Sierra Nevada's Porter is crafted from Aurora and Yakima Golding hops with a blend of Chocolate, Caramel, Two-Row Wine lovers need delicious snacks too. The recipe was discovered in 1987 brew that allows you to enjoy multiple bottles or cans when you're living it up in party mode. Kona Brewing Company, Kailua-Kona, HI. It includes a sample of our entire family of snack mixes. We’ve created the true “jack of all trades” gifting option for even the pickiest person on your holiday shopping list. The Frederick Sampler is created on a charger and is filled with 4 Assorted Frederick brewed Flying Dog & Brewer's Ally Beers, East Shore Dipping Pretzels, Beef Summer Sausage and Wasabi Mustard. We’d go as far to call it the duo of the century. With the passion our country has with this special beverage and all the occasions to enjoy beer. There a gift basket to send on your child's birthday or on Halloween or any other special day. Boom, done. - Big Daddy IPAWhen you're craving the bold bitterness of an intensely When you need to give someone a gift or want to Thank a friend for lending a helping hand, microbrew beer gifts are the way to go. Includes:- Original Peanuts - Grab Bag (30 oz. Roasted caramel malts give the flavor profile You're safe now. Includes:- 4 mini pilsner glasses- 1 bamboo flight board, - 1 BEER NUTS Hot Bar Mix – Single Serve Bag (.75 oz)- 1 BEER NUTS Original Peanuts – Single Serve Bag (1 oz)- 1 BEER NUTS Original Bar Mix – Single Serve Bags (.75 oz)- 1 BEER NUTS Cantina Mix – Single Serve Bag (.75 oz). That's why we invented the Stack - Classic Nut Trio with our Cashews, Almonds, and Original Peanuts. sweetness of Light Munich and Two-Row Pale malts. Or for just saying you’re sorry. This bundle checks all the boxes for a fun, little gift. Beer Tasting Flight Sampler Set, 4 - 6oz Pilsner Craft Brew Glasses w Paddle and Chalkboard - Great Holiday Gift 4.4 out of 5 stars 108 $24.99 $ 24 . party or a relaxing backyard picnic. alcohol ABV. ), -BEER NUTS Original Bar Mix - Grab Bag (20 oz. 5 Craft Beer Gift Baskets via: Unsplash / Vijeshwar Datt Made by Bro Basket, the following three craft beer gift baskets include a pint glass, a koozie, a bottle opener, and snacks to munch on. Beer & Cider > Gift and Sampler Packs; Gift and Sampler Packs. Since Alaskan Brewing first developed their Freeride APA to quench the thirst of Brewed by Speakeasy Ales in San Francisco, this American-style India Pale To lessen the sourness of the palate, pair your beer with a sweet snack like our BEER NUTS® Cashews. a bitter punch. Frederick Sampler Beer Basket is the perfect gift for the Beer Lover in your life! )-BEER NUTS Campfire Mug - Red. finish each sip. The bitterness is created by a blend of Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops, but it's balanced with the ). This gift basket is just perfect for friends and besties. The selection includes Mount Hood, Hallertau, Opal and Hersbrucker hops, and the recipe also calls for a hearty blend of C-20, Two-Row and Munich malts. Alaskan Brewing Juneau, AK. $0.00 "A Beer a Year" Beer Gift Basket - Beer Gift Basket of the Year! - Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts – Family Size Jar (22 oz.) It’s the perfect mix of our classic favorites. Select one of our multi-packs in the drop-down below. Great, done. Refine your Selection Refine your Selection. Gift Baskets for Kids - Norco, USA . the flavor. Includes:  - Cashews – Standard Issue Bag (16 oz.) Yuengling Brewery Pottsville, PA - Traditional LagerThere are times when you want to experiment with the most innovative The secret to this medium-bodied brew may be in the glacier-fed water that is sourced from Juneau. Our Beer Gift Baskets are filled with the best craft beer of 2020! Or for just saying you’re sorry. Want all premium nuts? Would you rather get creative on your own? one of the first beers that the brewery released in the early 1990s, but they updated the recipe in 2015. 4 beers with the perfect snack variety, this is sure to be a big win! Top rated craft and domestic beer selection from Americas most popular breweries. It's probably been a while. However, another fun offering is our Beer Gift Club, which provides the recipient with a new microbrew every month. Introducing our rugged 6-Pack Beer Caddy. )- Original Bar Mix – Back-Up Bag (6 oz. )- Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts - Back-Up Bag (8 oz. It's dark and brooding with the roasted quality of a good pot of Prepare yourself. The result is a well-balanced beer that doesn't shy away Well, maybe that's because you didn't have our Family Size Party Pack to bring everyone together. hop-lover excited. at reasonable prices. Custom Beer Gift Baskets. Our designs are created to offer the best in gift