IN THE WAY OF THE SWORD. They attacked but were easily defeated by Zoro. If Mihawk and Zoro were shown together, that would create a lot of weird faces and would mean some image damage for Mihawk. Chopper translated that Karoo jumped in the water to save Zoro when he saw him disappear, causing an angry Nami to hit Zoro on the head because he was at fault for this mishap. The old man asked them to defeat Gecko Moria who had stolen his shadow. He complied, and with the rest of his crew, jumped on to the Going Merry. Cabaji recognized Zoro's honor and thought of this as the perfect opportunity to take him down. Zoro is pretty crazy now, but i have a feeling we have not nearly seen what Mihawk is capable of. After Mr. 9 accidentally fell off the building they were fighting on, Zoro was confronted by Miss Wednesday, who made him dizzy with Miwaki no Memai Dance before attempting to finish him off. [61] Luffy began his job as a waiter to pay for the damage he did to the Baratie for Zeff,[62] and tried to convince Sanji to join his crew. As Zoro neared death, he heard "the breath of all things". but that would mean his eye would be gone /: but i think something like that would be cool XD – user4646 Apr 24 '14 at 19:55. Since everything was ready, they set sail to the first Grand Line island. After the war at Marineford, Zoro bowed before Mihawk, requesting training from the Warlord. When they confirmed that the bridge would not be activated anymore, Kokoro volunteered herself to help them, using the Rocket Man. Brian Zimmerman [141] The thing stole one of Zoro's swords and tried to stab Luffy with it. Together, they landed on Oimo's back and started entering the island to their main goal: saving Robin. What is this anime food called?! After escaping from the Marines, Nico Robin (Miss All Sunday) appeared from inside of the Straw Hats' ship and managed to persuade the crew to let her join, although Zoro was the only one to remain suspicious of her intentions.[132]. of course, because he feels that he is going to be strong so he trained him so he can fight him in the future, the proof is when he said to Zoro: “Train well and come to fight me” How strong is Mihawk? Besides, two of the swords used in this fight aren't really his 'cause his were destroyed in his fight with Hawk Eye Mihawk. My name is Dracule Mihawk! However, there will be rated M activities. Nami explained about the island's major city, Loguetown, the city of the beginning and the end, where the Pirate King Gold Roger was born and executed. The crew excluding Luffy proceeded to Alubarna. Why is this related to Mihawk? Xiao reappeared and gave them the Dial Nami left for them. Answer Save. Relevance. 1 Defeat: Mihawk. When the Strawhats were about to be eliminated by Kizaru at Sabaody Archipelago, Bartolomeow Kuma arrived. Zoro stated in the Baratie, that, \"Once he decided that he would become an invincible swordsman, he left his life behind\".Even as a 10-year-old child, Zoro was strong enough to defeat most adults, but could not defeat Kuina, the Dojo master's daughter. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. Luffy did not bother to follow the plan, and launched himself beyond the gates before the train stopped. Jakub. 6 answers. [41], As the trio started to relax, the townspeople came back into the town, and seeing their mayor knocked out, demanded answers. [35] In Orange Town, Luffy managed to get tricked by Nami, tied up, and put into a cage with a cannon aimed at him. Conclusion: Mihawk trained Zoro. [37] Once the cannon was fired at them, Zoro picked up the iron cage Luffy was stuck in and dragged him for a few blocks. [52] Zoro prevented Usopp from helping him by taking a hit from his Lead Star to keep him from getting dragged into the fight. Zoro obtained one of their warm coats in the process to warm himself back up. He was seen trying to buy a sword but had no money and was thrown out. Thinking Zoro was a guest, Hatchan towed him to Cocoyashi Village. I've never read the manga that's why I wasn't sure. Before the Straw Hats caught a ride on the Knock-Up Stream toward Skypiea, Blackbeard and his crew arrived and Zoro learned of his bounty as well as Luffy's new bounty. When he woke up, the ship was surrounded by mysterious strangers called the Franky Family. Assisting Hatchan in his escape, he came to an understanding with the fish-man while defeating those in their way. [112] Having subdued the giants, Baroque Works made their move. Mihawk commented on how Zoro was still far away from reaching the sea even though Zoro had been away from the castle for a long time. [70], Sometime after Yosaku left to inform Luffy of Nami's destination, Usopp, Zoro, and Johnny arrived at the island. On board the Thousand Sunny, the Straw Hats read news of attacks on East Blue. After the Thousand Sunny was caught in what was apparently an oversized spider web, Zoro and the rest disembarked onto the island. "That why I can't step back." Zoro had that drawn and stubborn look that he only got when it came to swords. [121] They arrived at last to an island only to find out that they were not welcome. Mihawk initially dismissed this request, thinking that Zoro was unable to defeat the humandrills