Around 12 ABY, the Corellian Sector finally joined the New Republic. In 14 ABY, Kyle Katarn and Jaden Korr went on an investigation mission after receiving reports of cult activity in Coronet. Now the timeline for the Star Wars part will be the era of the Return of the Sith Empire, so around the time of the old Republic, which is around 3 600 years before Luke blew up the first Death Star, of course the star wars dating isn't exact as I have no idea how long the Old Republic battled the Mandalorians for and then how long they fought the Sith Empire for so please bear with me if … System In the light of this lack of cooperation, the Diktat dissolved CorSec and replaced it with the pro-Imperial Public Safety Service. During the years of the Third Galactic War in 3630 BBY,[28] Darth Malgus launched a large-scale invasion on Corellia in an attempt to destroy the newly constructed Republic shipyard known as the Meridian Complex. The planet's name was pronounced K'rell by Mitth'raw'nuruodo in 27 BBY, but it is unknown if this is the actual name of the planet in Cheunh or if this was on account of Mitth'raw'nuruodo's unfamiliarity with Basic, or indeed if he even knew of the existence of Corellia prior to his first contact with Humans. Monarchy (c. 25,200–312 BBY)[19]Interim Kleptocracy[19]Interim Parliamentary Democracy[19]Interim Corellian Council[19]Constitutional Monarchy (312–150 BBY)Corporate Diktat (150 BBY–12 ABY)Democratic New Republic Governorship[7] (12–c. Both Coruscant and the Core Worlds and The Essential Atlas state that Corellia has no moons. [4] A few decades later in 380 BBY, a Corellian Jedi named Keiran Halcyon defeated the Afarathu pirates, a sect of Selonian terrorists, whom were trying to kill all Humans on Corellia. [7] As Corellia prospered, it expanded its influence into neighboring space, acquiring and colonizing several dozen star systems which collectively became known as the Corellian sector. User Info: charcoalswift. The New Republic Medical Institute was established on Corellia. Luxury items[3]Raw materials[3]Weaponry[3] Television. Of interest is the fact that Corellia's navy remained autonomous from the Imperial Navy throughout the time of the Galactic Empire, maintaining its own independence and individual naval traditions until it was dissolved following the original Centerpoint crisis. Corellia was an Imperial fortress world as late as 6 ABY and was under Imperial control as late as the Thrawn campaign of 9 ABY. Cornelia Star. It didn't see her when she finally hooked up with Ben the first time, though. Help us improve this article by referencing valid resource material. Star Platinum OP please nerf - Dio Brando Sheer Heart Attack has no weakness. Surface water Coronet City, capital of Corellia in 4 ABY, Six months after Endor, this fleet was one of the most powerful concentrations of Imperial might anywhere in the Core Worlds, consisting of twenty-five Imperial Star Destroyers under Admiral Jaeffis—by comparison, Kuat had just fifteen Star Destroyers and Corellia's defenses were scheduled to be even more heavily reinforced when Admiral Roek arrived to assume overall command, with the Super Star Destroyer Aggressor and five more Imperial-class ships. As an unhappy consequence, many Corellian expatriates loyal to the New Republic were forbidden from returning to their homeworld by the Diktat, so the Corellian Sanctuary was built on Coruscant to honor the war dead and provide a focus for the community. [3] It is not clear how effective the Imperial military presence at Corellia was after Tralus, but, the New Republic was slow to take control and the Diktat remained in power as late as 12 ABY. • Managing regional communications and PR activities with responsibilities for the following lines of business: Disney+, Disney Channels, Live Entertainment and Consumer … Für Elise. 3 billion:[3]60% Human[3]20% Selonian[3]20% Drall[3] It’s now a faded industrial planet exploited by the Empire to build TIE fighters and Star Destroyers. Rotation period Forums: Dear Story Team, What Year Are We Currently In? Cornelia Froboess pictures, articles, and news. The bed's bigger and more comfortable. Over millennia, the world gained a reputation as a source of excellent ships and pilots and a refuge for smugglers.[7]. Star Wars is a 1977 American epic space opera film written and directed by George Lucas. An ancient world in the galactic Core, Corellia is known for its people’s wanderlust and its massive shipyards. Oceans[2]Seas[7] Corellia would be joined by Commenor, Bespin, elements from the Corporate Sector, Adumar and Fondor. [1] Considered to be one of the inner worlds of the Core,[22] Corellia was also located at the intersection of the Corellian Run and the Corellian Trade Spine. Her father was a haberdasher, bookseller, and undertaker.. Career. [3], The population of Corellia ranged from 16.5 billion[2] to 3 billion; Humans comprised 60% of this number, while Selonian and Drall minorities each took up 20%. Corellian sector[1] [42] A week after the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Alliance pilots from Rogue Squadron, as well as Ten Numb and Han Solo, were ambushed by Imperial forces on Corellia. The Hutt Groola arrived on Corellia in 5 BBY and reopened a bar, which was renamed Groola's Place and transformed into an underground complex. Because of this need, the navy was well-developed and modernized. [3], The people of Corellia were a mixture of Humans, Drall and Selonians;[7] Corellia's Humans may have been transported to the planet by Celestials,[3] while