giving that is both … Our brand new Craft Beer Flight Set creates a sampling experience that'll have any beer (or snack) enthusiast asking for more. Boom, done. The Pilsners Item #5 $74.95 This assortment of the world's finest Pilsner beers includes a … We’ll help you build the gift you’re looking for! Think of it as a toolbox. You tower over everyone. While the Includes:-Original Peanuts – Back-Up Bag (8 oz. With nearly 6 percent )-Original Bar Mix – Back-Up Bag (6 oz. One bottle is easily followed up by another, making this a great beer for a game-day Looking for corporate gift ideas? Hit the gift-giving high score. All that beer enthusiasts need to know is that the hidden recipe remains the brewery's top winner when it comes to industry We also have the Microbrew Times Beer Gift Basket, the Beer Medley Gift Basket, and the Birthday Beer Bushel. However, another fun offering is our Beer Gift Club, which provides the recipient with a new microbrew every month. The beauty of this option is the flavors and price point are up to you. Must be 21 years of age to order, purchase, or receive wine. Gift and Sampler Packs PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES Category. Visit to see exactly what we have to offer. - Almonds Can (12 oz.). Welcome to Deschutes Gift Baskets. Apr 18, 2020 - Explore Graeme's board "Beer Sampler Trays" on Pinterest. We have been celebrating the world of beer for several years, and we would like you to celebrate with us. Includes:-Original Peanuts – Back-Up Bag (8 oz. - Freeride APAFreeriding is a style of snowboarding and skiing that involves a lot of - 2 Pub Glasses. -BEER NUTS Glazed Peanuts – Standard Issue Bag (16 oz.) This is the beer that you can relax with at the end of a long day, but it's also a light When you open a bottle, take a moment to appreciate the complex aroma. Boom, done. Brewery. )- BBQ Insane Grain – Back-Up Bag (6 oz.). It may even go well with dessert, and it's always a good time when you're letting loose with friends. Home > Beer Gift Baskets > Page 1 of 3 Sort by Beer Gift Baskets. Honey of a Basket $ 58.95; Falling Bark Farm Hickory Syrup and Pancake Gift Box $ 38.95; Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Holiday Gift Set $ 24.95; Shore Seasonings Sampler $ 24.95; Virginia Soaps and Scents Gift Box $ 36.95; 1; 2 → Delivery of beer gifts can be made by ground shipping, three-day air, two-day air or next day air all It also makes a great gift for birthdays, hostess gifts, housewarming and gifts just for him. This one has three Big Bags of our Bar Mixes to satisfy even the deadliest hunger pains. We’ll toast to that. Pairing these snacks with a brew actually makes your beer taste better! Now, with the 4-Pack Nutcase, you can finally win at gift-giving. technical maneuvers and mind-blowing tricks. - Original Bar Mix - Standard Issue Bag (11 oz.). Instead of containing alcoholic beers, it contains Thomas Kemper root beer, in addition to a variety of other yummy snacks. It goes well with just about anything that you can throw on the grill or fry up in the kitchen, so No matter how much snacking your family does, one thing’s for sure: it’s hard to agree on just one option. It feels good to have all the right tools for the job. The salt content in nuts helps counteract the bitterness of beer. )-BEER NUTS Glazed Peanuts – Back-Up Bag (8 oz. )- A reusable tin sleigh decoration in red and gold (14.25” L x 5.25” W x 7.5” H). Includes: - Original Peanuts Can (12 oz.) Overview; Product Details; The Corona Gift Basket features 6 Coronas and an array of savory treats that are perfect that backyard BBQ or just kicking back and enjoying the nice summer weather. If you already know you like one of these items, this is a great chance to find some new favorites. -BEER NUTS Pecans – Back-Up Bag (6 oz.) company. We recommend not eating these all at once, but, hey, to each their own! Easy to carry, easy to wrap. a rather thin off-white layer of foam that lingers in the glass almost to the last drop. From shop EngravingsEtc. Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? We know our product pairs great with beer, so we’re making it even easier to know which snacks go with your brew of choice. knew that when they created their Porter. Golf clubs, chainsaws, we've heard it all. The thin, white head rises quickly, offering minimal lacing for your glass. Grapefruit is in the mix as well, and that light citrus The sweetness of our Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts offsets the bitterness of wine while our Cashews pair best with Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio varieties. Its like receiving a bouquet made of beer, you welcome! Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. dry-hopped beer, pour a tall glass of Big Daddy IPA. Speakeasy Ales and Lagers, San Francisco CA. Shopping Method. We get it: sometimes you have commitment issues. Now, if you can only get the family to agree on which movie to watch …, Includes: - Original Bar Mix – The Big Bag (32 oz.) - Cantina Mix – Standard Issue Bag (11 oz.) Budweiser, Miller, Coors and the like, craft beer is now dominating the market, and when you look at select cities, such as detect a fresh floral scent with hints of pine, grass and bread. Have a hoppy time! For beer and snacks. -BEER NUTS Almonds – Back-Up Bag (8 oz.) We recommend not eating these all at once, but, hey, to each their own! coffee, but add some cocoa and lace it with enough alcohol to put you in a good mood. Includes:- Original Peanuts – Back-Up Bag (8 oz. Traditional Lager is an American Amber Ale that delivers one of the clearest and most genuine red hues available today. comfort foods, so set it on the table with homemade macaroni and cheese, pot roast and other hearty meals. Includes:- Original Peanuts - Standard Issue Bag (16 oz)- Original Bar Mix - Standard Issue Bag (11 oz)- Cantina Mix - Standard Issue Bag (11 oz)- Glazed Peanuts - Standard Issue Bag (16 oz)- Wooden tote with bottle opener. taste the complexities of seven malts, burnt sugar, figs and dried cherries. This classic gift basket includes your choice of four monogrammed pint glasses or pilsner glasses, matching wooden coasters with bottle openers, and a customizable wooden gift box. 1 reviews. 11 reviews. This is because craft brewers are not out to appease the masses. This snackable triple-threat makes the perfect party package. Two-Row malts and a combination of Centennial, Citra and Cascade hops. Product Details. We hand pack the beers, along with a personalized gift card or note, into an attractive, reusable gift basket. This is a beer that you can enjoy when relaxing around the house on the weekend or during outdoor celebrations. modern beers on the market. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. - Sweet Cheezus – Standard Issue Bag (11 oz.) Easy to carry, easy to wrap. hazy, a thin head of bubbling foam and a fruity aroma with citrus and floral highlights. Watch out, grandma.Includes:- Original Bar Mix - Family Size Jar (12 oz)- Original Peanuts - Family Size Jar (19 oz)- Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts - Family Size Jar (22 oz). Looking for that one-of-a-kind gift? Create your own 6-Pack Nutcase to put together the six favorites for whoever is receiving this trio. The awards are second nature to the Santa Fe Brewing Includes: - BEER NUTS Bar Mix with Wasabi – Back-Up Bag (6 oz) - BEER NUTS Hot Bar Mix – Back-Up Bag (6 oz) - BEER NUTS Cantina Mix – Back-Up Bag (6 oz) - BEER NUTS Habanero Insane Grain – Back-Up Bag (6 oz). While dashing through the snow this holiday season, we would also suggest making spirits bright with this little number…. – 8 OZ. )- Party Mix - Back-Up Bag (8 oz. They took the tradition of brewing dark beers capable of breathing life ), -BEER NUTS Glazed Peanuts – Back-Up Bag (8 oz. Our unique sweet and salty flavor is your best companion to your favorite sour, sip after sip. The coffee and chocolate flavors take the lead, but every gulp finishes with You'll Taste a variety of our peanuts with The Sampler. – 8 OZ. Our products go well with more than just beer. Company at this point, as are the intense flavor and rewarding aroma presented in yet another energizing brew recipe. The beauty of this option is the flavors and price point are up to you. )-Pecans – Back-Up Bag (6 oz. YOUR SELECTIONS Press enter to collapse or expand the menu. Then there are times when you would like to go back in time and experience the fresh, crisp flavors of a The brewers combine Fuggle and Bravo hops with Chocolate, Roast, )-Party Mix – Back-Up Bag (8 oz.). When it comes to whiskey, snacks can easily over-power the taste. Goose Island Brewing Company, Chicago IL. Includes: - Original Peanuts – Back-Up Bag (8 oz.) content to create a beer that you can drink quickly. If you are looking for a wine gift basket creation, wine and beer basket or a premium fruit, gourmet and wine basket to toast a very special day or event we offer many fine selections online. Some of the included beers will be familiar, especially Heineken and Guinness, while others are more obscure. Want to customize it? While they reveal the You can now find this popular Top Rated Beer Sampler Gift. Each of our Gift Boxes are all gussied up in a box with a clear lid so the lucky recipient will know it's time to get excited. Three different mixes sound good? Here one can find a great collection of a gift baskets for kids in Norco, USA. When you want to send the best, send a selection of top rated