I use a bit of vodka or rubbing alcohol to my sprays because they help the essential oils and water to mix more thoroughly, and helps the homemade air freshener to dry faster. I assume you’re referring to my recipe for homemade air freshener gel? If you want, vary the scent based on the season. thank you SO much for this information, I simply LOVE your blog! This DIY citrus-infused air freshener is for you, Daisy! I used the right amount of oils drops and Water and alchool, but when i came back in thé bathroom ans almost fell on the Floor cause IT was slippery. my fav citrus scent for sure. Plus, look at that diffuser. I bought my spray bottle today, off to make #2 –only because I have no vodka on hand…I figured red wine wouldn’t have the same effect . Your air freshener recipe might do the trick for me, will test it out later today ! It’s delicious! Only the dark colored ones may be. To make this one of the safe air fresheners, you will need half a cup of baking soda, essential oil, a mason jar, tapestry needle, scrapbook paper, a pair of scissors, and a pen. It’s an easy one to follow in case you like to add simple little pops of colour to your home at every opportunity as well. But your comment made everything clear. I keep one in each vehicle and at my desk at work. In my personal opinion, purchase what you feel is going to rock your world I am going to continue to get my oils at my health food store. In a separate bowl, add 1/2 cup water and color with food coloring. To use it as an air freshener, find a misting spray bottle or atomizer. An alternative to alcohol, vodka or vanilla is witch hazel. Sprays You can make your own orange peel air freshener right in your kitchen. Herbs make a great natural air freshener, making your car smell pleasant and fresh. Blessings (RSA), I saved the labels, but since it is in pdf format I can’t seem to edit it. That’s it! How to Use Vinegar as an Air Freshener . Will keep you posted on the results! It does a brilliant job of deodorizing garbage cans and diaper pails. You can make it look more like the typical homemade gel air freshener you’d buy at the store by taking a spoon and mixing it all up to put air pockets inside the jar. I am really impressed by your blog. i have been reading so many comments of some people who were cured from various diseases by Dr andrew but i never believed them. Isn’t tea tree oil a super NO NO for pets in the house? […] https://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2013/06/homemade-air-fresheners.html […], […]  Aura Cacia or Make Your Own with Essential […], […] your own air freshener or room sprays. The vinegar smell should go away fairly quickly. I am 41 and have four children, three of which are still at home. It’s amazing how many places you forget to clean. When making Air freshener for home use, you can make use of the age-long Vinegar. My sprays work great and smell wonderful. THANK YOU. How much of gelatine is in one packet?im asking for the recipe of air freshner gels. I’m using equal parts water & witch hazel, and essential oils for fragrance. Remove Wick. Homemade Air Freshener Gel: I wanted to share my experience with making these easy and useful Air Freshener Gels. Hi Jill does the vodka act as a preservative? Add the gelatin and stir until dissolved. Creating a Room in a Home that is Fragrant and Comfortable Air fresheners add a pleasant dimension to the room. All of my air freshener recipes will fill an 8oz spray bottle. There are a couple different methods that you can use to create the air freshener on your own. I fixed it, so it should work now. Could u please tell me how so I can get to your site? And it’s so simple, easy and quick to make. Do they ever expire? Liquid potpourri can be purchased next to scented candles, and comes in a few standard scents. How To Make Your Own Plug-in Air Freshener- Step By Step. However, a simple glass spray bottle like this one works as well and I like to keep them on hand for these recipes as well as my DIY after-sun spray or laundry spot remover). I cannot tolerate the fake smells it gives me a head ache and puts me in a bad mood… I use food grade emulsifier and always use a glass bottle because I spray it on myself lol… really i do… my fav is sweet orange and lavender, i spray that on my pillow. October 22, 2020 by Katie Berry | 14 Comments. These fresheners can be made cheaply and to your specifications on size, shape and scent. Homemade Air Freshener Using Essential Oils. Ev, I am looking for recipes to refill my plug in air freshener . You can also add just a touch of liquid vegetable glycerin to the bottle to help mix the oils with the water. Hi there, You’ve done an incredible job. Make your own natural air freshener spray with simple, non-toxic ingredients. It’s much more flammable than vodka. A TV star has revealed how to make an air freshener for your home that “costs pennies”. Thank you for the kind words, Liz! DIY