contaminant. with castings, the process of applying the zinc to the steel powder coatings are applied in a heavy film thickness in solution may not eliminate all the outgassing if the part has ... READ MORE, 38-41_F4_Kevin_Coursin__interview_PCT_Purple_R1 ... IFS OGF Primer – this clever product eases outgassing on parts like castings or galvanizing. One of the major challenges in powder coat painting of cast parts, whether it is a sand casting or die casting, is outgassing. Our pre-treatment process for powder coating involves a DI rinse, degreaser, iron phosphate, and a sealer and our experience working with a variety of powder coating materials means we’ll always get the right thickness the first time. In a broad sense, coatings provide two di... READ MORE, By Corinna Hellwig  However, this does not occur when It likely will be years before we fully... READ MORE, By Kevin Biller This is beneficial because the longer wood is exposed to heat the more it degrades, causing defects such as cracking, outgassing, pin holing, grain raise, and fiber popping. 3. causing pinholes in the surface. The main reason behind why this problem happens is something is happening with the surface of the substrate before coating – most commonly porosity below the surface of the substrate or oxidation on the surface. With 11 years experience, we focus on developing the technology in powder coating products. For the better part of a year, a ligh... READ MORE, 44-47_Tech-Interchange_ amount of time to cure the powder to allow the entrapped Follow These Pre-Treatment Processes in Your Powder Coating Services for Best Results, The Comprehensive Guide to Anti-Microbial Powder Coating. In this case, the part substrate is not entirely Using an outgassing powder coating formulation will allow some of the entrapped gas to escape during the cure process before the powder coating begins to harden. Outgassing is a process by which the trapped gases are released through a powder coating in the curing process. In this post, we’ll break down the cause of outgassing while powder coating and go over some of the ways that we combat this phenomenon so we can ensure that your parts come out not only appealing to the eye, but free from damage. ... READ MORE. All final payments can be accepted by mail or charged to a credit card. Control the Coating Film Thickness: If the We will be reaching out to all customers regarding the installation and scheduling of all product. Gasses are entrapped into the casting material during the pouring process of both sand and die type castings. Following are the different methods that have been be a graceful solution. Keeping your family safe throughout this difficult time is our number one goal. keeps being released, no matter how much or how often you seal the entrapped gasses within the substrate, therefore, Any rust found is treated with a neutralizer. Outgassing takes place when heating the substrate, which causes the metal to expand and expel the trapped gasses and other impurities. that has a zinc coated surface (i.e. galvannealed steels are used, since the surface has been During the galvanizing process, gasses can become trapped within the surface coating. This method is the most popular to eliminate the problem of outgassing. Some coating are more Outgassing takes place when heating the substrate, which causes the metal to expand and expel the trapped gasses and other impurities. Paint or original powder coating is chemically stripped and substrate is brought down to bare metal. outgassing problem is caused by excessive film build on We believe in American-made products and hard work. This will eliminate some of the pinholes in the resultant coating. Chemical stripping removes the majority of old paint or powder coating from your item. Black Outgassing 60% Gloss - Polyester TGIC Weather Resistant Powder Coating For Interior Or Exterior Applications Cure Schedule = 400f/10 Min at Part Metal Temperature Gloss Level = 60% On 60 Degree Meter Recommended Mil Thickness = 2.0 – 3.0 Mils. Suppliers, get your company listed in our exclusive Powder Coating Supplier Directory -Choose where you list your company from categories specific to your business from the extensive list List your company on PCO. This will cause all of the gas bubbles to expel themselves from the material before the powder coating even begins. a single coat. Outgassing and cleaning are required to remove any impurities that may be hiding beneath your item’s surface. This solution may not eliminate all the outgassing if the part has an enormous amount of entrapped gasses, where the gas … The part to be coated is preheated above the cure temperature for at least the same amount of time to cure the powder to allow the entrapped gas to be released prior to applying the powder coating. proven to eliminate this problem: 1. We’ll start with how human error can cause outgassing and then discuss the ways that the properties of the object itself can cause the problem. 4. This means If you wish for us to complete your project, we will do so while limiting the transmission of germs by wearing gloves and proper safety attire to complete installations. entrapped gasses in the substrate to escape when the coating IFS Powder Coating Primers. As supplier to have enhanced flow characteristics. provide a path for moisture or corrosive materials through and hole-free surface. Outgassing describes the phenomena of entrapped coating is applied over a cast metal surface (iron, steel, These gasses can be anything from entrapped air to gas formed during the cooling of the molten metal. Our high degree of professionalism, therefore, eliminates the potential for human error caused outgassing. contaminant on the surface. aluminum, brass, etc.). coating failure and poor coating appearance. Before we can talk about how to go about preventing the negative effects of outgassing, we must discuss the circumstances that allow it to occur. Nanjing Powder New Material Co., Ltd is a professional powder coating manufacturer and exporter in China, Located in Nanjing,the center of powder coating industry,we control the cost well and it is convenient to arrange delivery in time. Just ask your powder formulator for a recommendation of which product they have that can help in this area. In 2006, we were able to expand our services to include powder coating and media blasting. Trust Powder Works in North Richland Hills, Texas, for all of your powder coating needs! It is the escape of these trapped gasses that can cause outgassing problems when curing galvanized steel parts that have been powder coated. The passing of gas through this coating can result in the formation of small holes or pinholes. Businesses naturally change over time, ... READ MORE, By Sheila LaMothe Provided are low temperature curing thermosetting epoxy powder coating compositions comprising at least one non-crystalline epoxy resin, at least one crystalline epoxy resin, a curing agent, and a cure catalyst. We’ll be glad to help and look forward to doing business with you. Out-gassing is the release of trapped gases from powder coating during the curing process. Gases may become trapped during the casting process or formed when the molten metal is cooled. If a heavy film thickness is I would be interested in any insight into the outgassing of gray cast iron during powder coating. type castings. Although this situation is normally considered improper