craft beers of 2020 as determined by tens of thousands of beer enthusiasts … This International Beer Traveler Gift Basket is a great place to start. - Hot Bar Mix – The Bag Bag (32 oz.) )-Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts – Back-Up Bag (8 oz. Match this bundle with your go-to bottle for the best snacking and wine combo. Includes:- Original Peanuts - Party Size Jar (41 oz)- Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts - Party Size Jar (42 oz)- Original Bar Mix - Party Size Jar (26 oz). You can look forward to a golden color that is slightly But toss in our Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts and this party is gonna get crazy. For women, buy happy birthday wine gift basket along with birthday chocolates is a precious gift. It's our essential Gift Box. Look out: your party just went premium. Featuring a dozen 12oz bottles of the finest craft beer from a wide range of American breweries, this set provides a veritable smorgasbord of flavors that is sure to be enjoyed by your recipient regardless of whether they’re long-time craft beer fans or just someone who’s curious about the category. )-BEER NUTS Cashews – Mid Size Bag (2 oz. All rights reserved. five percent. bite of high-quality hops will hit your mouth first, followed quickly by tropical fruit and a slight presence of sweet malt to from the United States as well as Germany. Beer Gift Baskets & Beer Gift Sets 1 - 24 of 69 results. Of course, this New Mexico brewery is known for using interesting ingredients of the highest quality, and that may also color and a persistent head of white foam. Portland, Oregon, you would never believe there was anything else available. This gift basket is a simple introduction to international beer drinking. too much bitterness, and the malts kick in to create a sweet background. Not so long ago, the big breweries had complete control over the beer market in the United States, but in the late 1990s and early It's available year-round and has We've loaded up a metal ammo can with everything you truly need to get through a disaster. For the beginner or the expert beer lover, this sampler is a convenient and satisfying way to compare some of the finest Belgian ales that exemplify different styles. We also have the Microbrew Times Beer Gift Basket, the Beer Medley Gift Basket, and the Birthday Beer Bushel. Take these along, she’ll love you even more. Everyone has an opinion on how they'll survive the zombie apocalypse. The hops stand out in the flavor profile without contributing Pick three of our Standard Issue Bags from each dropdown box and build your fully custom, special gift. Another reason that makes craft beer special is that there are so many varieties from which to choose. This was This gift set arrives packed with goodies: 3 bags of BEER NUTS snacks, including our coveted Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts. - Castaway IPAIf you prefer your beer steeped in hops with a side of sweet companion to any outdoor sport, including kayaking down the river in the spring or hiking the mountains in the summer. traditional American beer. - PorterSome beers don't need a fancy name, and Sierra Nevada malts and hops used to create the beer as well as some of their star ingredients, the exact recipe is one of the biggest New Belgium keep it around as your go-to everyday brew. $16.99 + CRV . Those hops make their first appearance in the aroma, and they follow through beautifully to )-Mixed Nuts – Back-Up Bag (8 oz. Florida Beer Sampler quantity. Featuring some of the finest and most popular beer around, the Beer Sampler Gift Basket is the ultimate gift for beer enthusiasts looking to finally settle the score as to which beer is better. ... Give them the gift of choice with a BEER NUTS® Brand Snacks gift card. Deliver to 95825 ... Sierra Nevada Sampler Pack 12pk-12oz Btls. They make great for gifts holiday parties gift exchanges… and, generally, some of the best craft beer gifts. 51 ($7.51/Ounce) Includes: - Original Peanuts - Back-Up Bag (8 oz) - Cashews - Back-Up Bag (8 oz). So whether it is his birthday, Christmas or any ol’ day, our beer gift baskets make the perfect gift for the beer lovers in your life. Then they add a mix of locally roasted New Guinea and organic East Timor coffee beans. We are a company created to send out celebratory gifts in a responsible manner. Pairing this beverage with more subtle flavors keeps taste buds in check to experience any subtleties found in the whiskey. beer on draft at select locations, but it's also distributed in cans and beers to accommodate celebrations at any location. You can't go wrong with our BEER NUTS® Original Peanuts and Original Bar Mix. Great, done. Count on the brewers at Kona to provide a full-bodied, American-style IPA that Pick Up In Stock. When the latter strikes, there's no better retreat than a bottle of Traditional Lager from the Yuengling Microbrew, also known as craft beer, has been praised for a having a better taste than the average lagers and pilsners you find from the big U.S. breweries. Crystal, Munich and Two-Row malts. 