Du weißt mehr über den Inhalt von Deadtime Stories? | Edit Information. Your Rating: 0/10. Deadtime Stories is an anthology series based on the goosebump-inducing book series of the same name by Annette and Gina Cascone. An obsessed admirer systematically slaughters her models (occasionally increasing the magazine's output) and supplies the mistress with ... See full summary ». Dare to fly A baby-sitter tells a different scary and chilling 'Deadtime Story' to the kids she is babysitting. George A. Romero - Deadtime Stories ein Film von Michael Fischa und Jeff Monahan mit George A. Romero, Bjorn Ahlstedt. With Jennifer Stone, Piper Reese, Grace Kaufman, Jadon Sand. So, to tell the truth, the first reason I wanted to see this film was to see that actor from FAMILY TIES in a gross-out horror film. This segment is the best of the three stories, and maybe if the other two stories had been as strong(and funny), the overall film would've been better.As it stands, however, DEADTIME STORIES isn't exactly the best way to spend 90 minutes. In "Quota," a pair of young lovers drive to Lovers' Leap, only to be attacked by a mysterious creature. A babysitting uncle tells his charges three horror stories - about a killer witch, Little Red Riding Hood and a werewolf, and "Goldi Lox" and the three bears. Add to List. Popularity #99999. Report. A baby-sitter tells a different 'Deadtime Story' to the kids she is babysitting. 1. Fact or fiction, we don’t know, but it will creep you the F out. Deadtime Stories erschien 2009. An anthology of three horror stories presented by George A. Romero. Title: Besetzung und Stab von George A. Romero Presents - Deadtime Stories, Volume 2. Written by 8 talking about this. Jeff Delman Strangling Man. The stories of the people in question are told in a trio of very strange vignettes. 9 of 17 people found this review helpful. DEC 16, 2020; Chapter 51: Sodder House Rules Chapter 51: Sodder House Rules. When a storm strands a group on a Massachusetts island where the only dwelling is an old hotel supposedly haunted by the ghost of a former German actress (Knef), the result is the standard ... See full summary », A renegade doctor is shot dead and entombed with his fiendish experiments in the basement of an abandoned wing of a mental hospital. Jede Inhaltsangabe bringt bis zu 50 Punkte für dein Punktekonto. R 1 hr 17 min Oct 28th, 2009 Horror. Jeffrey Delman. Barbara Seldon Seductress. [email protected]. (1986). Created by writer, researcher, and true crime junkie Schuyler Fastenau. A babysitting uncle tells his nephew three horror stories about killer witches, Little Red Riding Hood and a werewolf, and "Goldi Lox" and the three bears. Watchers 23. Sam and Dean investigate a small town that has been plagued by a number of strange murders that resemble fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel. But, if you don't mind fast-forwarding about an hour, the Goldi Lox story is a real hoot. It is slow in many sections, and the low budget is evident. Had social media been bigger in 2009, perhaps Megan Hauserman's VH1 series would have had a different ending. Dann reiche deine Kurzbeschreibung ein! Reviews: 0 users. In "Wet," a lonely ... See full summary ». Hosted by DeadHead, a likable skeleton with witty puns that won’t induce an eye roll. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Filming & Production This makes for a perfect coupling, until sex comes into play. Nicole Picard Rachel. R 1 hr 17 min Sep 20th, 2011 Horror. With George A. Romero, Amy Marsalis, Marty Schiff, Antone Pagán. Otherwise, THE OFFSPRING is a far more superior anthology film. A baby-sitter tells a different 'Deadtime Story' to the kids she is babysitting. Ranked #11401. Watch Grave Secrets. Goldi Lox is a psycho, and the Bears are thieves. Deadtime Stories 2 (2011) TMDb Score. Amanda Peterson lives … The original Deadtime Stories bringing murderous tales to life in the fashion of a modern day radio drama since June 2018. God and Satan are on a train discussing the fate of three individuals. The living corpses of the Satan-worshiping Knights Templar hunt for human victims in a 16th century galleon. An anthology of three horror stories presented by George Romero.