Drall were native to Drall and Selonians hailed from Selonia. Plains[3]Urban[2]Hills[3]Forests[3]MesasMountainsIslandsJungles[8] Due to the many Corellian fighters serving in the Rebel military, Corellia had long been accorded a leading political role in the Alliance and now, with countless Corellian expatriates at large within New Republic-held territory, the planet was represented in absentia by Doman Beruss on the New Republic Provisional Council. Corellia's Humans viewed the Corellian system's Double Worlds of Talus and Tralus as a dumping ground for prisoners and undesirable beings. Primary terrain [19] King Berethron e Solo established a democratic government in 312 BBY, replacing his own absolute monarchy. ... Cornelia is a very old woman who still looks youthful. Korr eventually stopped the bomb and the train and Katarn destroyed mercenary cargo ships successfully, thus ending the Disciples of Ragnos presence there for the time being.[45]. Gender of this character. Real name for this character. Some believed that these Celestials populated Corellia with Humans from Coruscant. 329 standard days[3] One year later, Zekka Thyne was captured on Corellia by Colonel Maximilian Veers and Grand Admiral Thrawn. 25 standard hours[3] Climate Corellia was home to several multi-stellar corporate conglomerates, including Gowix Computers (founded in 219 BBY), the Corellia Mining Corporation and of course, CEC. She has pointy forms and is very tall and elegant. The cities of Crell were satellites floating in the gas clouds, while the natives of Crell were winged fliers with clawed hands. Population Mildred Cornelia King was 89 years old when Star Wars is released in theaters. Even worse, the furious Corellians launched a counterstrike, thus worsening the confrontation even further and turning it into a full scale war. In the year after Endor, the Imperial Intelligence liaison officer with CorSec, Kirtan Loor, ordered CorSec to attack "Rebels" of the New Republic. Sector Over time these companies became very powerful and in 150 BBY overthrew the historic parliamentary constitutional monarchy founded by the Royal House of Solo in favor of a government more amenable to unrestricted commerce. Print and download Cornelia Street sheet music by MUSICHELP arranged for Piano. Giving the order to ship out into the fray, the Star Fox Team check their Arwing conditions, each giving themselves clearance before arriving at Corneria City. Star Wars Original Trilogy (1) Vocaloid (1) V for Vendetta (2005) (1) W.I.T.C.H. Atmosphere In Outbound Flight, Commander Thrawn pronounces "Corellian" as K'rell'n. They colonized Rabaan in the Subterra Period, Socorro (3000 BBY), Trulalis, and Trigalis. Diktat Daclif Gallamby was replaced by the New Republic-appointed Governor-General Micamberlecto of Froz to administrate Corellian Sector. M-11[1] This hope is now mine to share. [37] As Corellians were drafted into military service for the Empire to deal with the growing Rebellion, the overall security of the sector decreased. As Grunger moved to seize control of Corellian space, he clashed with Pitta at the Battle of Tralus, which left both Grand Admirals dead, Aggressor and Pitta's Torpedo Sphere destroyed and both fleets badly mauled. Corellians spent the next 200 years reverse-engineering the hyperdrive without the Force tools of the Rakata. 37:02. He was defeated and Marcha of Drall was made Governor-General. Drall[2]Human[2]Selonian[2] Following the abandonment of Massassi Station, the Rebel Alliance established a base on Corellia in 1 ABY before moving on to Hoth. [3] The shipyards of the Corellian Engineering Corporation were located in orbit around Corellia, and facilities fitted with warship docks were on the planet. Astrographical information These Selonian Tunnels were used by people of all races as a kind of subterranean metropolis. The Corellian Treaty, the founding document of the Rebel Alliance, was originally introduced in the roleplaying book The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook (1990) and was subsequently mentioned in numerous other sources. Cornelia is a very old woman who still looks youthful. Bel Iblis's attempt to insulate the system failed and Corellia was soon embroiled in the subsequent turmoil of the Clone Wars;[23] the world supported the Republic war effort and dispatched task forces from its sector fleet to repel Separatist advances and aid the Jedi. Made by: LazyDaissy 2020. Thrackan Sal-Solo also initiated an attempt to bring Centerpoint Station back online. Between 46 and 36 BBY, the Nagai scout Krai H'voc settled on Corellia, where she fell in love with and married a Human. With the declaration of the New Order, Diktat Dupas Thomree made a deal with Palpatine: Thomree could govern the Corellian Sector as he wished and mostly free of Imperial mandates so long as he paid taxes, war matériel and homage to the Emperor. (1) Elfen Lied (1) Danny Phantom (1) Include Characters Cornelia li Britannia (136) Lelouch Lamperouge | Lelouch vi Britannia (103) Kururugi Suzaku (83) Euphemia li Britannia (75) Nunnally vi Britannia (69) Schneizel el Britannia (64) Kouzuki Kallen (58) C.C. Diameter At various points, Corellia has been everything from an anarchic kleptocracy to a parliamentary democracy. Almost 10,000 BBY, a spartan sect established a monastery on Kor Vella. Native species Corellia had a total of three moons, including Gus Talon and Gus Treta. Birthday for this character. Corellia allied with Selonia and Drall circa 500 BBY in a failed attempt to conquer the Federation of the Double Worlds. It was probably only after this date that Gallamby withdrew to hiding in the Outlier systems, with Thrackan Sal-Solo and other Imperial functionaries; A pair of Imperial-class Star Destroyers in orbit around Corellia. I don't THINK she's a mom. I, CT-1434, Commander Zenis of the Great Army of the Republic, can say that Master Vibia Cornelia truly was one those lights that I wish to follow. Upon receiving a distress call from a mag-lev train, Jaden and Kyle found out that the Disciples of Ragnos were behind the attempts to blow up the train. 