Scented Gel Air Freshener Recipe ⋆ Dream a Little Bigger Amazing ideas. As research is starting to show, commercial cleaning products and air fresheners significantly contribute to indoor air pollution. I completely understand the concern, and you’re spot on figuring out that the vodka is in there for evaporative purposes. Drops of essential oils straight on the balls. So how should you deal with bad smells in your house? Similar Posts You Might Like. I want to try this but I don’t want to potentially ruin my furniture or carpet. You want a fine mist as it will produce tinier droplets with more surface area to remove the odor-causing molecules from the air. I think vodka is a better choice, if you have to make your own air fresheners. That is SO special Cheryl! Where are the print labels? Cut the circle out and punch holes in the cardboard using a small nail. While lemon juice does neutralize baking soda, that’s only relevant when we’re trying to use the baking soda for cleaning. That is very interesting. Can you store these air fresheners in a plastic bottle? Thank you for sharing. Rotate the reeds daily and refill as needed. (You may need to shake for 1-2 minutes.) The scent goes away when it dries. I like #2 in the fall and winter; the cloves and vanilla give the house such a warm, spicy smell. These type of sprays usually don’t last super long, unfortunately. A cozy aroma that will make you think of sipping your favorite cup of tea by the fireplace on a chilly night. It has many of the same properties and is more natural. I can’t wait to try these! I did try one teaspoon of epsom salts in the body wash and it ” lumped up” and I felt it was not optimal. You can capture the fragrance of a plant in water using a stove top method of distillation. I am regular reader, how are you everybody? Before reaching for an air freshener that may contain potentially harmful ingredients to you and the planet (and yes, even some of the so-called "natural" air fresheners are a concern as well), take a deep breath and consider using a do-it-yourself, green alternative. Stir in 4 packages of unflavored gelatin (e.g., Knox) until dissolved. These types of fragrances emit hazardous air pollutants that can damage your liver, central nervous system, and kidney. … This won’t leave oil spots around my house will it? I just love the scent of grapefruit in a house. Here the sky is the limit. Add 10-20 drops of essential oil or other concentrated fragrance. Thanks so much . With some salt, a few oranges, and a spoon, you will have a natural air freshener for your home in less than 10 minutes. Question… When you make the air freshener #1, do you ever double or even triple the recipe? Although reaching for that shiny Glade air freshener is an easy way to cover up odors, or scent the air in your home, most commercial scent products are full of chemicals that contribute to unhealthy indoor air and often just mask an underlying problem. This the brand of essential oils I’ve used exclusively for 8 years. I did another blood test one week ago and it was still Herpes negative. Hello, can you use pink alcohol instead of rubbing alcohol? Your email address will not be published. hm.. kinda interesting idea.. never made any air freshener by myself before.. Can you recommend a recipe that is pet-safe? Most of them are natural and rather inexpensive, too. Your lists are so helpful and your homemade cleaning supplies make me feel so much better when it comes to family and pet exposure. A cute label added to a simple spray bottle make these a great addition to your gift basket. You can find them in the mop and broom aisle, and everything else you need to tackle your cleaning at Walmart. In a reed diffuser: Fill a bottle or jar 3/4 of the way with your preferred homemade air freshener. you can start the production for sale or make it in small quantity for personal use. As far as I know they are not harmful to carpet or fabrics. In my first test, I added bergamot and grapefruit essential oils to the plaster prior to pouring into the mold. As a room spray: To use any of these, add them to a spray bottle and mist the air. Because some essential oils have the tendency to break down plastic, if I am going to consume a blend, I always, always keep it in a glass container. Once you get the desired intensity of aroma, you can stop adding the herbs. Wow! This is so simple and inexpensive. Wanted to let you know so that you can fix it. Cheap air fresheners often do not do their job and smell terrible. If desired, add food coloring to tint your gel. How to make a spray air freshener to remove odors quickly? You will love how simple this is and how you can use it in many different areas. To deodorize the air, I’d recommend diffusing lemon essential oil or Purify blend. Really? You don't have to keep buying air fresheners. The baking soda absorbs bad odors while the essential oils create a pleasing aroma.