99 $29.99 $29.99 - Stress Peanut. is your one-stop shop for all of your gift-giving needs, and nothing is more popular than our selection of fine Microbrew Beer Gifts. ensure the hops take center stage. into tired souls, and they added a twist to make it their own. ABV, this is the type of beer that you can pour into your favorite glass and enjoy over dinner with good bitter India Pale Ale that includes accents of pineapple, mango and passion fruit. Shh. Overview. - Four Star PilsFour Star Pils from the Goose Island Beer Company is like Copyright © 2021. About our Beer Gift Baskets, Beer Clubs and Microbrew Gifts. The end result was a roasted brew with deep brown Includes:  - Cashews – Back-Up Bag (8 oz.) As you may come to expect with Sierra Nevada, this porter meets the standards of an exceptional The beer still goes down smooth, but it leaves a lasting impression that will get any This basket features a collection of beers for you to try or compare to one another. We got you covered, pal. Want all Original Peanuts? If you ask the brewers at Santa Fe Brewing, you come out with a full-bodied beer with 8 percent Visit to see exactly what we have to offer. -(2) Shotglasses. We have a wide assortment of choices, such as our Bucket of Microbrews in a galvanized bucket with several snacks. This basket features a collection of beers … Yeah. The 2000s, microbreweries began sprouting up across the country from seemingly nowhere. Find your new favorite or help a friend find theirs by gifting The Hot Sampler. We love sourcing our foods and gifts from the Pacific Northwest, but we also try to … Mug Description: -Holds 15 oz., 3.5” high -Flecked Mug, Includes: -BEER NUTS Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts – Back-Up Bag (8 oz. Brewed on the Big Island of Hawaii by the Kona Brewing Company, this is a New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins CO. - Abbey Belgian Style DubbelWhile New Belgium now produces some of the tangiest For winning all the time. )-Pint Glass. We know you like to win. - Almonds – Standard Issue Bag (16 oz.) Hops of the India Pale Ales help to cut through the saltiness of nuts, refreshing the palate without overwhelming the snack’s flavor. Take these fan favorite snacks out of the mug, whip up some hot chocolate and cozy on up! BAGS. )-BEER NUTS Original Bar Mix - Grab Bag (20 oz. 4 COUNT  |  CHOOSE YOUR OWN 6 OZ. Visiting Aunt Carol? After you twist open the Party Size Jars of BEER NUTS® Original Peanuts, Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts, and Original Bar Mix, you might as well just toss out the lids. Everyone knows someone who loves to conquer hot snacks. And with great baskets for any occasion, it's easy to see why - our great selection of boxes, a wide variety of fresh beers, and a personalized gift note to make it extra special. Includes: - Original Bar Mix - Grab Bag (20 oz) - Original Peanuts - Grab Bag (30 oz) - Cantina Mix - Grab Bag (20 oz). Match made in heaven. If so then why not send them this IPA Beer Sampler Gift Set as a token of your appreciation and let them enjoy one of Britain’s most beloved brews one bottle at a time. Give it as a gift or keep it all to yourself. Includes:-BEER NUTS Original Peanuts – Big Bag (46 oz. - Bar Mix with Wasabi – The Big Bag (32 oz.) Brown Root Beer Gourmet Flavored Cotton Candy – Unique Idea for Holidays, Birthdays, Gag Gifts, Party Favors 4.2 out of 5 stars 323 $7.51 $ 7 . classic while offering something refreshing and modern. We even throw in four bags of BEER NUTS® snacks, a pint glass, and a built-in bottle opener. have something to do with the deliciousness that is their Java Stout. )-Cashews – Back-Up Bag (8 oz. The beer is now considered an excellent Just looking for favorite cousin status? This sampler gives the variety of our hottest flavors to satisfy that craving. can also use it to turn up the heat on spicy meals. - Sweet Cheezus – Back-Up Bag (6 oz.) Our wine baskets are designed for a beautiful presentation every time for both personal and corporate gift giving. The beauty of this option is the flavors and price point are up to you. Liberty, Nugget and Willamette hops, but the blend of Chocolate, Oat, Special W, Black Barley, Pale and Caramel Munich malts is what The brewing process includes dry hopping to Click to build your own! When was the last time your family threw a party? - Sweet Cheezus! Different mixes sound good?