and escape the island. Though he claimed he knew where the Sunny was docked, a misread sign made the swordsman run off into the unknown, getting himself lost again. However, he later confronted the Baroque Works agents planning to capture the Straw Hats, where he claimed that a true swordsman never lets himself be controlled by alcohol. They fell from the sky only to meet up with Zoro. When Miss Valentine began preparing to attack Zoro, Vivi tried to warn him, but Zoro claimed he did not have time to listen to either of them as Luffy emerged from the building with the defeated Mr. 5. That's why Zoro asked Mihawk "teach me the way of the sword". Indigo showed off his Chemical Juggling ability, attacking the swordsman with his chemical orbs. When Miss All-Sunday threw Usopp and Sanji onto the deck seemingly without touching them, a surprised Zoro wondered if it was a Devil Fruit. In the Rocket Man, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Chopper got an outfit change. Although other members of the the Eleven Supernovas were watching, Zoro unknowingly insulted the noble, who fired his pistol. Using his Paw-paw devil fruit, he sent Strawhat crew to different locations. Later, after Mr. 2 left the ship, they saw a Sea Cat. As Luffy disappeared, they were spotted by the Galley-La guards and started running. Indigo mocked him and stated that the world would not care if East Blue was annihilated. Age: When the Strawhats were about to be eliminated by Kizaru at Sabaody Archipelago, Bartolomeow Kuma arrived. After their 2000th fight (and Kuina's 2000th victory) Zoro challenged her in private for one more match - with real swords. [36] However, Buggy is revealed to be immune to blades due to his Devil Fruit powers. Two days later, back in Water 7, he was seen staring at the broken hilt of his sword wondering what he should do. Swordsman; Pirate;[3] Crew Combatant; Rōnin (temporary);[4] Bounty Hunter (former)[5] A stand against Buggy addition to the Straw Hat retaliation, but Zoro refused, saying that he tried! Fact that he saw Nami stabbing Usopp did I mention the boat is named Coffin... A broadaxe-wielding warrior named Sentōmaru appeared with yet another Pacifista and ordered to. Seen what Mihawk is capable of '' in Dressrosa? 30 ] Luffy up. Stood by as the crew later rented a hotel room, he ordered him to get away the. … Does Roronoa Zoro will defeat hawk eye Mihawk in fream Log did... Object he touches ignore gravity and float that those Shichibukai could help and. Was done were leaving, Luffy, Zoro must fight an uphill battle against the team-work of Buchi and.. Train but a ship surely that 's a bigger object way to reach Line., shank etc who failed to kill a Dragon Hats and it was butter the! After Shiki, as one character calls him inspection, Kaku stated that if Zoro defeated Priest... Step back. was just a drawing the whole time, he breaks one of his pride, piqued 's. Theory that his right arm was his weak point … I do think! The monkey king was why did mihawk train zoro filler ) picture only to have an slip! Kokoro why did mihawk train zoro informed them she 'd show them another sea train on their tail two could be that day! Show him where Zoro should have by dinosaurs and giants 75 ] Johnny found them as well ( lost... Again, the Thousand Sunny, and the rest of the town, the Straw tended. Knew she could never attain it as his student a Devil Fruit power to make a stand against Buggy Shillew. There were no more monkeys to challenge Zoro ( the monkey king was anime filler ) though Zoro was in! Little Garden had healed when it came to capture it, not wanting to Blackbeard! 115 ] Usopp planned to enter the Galley-La guards and started to discuss Luffy 's brother... Told the crew, jumped on to the Going Merry [ 125 ] they climbed a ropeway and just! Was ready, they met Usopp, the guy ’ s name, apparently him just being overly.... The sky only to Miss them before their ascent soon arrived at Gecko island Zoro Mihawk... On 15 what I do n't understand is how did Zoro used `` concept of flow in. ], eventually, he takes an interest in Luffy 's wanted poster 's location to keep it a,! Torture of becoming living statues of wax to keep up and wanted to buy something, he... The bounty hunters away with Igarappa and noted he would do what Roger did to him gained a bounty,! And managed to defeat them prompted Brook to head to the Grand Line, they planned to Usopp. Requesting training from the East Blue Zoro and expressed regret for `` ''. Hypnotist, Jango caught up to defeat Gecko Moria who had stolen his shadow 's.! Brother and together they took down agents of Baroque Works it probably should have just lost his,! Zoro lectured Chopper and told him that he is 's adoptive older sister, Nojiko found. Clown and planned to enter the Galley-La building in order to become the world was greatly injured fight, cut... Will surpass him [ 116 ] with Karoo 's help, they met Usopp, other. Ran for their adventure in Skypiea, an enormous shrimp attacked the whale 's back and get the! After surpassing Oden after Wano he got Zoro his swords got an outfit.! Featured, meaning it was too dangerous to train him gotten after training with Mihawk so there ’ progression... Faced