(15 PICS) ... As French regiments marched through Marseilles on their way to Africa, an onlooker (Jérôme Barzotti) epitomizes the reaction of the fallen nation as the exiled troops leave the country. “The Simpsons” visited Cincinnati Sunday, featuring several prominent city landmarks. In the eighth episode of the long-running animated sitcom’s 32nd season – … It was directed by Mark Kirkland and was the final episode written by John Swartzwelder.The episode sees the Simpson family travel to the United Kingdom for vacation. 4:00. "The Simpsons" will no longer use White actors to voice non-White characters, according to the show's producers. … This article interrogates the Americanization/cultural imperialism thesis’ presumptions about the textual encoding of “America” by examining the semiotics and reception of notions of America in the global hit television program, The Simpsons.While in recent years, the cultural imperialism thesis has been both questioned and revised from a variety of angles, … But the shudder that runs through a Tanzanian tribesman when Homer exclaims that “the Simpsons are going to Africa… The Simpsons Lovers. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 23, 2003. The scary images the country saw Wednesday after pro-Trump rioters infiltrated Capitol Hill and the Senate chamber have already become commonplace as … Africa: Simpsons to Succession - Pop Culture's Evil Corporations. The Simpsons has made some eerily accurate predictions over the years - but the worst could be set to come in 2021. The yuppie caricature became a go-to villain in … October 18, 2020. Lisa used to receive a letter from Ronaldo every month, but that recently stopped and according to personnel at the … CNN's Christiane Amanpour has the story. "The Regina Monologues" is the fourth episode of The Simpsons' fifteenth season. In the episode, the Simpson family goes to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in search of a Brazilian orphan named Ronaldo whom Lisa has been sponsoring. “The Simpsons” Have Recreated Tons Of Famous Photos! For the first time, The Simpsons will be available for all Chinese to see. "Blame It on Lisa" is the fifteenth episode of the thirteenth season of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons. Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons is the 1999 soundtrack album from The Simpsons.It takes many of the musical numbers from the series which were either not included in the previous album, Songs in the Key of Springfield, or were created since the previous album's release.The album has 53 tracks, most of which were written by Alf Clausen.It was well received by critics, … There, they meet several celebrities including … The Simpsons- Principal Skinner gets fired. The FOX animated series "The Simpsons" has ramped up its effort to push partisan politics, this time in the show's 31st Treehouse of Horror Halloween special, which shows viewers 50 reasons why voters should not re-elect President Donald Trump. 5 January 2021.