79 likes. Because piracy and smuggling were well-known occupations of a strong number of Corellians, the local navy had been specializing in techniques designed to combat economic loss due to their activities. Instrumental Solo in C Major. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. [4] That same year, investors on Corellia found their shares in Bansche Tech and SGI Systems, Inc. worthless after Imperial officers announced the nationalization of the companies in 36:4,[38] and Gowix Computers later transferred its corporate charter from Corellia to Corulag. [46], This only widened the divide between the Galactic Alliance and the rebellious worlds. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Primary language(s) Snow-covered mountains dominated part of the landscape. The world's population of Humans, Drall and Selonians predated its recorded history. Both 'C' and 'K' versions are used in the Polish fan fiction and web boards, depending on the point of view on the original names and translations. Birthday: 01/13/1935. Collectively, the planets of the system were known as the Five Brothers. Although it has long been established as being a predominantly Human world with Drall and Selonian populations, the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic depicts the planet as having a large Twi'lek population, fully integrated with the Human one. However, the New Republic government had little actual power and was unable to prevent the rise of the Human League, led by Thrackan Sal-Solo. Mar 3, 2014 - Explore Maya Selway Fine Jewellery's board "Cornelia Parker", followed by 164 people on Pinterest. She usually dresses in stylish clothes, mostly long skirts. Grand Admiral Danetta Pitta had taken command of the Imperial forces at Corellia in 6 ABY, largely by bribing the Diktat, although it is likely that both Pitta and Gallamby remained nominally loyal to Imperial Center. Cornelia Street had seen Rey stumble home from Chewie's many times, especially after flirting with Ben during poker. A year after the Battle of Coruscant, Sal-Solo traveled to Yuuzhan'tar, in an effort to gain their help in expelling the New Republic, but was instead forced to lead the Peace Brigade and was impeached as Governor-General and kicked out of the Centerpoint Party. 33 ABY) CEC was one of the larger shipbuilding firms in the galaxy and its shipyards were one of the most extensive in the galaxy. The CR90 corvette and the Corellian Gunship were two examples, as well as the powerful Corellian Dreadnaught. ... Star Wars, and National Geographic. One such officer, Corran Horn, was targeted by Loor for assassination and fled the planet. Major exports Corellia also featured urban terrain,[2] was designated as an industrial world,[7] and was considered a highly developed planet. The headquarters of the Corellian Engineering Corporation, as well as those of CorSec and many trade guilds and unions, were located in Coronet, along with the Diktat's complex and the Corellian Stock Exchange. Please visit us at our "real" FB Page, Atlanta Star Wars Collector's Club. Anna Cornelia Albertina Harmsen van der Vliet (Ameshoff) was 64 years old when Star Wars is released in theaters. [3] The term "Corellian" usually neglected the presence of Selonians and Drall, instead referring specifically to Human natives of Corellia. Corellian weather was characterized by warm, sunny days separated by long, severe rainstorms. In the Marvel Star Wars comics, Corellia was often referred to as Correlli.[55]. Please upgrade your browser to experience the site. In the UK, she was best known for her long-running role of lawyer Morag on Home and Away from 1988 until 1993, and then returned as a recurring star from 2001. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Visual Effects (2015) Surrogates Visual Effects (2009) Poseidon Visual Effects ... 2007 Evan Almighty (paint artist: CIS Hollywood - as Cornelia Magus) 2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (digital compositor: Pacific Title & Art Studio) 2006 Poseidon (paint and roto artist: CIS Hollywood) 2006 The Shaggy Dog (roto/paint … They were challenged by Josef Grunger, who had seized control of Aggressor and possibly some other elements of the defending fleet and who was now aiming to claim the Imperial throne. 70 … [43], In spite of this massive defending presence, the Rogues returned to Corellia to rescue Fyric Fel and Wynssa Starflare from their kidnappers.[44]. While rumors of the Jedi Order's dawn on Corellia were false, as the Jedi were originally from Tython, the Corellian Jedi did keep a distinct set of traditions that set them apart from other Jedi, including green robes and Jedi Credits. By 137 ABY, Corellia was within the Core Worlds Security Zone and, by extension, space controlled by the Empire of Darth Krayt. The same fact applies to Carida (named "Karyda" in some translations). It is the first film in the original Star Wars trilogy and the beginning of the Star Wars franchise.