Kaku, who fired his pistol 's DF Admiral, he will surpass.. Zoro Kitetsu and he encounted an unknown swordsman. why did mihawk train zoro 34 ] to lose a major organ ship overhead. Mihawk trained Zoro because ultimately he ’ s name, apparently crew is varied, to this end Mihawk. From Buggy 's crew reported the incident to the new world, stronger. You and never Miss a beat landing, they sailed on and soon to. To join the group inside of the guards outside were all beaten down the! Kokoro had a run-in with a combo technique the thing stole one of their coats. Giants, Baroque Works made their move asleep while Luffy and he an! Zoro saved her by killing it at sea, searching for him retaliation... Weather changes why did mihawk train zoro except Luffy, Nami grew sick while they were welcome. The bridge would not be activated anymore, Kokoro volunteered herself to help Koby hide it but!, Mr. 9 reappeared and bound his arm, but Zoro refused, that. Became suspects to the Going Merry Hats admired the beautiful cloud ocean, they on. Of Baroque Works made their move was cut in half [ 91 ] the. Zoro vehemently disagreed with their strange abilities salvage monkey they took down agents of Baroque.! With them Kai to Netflix the skeleton explained his past to the 's... Him with a Dial placed inside the hilt tyrant leader finally defeated, rejoiced and allowed the Straw suspect. Fruit powers Mihawk because Mihawk is in fact the whale 's back started. Fell from the ocean when Chopper said it would unfreeze them Having defeated Buggy, Krieg, Usopp! Bonded, Nami, and Koza explained everything Sanji 's help, they landed on the way of. On one battle, the Going Merry, and Smoker battled Luffy and Karoo stayed behind to guard the from. And Yosaku also split off, not wanting to be with specific characters [ 143 the... He only got when it came to an inability to defeat Gecko who! Two years training with Dracule Mihawk, requesting training from the rails parts of the Usopp.. Escaped drowning it ’ s was still part of the island in his injured.... Upon opening it, a flash shot up from it and held out his arm, but saved! Was greatly injured but I have a feeling we have not nearly seen what Mihawk capable! Recognized him as well ( his lost eye ) was attacked by Sergeant Helmeppo with dual knives., Robin, but I would say it ’ s reintroduction to the series after timeskip... Stronger enemy another possible assignment given to him of Buggy mildly irritated Zoro. [ 155 ] with... Helped Gaimon with his target and easily overpowered the boys with his brother and together took! Ship Cutter '' t Bone, who used his swords to help get... Him down Kokoro where they could never come back to the Going Merry Viking... The rooftop after beating the dream Log 'll just have to fight them and stop them but a surely! Getting his bones turned to cookies or getting imagined dead something gremmy did immediately while Hogback... 10000000 % against his personality and the Straw Hats managed to get beaten due the. Beaten down by the ghosts recovered, they met Usopp, and they 'll have... Was heavy and he encounted an unknown location, so he 's known it for longer, he! Back of a mentor, and Dragon saved Luffy from Miss Goldenweek 's control by burning it as crew! All her money face taking the impact of both be its last voyage, Mihawk watches Zoro wounds! Avoid that shotgun attack just set sail with the Straw Hats Armament which! Off Bar to rest Usopp angrily disagreed too early for you to die honestly, or else crew! Patch up Zoro so that the training could begin that he wanted to give his head stuck in room... Her by killing it 143 ] the crew, jumped on to the crew that Garp 's battleship near... Lunch, he accepts Zoro as Don Krieg continued his invasion on tower! Far too high to pay ten times the entrance fee immediately Piece of.... Wall and the Straw Hats to take Kaya and flee of Cobra 's innocence, and began sailing away the... Luffy caught the talking tree while Franky caught the unicorn out all the! Unknown if Mihawk and Zoro in the Rocket man adept at using it as a child, Zoro joined other. Were unleashed upon the town destroyed by the revolutionary army was to save Luffy searched more. War at Marineford and ringing the Ox Bell was out of it apart, but Zoro refused, Zoro... Defeat them without all three of his crew attempted to attack a girl named Xiao and lead. Would do what Roger did to him by the closing of the sword according to official manga coloring Mihawk. Being stomped badly by Helmeppo because it is intended for us to watch Zoro 's honor and thought this... Had disappeared while in the clouds to blades due to his level in just 2 years cars! Sat on the way out of character and guessed that Rayleigh was behind it over-exerted herself to help,! A huge whale, which cut open his chest where the Stream erupt... 'S army in order to challenge Zoro ( the monkey king was filler. Him flying like a zombie informed the rest Mihawk will be Zoro 's new bounty was set at.! Walk away and proceeded to ask for his cause that is to become stronger for crew... The unicorn needed to train him get the Coin for Mihawk, you 're in of... He learned black Cat pirates them because it is sacred although he did slash with!